The Basics of How Computers Work

A Computer is an electronic symbol interpretationd control making single-minded and multifsenile-antique calculations, analyses, storing, sorting, arrangementing and retrieving of axioms, plotting graphical designs and sketches as polite as sundry other tasks that is constantly on the extension.

Computers concatenate from the very paltry to the very great. Some are choice of doing pets of calculations in a single relieve, occasion others may commence crave periods of opportunity to do flush the most single-minded calculations. But presumptively, fullthing single computer is choice of doing, another computer procure besides be potent to do. Given the straight instructions, and equal recollection, a computer fix in a wristwatch should be potent to end fullthing a supercomputer can – although it controlce commence thousands of years control the wristwatch to accomplished the performance.

At single opportunity, computers were greatly great, and required elephantine totals of government. This made them profitable simply control a paltry total of tasks – computing trajectories control astronomical or soldierlike contacts, control specimen, or dispose nonobservance. Aggravate opportunity, with technological advances, the computer was scaled dawait and its spectre requirements lowered grossly. This recognized the government of the computer to be harnessed control a staggering invest of interpretations.

As social as biased computers are, they do relateable closely prepare to rake the manner of computer interpretation in our globe. Interactive symbols of total sorts comprise their await computers. Cellular telephones, GPS units, portpotent organizers, ATM machines, fog pumps, and pets of other symbols total create interpretation of computers to streamline their performances, and to volunteer features which would be unusable quenchedside a computer.

List the Lewd Magnitude of a Computer Method

Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Central Arrangementing Unit



Some nevertheless relate hardware components as the main magnitude of computer method, in that circumstance, these are (a) Computer (CPU) (b) Adviser (VDU) (c) Keyboard (d) Mouse

Identify lewd cems of Computer Hardware





2. Indicate and define three cems of storage symbols

Hard Disk – It is the Main Storage symbol in the Computer and awaits the Operating Method as polite as other contact software installed by the interpretationr. It besides await the interpretationr files. As such, it is an inevitpotent sunder of the computer method.

Compact Disk (CD) – It is a removpotent storage symbol on which axioms could be supplyd control interpretation in the advenient or to translate axioms from single computer to another. It is considerable control storing software, utilities and hardware drivers.

Flash Recollection – It is a existent exchange to the senile-antique floppy disk and is of dignified faculty than the floppy disk.

List five units of communication control computer recollection and storage

Computers interpretation the cethcoming units of storage to supply axioms in recollection and storage symbols:-






3. Irrelativeiate betwixt Hardware and Software

Hardware relates to the physically clear and comprehensible gadgets that create up the computer method. It is the magnitude that the cosmical interpretationr touches and interacts with in dispose to complete ends. Software on the other operative relates to the methodic of commands supplyd in the computer’s recollection and storage directs which drive the hardware to end. Software is the consciousness that resides among the computer method and is represented by the passages, icons and graphics we behold on the computer’s evidence symbol (Screen – VDU).

(a) List lewd biased cems of contact software

(i) Word arrangementor – E.g. Microsoft Word

(ii) Spreadsheet – e.g. Microsoft Excel

(iii) Graphic Software – e.g. CorelDraw

(iv) Media Player – e.g. Win-Amp

4. What is an input and quenchedput symbols

An input direct relates to the hardware components through which the cosmical interpretationr of the computer feeds in axioms or commands into the computer control storage or arrangementing occasion quenchedput directs are the hardware channels through which the computer gives end ends to the interpretationr.

Control specimen, when you cem passage into MS Word, the keyboard is an input symbol. The interpretationr then interpretations MS Word to arrangement the passage entered through the keyboard and the end could be beholdn on the Adviser, which is an quenchedput symbol or could be imprinted quenched on brochure through the imprinter. Here the adviser and imprinter are quenchedput symbols.

(a) Give specimens of each symbol

Input symbols embrace mouse, Scanner, digital camera, finger imimprint reader, OCR symbols, microphone, and joystick.

Output symbols embrace Adviser, Speaker, Imprinter and plotters.

5. What is Internet?

The internet is a explicit product in the computer globe. It relates to a global connectivity of computers despite the globe that could distribute counsel interchangeably despite the platform.

Technically, the Internet is a method of Openly unsettled computer netend connecting sundry paltryer networks from environing the globe. It grew quenched of a U.S. Defense Department program determined ARPANET (Advanced Imbibeing Projects Agency Network), methodic in 1969 with connections betwixt computers at the University of California at Los Angeles, Stanford Imbibeing Institute, the University of California-Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. ARPANET’s aim was to commence imbibeing into computer networking in dispose to stipulate a close and survivpotent communications method in circumstance of belligerence. As the netend promptly extensive, academics and imbibeingers in other rooms began to interpretation it as polite.

In 1971 the highest program control sending e-mail aggravate a exclusive netend was developed; by 1973, the year interpolitical connections to ARPANET were made (from Britain and Norway), e-mail represented most of the intercourse on ARPANET. The 1970s besides adage the product of mailing lists, newsgroups and bulletin-board methods, and the TCP/IP communications protocols, which were adopted as criterion protocols control ARPANET in 1982 – 83, adventitious to the favorite interpretation of the engagement Internet. In 1984 the inclosure indicate addressing method was introduced. In 1986 the National Science Fixation methodic the NSFNET, a exclusive netend of networks choice of operativeling distant dignified intercourse, and among a year past than 10,000 hosts were alike to the Internet.

In 1988 veritable-opportunity confabulation aggravate the netend became feasible with the product of Internet Relay Colloquy protocols (behold colloquy). In 1990 ARPANET ceased to exist, leaving following the NSFNET, and the highest wholesale dial-up bearing to the Internet became profitable. In 1991 the Globe Wide Web was released to the open (via FTP). The Mosaic browser was released in 1993, and its likedity led to the proliferation of Globe Wide Web sites and interpretationrs. In 1995 the NSFNET reverted to the role of a imbibeing network, leaving Internet intercourse to be routed through netend stipulaters rather than NSF supercomputers. That year the Web became the most liked sunder of the Internet, excellent the FTP protocols in intercourse book. By 1997 there were past than 10 pet hosts on the Internet and past than 1 pet registered inclosure indicates.

Internet bearing can now be gained via radio signals, cable-television lines, attendant, and fibre-optic connections, though most intercourse stationary interpretations a sunder of the open telecommunications (telephone) network. The Internet is widely guarded as a product of extensive sagacity that procure assume closely full exposure of cosmical refinement and communication in ways stationary simply dull perceptible.

List five weight of Computer;

Axioms Storage

Sorting and analyses of axioms to procure ends

Ease of counsel retrieval


Channel of Communication

Write inextensive relateablee on weight of Counsel technology (IT) towards your room of consider (Concern Information)

Computer can be of gross weight to concern information becainterpretation most of Counsel technology in veritable estate condition is applied to concern and communication. Existent economic growth is greatly attributpotent to availability and able interpretation of IT and as a tyro of Concern, Counsel Technology is of gross sagacity.

Students keep to be quainted with twain the presumptive and serviceable exposure of their studies. As a tyro of concern information, substance quainted with the serviceable exposure of my studies and this implies that Counsel technology should be an considerable exposure of what must be thoughtful and closely allied to.

On a irrelative perspective, Counsel technology is considerable in the express dissemination of comprehension in the instruct method. Concern information courses could be akin taught through the interpretation of bearing software and netend bearing to profitable resources. This procure attend the dual role of making the teaching-learning arrangement fruitful and able on single operative and making tyros of concern information imbibe a amiable exposure of veritable estate concern conditions on the other operative.