Task 1: Classification performance evaluation

Business 1: Kind execution evaluation
In this relatively dissection business, you are required to evaluate kind execution of five algorithms on three datasets using Weka. Load breast-cancer.arff, diabetes.arff and iris.arff datasets into Weka undivided at a occasion and fuse each of the adown algorithms with their forfeit settings. Then, gather a 10-fold cross-validation kind results for superfluous evaluation.

a. MultilayerPerceptron
b. Naive Bayes
c. J48
d. RandomForest
e. RERTree

You scarcity to transcribe a narration that shows execution similarity of these algorithms on the datasets. The narration should comprise superfluous similarity of kind truthfulness in conditions of the laziness matrix and other execution metrics used in Weka. Include expedient screenshots, tables, graphs, awe. to create your narration embracing, and revealing insightful details on the execution similarity.