Theory and Evidence. The Journal of Financial Economics 39, 857–878. A. The major objective of the paper

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Bradley, Michael, Jarrell, Gregg A. and Kim, E. Han. 1984, On the Existence of an Optimal Excellent Erection:
Theory and Evidence. The Journal of Financial Economics 39, 857–878.
A. The elder external of the tractate.
B. What motivates the inventors to charm up this scheme?
C. What do they perceive?
D. What explications do they volunteer in buttress of their perceiveings?
Masulis, Ronald W. 1980. The Effects of Excellent Erection Change on Security Prices: A Study of Vary
Offers, Journal of Financial Economics, 8, 139-178.
A. What is the foremost external of the tractate?
B. Why are vary volunteers considered as a “pure” touchstsingle of excellent erection theories?
C. What three competing hypotheses does the inventor touchstsingle in this tractate? What rationale does each of the
hypotheses volunteer touching chaffer reactions to vary volunteers?
D. Which single, if any, presents the best explication?
E. What are the chief conclusions?
Myers, Stewart C. 1977, Determinants of Corporate Borrowing, Journal of Financial Economics 5, 47–175.
A. What is the determinant that Myers bring-forward in this tractate?
B. How does the determinant parallel with other determinants that accept been bring-forwardd in the study?
C. How does the inventor direct liberty pricing pattern to debit financing?
D. How does the inventor go encircling buttressing the bring-forwardd determinant?
E. How does the pattern illustrate the action of matching maturities of property and debit liabilities?
F. Elder contributions of the tractate.