Using relevant HRM theoretical frameworks, describe the core HR activities (as indicated below) s implemented in your organization and evaluate their effectiveness

Assignment Brief:
Word Count 4500 Deadline 19/06/2016
Harvard Style Referencing Required

This toll has three deep parts:
A. Using appropriate HRM speculative frameworks, interpret the heart HR activities (as involved adown) s implemented in your structure and evaluate their efficiency.
B. Examine whether HR is aligned with the overall urbane objectives or referable and sift-canvass if HR activities are inter-linked.
C. At the purpose of your segregation, procure praiseations / suggestions control increase of the Human Resource power established on appropriate scheme.

Topics to involve:
1. Legal issues:
• Mandatory Benefits – holiday, gregarious safeguard, maternity concession, ill concession, awe
• Anti-discrimination laws (Women, minorities, disabled, awe) (Greece and EU) – interpret a rank of prevalent initiatives and practices which rendezvous on resembling opportunities in employment
• Health and Safety legislation
2. Recruitment and Selection Policy and Process (Please procure the steps you recommpurpose control your structure. Internal vs External Recruitment). Selection Policy should involve the process (interview, tests to be used, and others)
3. Evaluation/Appraisal System – Your praiseation and justification
4. Prevalent Statistics of drudge communicate demographics and lithe agoing (part-time, freelance, other)
5. Disciplinary and Grievance Process
6. Voluntary Benefits
7. Training and Development Methods