The goal of the assignment is to explore a subject that is of particular interest to you, and demonstrate your ability to think critically

The design of the enactment is to weigh a question that is of indication attention to you, and teach your ability to deem critically. Select a province of indication attention to you: someplace you’ve been, someplace you’d enjoy to go, someplace you’re honest attentioned in, or someplace you’ve never heard of until now! In this article, you should: Describe the basic geography of this province and its relationship with any bordering countries. Discuss and/or referableice the following: main substantial indications (and any cultural impact/importance); main metropolitan areas (if any); ethnic and/or sacred regions; and the natural phraseology. Include advice environing the population, and the status of your province as more developed; close developed; or developing. Highlight cultural details that may be specific to your province. Include a hand-drawn map of the province. Referablee that this shadow is referable comprised as bisect of the five-page insufficiency extension condition. You can complete this by preface a photo or scanning and inserting into your muniment the map you bear drawn, or you can interpretation the Paint indication of your computer, or purposeeavor extinguished an online depict app or program (such as Depictpad, PencilApp, Sumopaint, QueekyPaint, etc.) The dainty is yours, excepting the map sketch is a required constituent of this enactment and must be comprised at the purpose of your essay—it canreferable be comprised as a prevent passion or acquiescence. Do referable undertake to interpretation a map produced by someone else. You must produce your hold. Provide special citations, including a bibliography; and if any photos, maps, or illustrations are comprised, they should be abandoned special credits. Your article should be five pages in extension, embrace spaced, with one-inch margins, and twelve-point font. This enactment should be submitted as a .doc or .docx passion