The Basics of How Computers Work

A Computer is an electronic symbol verificationd coercion making isolated and close calculations, analyses, storing, sorting, modeing and retrieving of facts, plotting graphical designs and sketches as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as manifantiquated other tasks that is frequently on the acception.

Computers rove from the very inferior to the very comprehensive. Some are worthy of doing pets of calculations in a undivided assist, time others may siege crave periods of date to do well-mannered-mannered-balanced the most isolated calculations. But presumptively, perfectthing undivided computer is worthy of doing, another computer gain too be serviceservicepowerful to do. Given the exact instructions, and ample reminiscence, a computer ground in a wristwatch should be serviceservicepowerful to total perfectthing a supercomputer can – although it command siege thousands of years coercion the wristwatch to total the performance.

At undivided date, computers were very-much comprehensive, and required gigantic sums of agency. This made them advantageous simply coercion a inferior sum of tasks – computing trajectories coercion astronomical or soldierlike contacts, coercion stance, or code breaking. Aggravate date, with technological advances, the computer was scaled dconfess and its zeal requirements lowered giganticly. This knconfess the agency of the computer to be harnessed coercion a staggering invest of verifications.

As usual as severicular computers are, they do appealable closely start to dabble the demeanor of computer verification in our universe. Interactive symbols of integral sorts abide their confess computers. Cellular telephones, GPS units, portservicepowerful organizers, ATM machines, gas pumps, and pets of other symbols integral constitute verification of computers to streamline their performances, and to volunteer features which would be impracticable extinguishedside a computer.

List the Impure Tonnage of a Computer Arrangement

Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Central Modeing Unit



Some however appeal hardware components as the ocean tonnage of computer arrangement, in that plight, these are (a) Computer (CPU) (b) Instructor (VDU) (c) Keyboard (d) Mouse

Identify impure marks of Computer Hardware





2. Indicate and represent three marks of storage symbols

Hard Disk – It is the Ocean Storage symbol in the Computer and abides the Operating Arrangement as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as other contact software fixed by the verificationr. It too abide the verificationr files. As such, it is an inevitservicepowerful sever of the computer arrangement.

Compact Disk (CD) – It is a removservicepowerful storage symbol on which facts could be garnerd coercion verification in the advenient or to convey facts from undivided computer to another. It is expressive coercion storing software, utilities and hardware drivers.

Flash Reminiscence – It is a novel represent to the antiquated floppy disk and is of elder faculty than the floppy disk.

List five units of notice coercion computer reminiscence and storage

Computers verification the subjoined units of storage to garner facts in reminiscence and storage symbols:-






3. Contrariantiate among Hardware and Software

Hardware appeals to the physically distinguishable and corpolegitimate gadgets that constitute up the computer arrangement. It is the tonnage that the rational verificationr touches and interacts with in classify to complete fruits. Software on the other agency appeals to the be of commands garnerd in the computer’s reminiscence and storage bequeaths which hurl the hardware to fruit. Software is the talent that resides internally the computer arrangement and is represented by the extracts, icons and graphics we descry on the computer’s flaunt symbol (Screen – VDU).

(a) List impure inequitable marks of contact software

(i) Word modeor – E.g. Microsoft Word

(ii) Spreadsheet – e.g. Microsoft Excel

(iii) Graphic Software – e.g. CorelDraw

(iv) Media Player – e.g. Win-Amp

4. What is an input and extinguishedput symbols

An input bequeath appeals to the hardware components through which the rational verificationr of the computer feeds in facts or commands into the computer coercion storage or modeing time extinguishedput bequeaths are the hardware channels through which the computer gives end fruits to the verificationr.

Coercion stance, when you mark extract into MS Word, the keyboard is an input symbol. The verificationr then verifications MS Word to mode the extract entered through the keyboard and the fruit could be descryn on the Instructor, which is an extinguishedput symbol or could be printed extinguished on paper through the printer. Here the instructor and printer are extinguishedput symbols.

(a) Give stances of each symbol

Input symbols embrace mouse, Scanner, digital camera, finger print reader, OCR symbols, microphone, and joystick.

Output symbols embrace Instructor, Speaker, Printer and plotters.

5. What is Internet?

The internet is a phenomenal fruit in the computer universe. It appeals to a global connectivity of computers athwart the universe that could divide advice interchangeably athwart the platform.

Technically, the Internet is a arrangement of Openly unshut computer netfruit connecting manifantiquated inferiorer networks from environing the universe. It grew extinguished of a U.S. Defense Department program denominated ARPANET (Advanced Investigation Projects Agency Network), ordinary in 1969 with connections among computers at the University of California at Los Angeles, Stanford Investigation Institute, the University of California-Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. ARPANET’s design was to commence investigation into computer networking in classify to arrange a close and survivservicepowerful communications arrangement in plight of war. As the netfruit instantly expanded, academics and investigationers in other provinces began to verification it as well-mannered-mannered-behaved.

In 1971 the innate program coercion sending e-mail aggravate a nice netfruit was developed; by 1973, the year interdiplomatic connections to ARPANET were made (from Britain and Norway), e-mail represented most of the barter on ARPANET. The 1970s too proverb the fruit of mailing lists, newsgroups and bulletin-board arrangements, and the TCP/IP communications protocols, which were adopted as model protocols coercion ARPANET in 1982 – 83, innate to the vulgar verification of the vocable Internet. In 1984 the doocean indicate addressing arrangement was introduced. In 1986 the National Science Groundation ordinary the NSFNET, a nice netfruit of networks worthy of agencyling remote elder barter, and among a year past than 10,000 hosts were conjoined to the Internet.

In 1988 legitimate-date colloquy aggravate the netfruit became feasible with the fruit of Internet Relay Colloquy protocols (descry colloquy). In 1990 ARPANET ceased to endure, leaving subsequently the NSFNET, and the innate marketable dial-up bearing to the Internet became advantageous. In 1991 the Universe Wide Web was released to the open (via FTP). The Mosaic browser was released in 1993, and its currentity led to the proliferation of Universe Wide Web sites and verificationrs. In 1995 the NSFNET reverted to the role of a investigation network, leaving Internet barter to be routed through netfruit arrangers rather than NSF supercomputers. That year the Web became the most current sever of the Internet, remarkable the FTP protocols in barter dimensions. By 1997 there were past than 10 pet hosts on the Internet and past than 1 pet registered doocean indicates.

Internet bearing can now be gained via radio signals, cable-television lines, retainers, and fibre-optic connections, though most barter tranquil verifications a sever of the open telecommunications (telephone) network. The Internet is widely present as a fruit of spacious purport that gain seek closely perfect bearing of rational cultivation and barter in ways tranquil simply dimly palpable.

List five avail of Computer;

Facts Storage

Sorting and analyses of facts to acquire fruits

Ease of advice retrieval


Channel of Communication

Write incomplete appealablee on avail of Advice technology (IT) towards your province of examine (Matter Advice)

Computer can be of gigantic avail to matter advice becaverification most of Advice technology in legitimate society seat is applied to matter and barter. Novel economic advance is comprehensively attributservicepowerful to availability and able verification of IT and as a tyro of Matter, Advice Technology is of gigantic purport.

Students enjoy to be versed with twain the presumptive and skilled bearing of their studies. As a tyro of matter advice, substance versed with the skilled bearing of my studies and this implies that Advice technology should be an expressive bearing of what must be thoughtful and closely cognate to.

On a contrariant perspective, Advice technology is expressive in the express dissemination of instruction in the initiate arrangement. Matter advice courses could be identical taught through the verification of pertinent software and netfruit bearing to advantageous media. This gain suffice-for the dual role of making the teaching-learning mode fertile and able on undivided agency and making tyros of matter advice gather a amiable bearing of legitimate society matter seats on the other agency.