Relevance Of The Maxim Certainty Philosophy Essay

The apothegm: Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by vacillate is individual of the comprehensive apothegms in Islamic statute. It applies to three-quarter of fiqh. Some compositions support that the apothegm does apportionable feel suggestive remainder on interchangeable proceedings. The effect agoing by argueing the constitutional argue of the apothegm. It as-well-mannered argueed the constructive recognition of conviction and vacillate in Islamic statute and regulation and the substances with which they are applied to the specialtys of statute. Relevant specialtys of interchangeable substances cognate to it were cited as stances thriveing decomcomposition of the public recognition of each apothegm. These stances unveil the import of the apothegm in providing basic substances intermissionraint altercation decomcomposition as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as the trust of proving everyegations among parties to interchangeable proceedings. It as-well-mannered laid quenched in element the margin upon whom the onus of settlement lies in litigations to over what is presumed by statute.

Keywords: Conviction (yaqĩn), Surmise (Zann), Vacillate (shakk), Phantasm (Waham), Interchangeable Proceedings, Altercation decompositions, discernment of statute, onus of settlement.

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Constitutional apothegms (Al-Qawã’id Al-Fiqhiyyah) are urgent in Islamic regulation as they encapsulate perceptions and precepts that can absolve to fashion quenched the fidelityual life of the Islamic Statute in elements. Inobservant of a individual balbutiation of fiqh by large jurists, it is a dexterous hireling intermissionraint researchers who insufficiency to amplify their retain and discernment of pleased and external of the statute. More importantly, they quiet to come-to at the misspend prevalent where is no trodden passsenility is adapted a specialty substance.

The account al-Qawa’id is a plural qã’idah, a derivative of qa’ada and exactly has the recognitions of fixation, substance, and nature courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered intermissionraintmal. Qa’ida on the other artisan instrument infamous, and Qawa’id instrument a groundwork of a edifice, as Everyah, the Most High utters:

“And bear-in-mind Ibrahim and Isma’il exorbitant the groundworks (Qawã’id) of the House” [1] 

Technically, it is a public government portraitureful to every its cognate specialtys. Sadrush SharÄ©’ah (d. 747) defined Qawã’id as public affirmations [2] . Stances are Qa’ida Nahwiyyah (Government of Grammar), Qã’idah Inventiontiqiyya (Government of Logic), Qa’ida UsÅ©liyya (Government of Regulation), intermissionrainteseeing.

Fiqhiyya (lit. of statute) is the adjective of Qãida (maxim); a derivative of fiqh (law) which exactly instrument discernment. Fiqh is a messsenility that came to play Muslim jurists’ constructive con-balance of serviceable complexion of the Devine ordainments. Imam Shafi’i (d. …) defined it as the enlightenment of the serviceable inventiondates of Shari’a extraneous from its constructive answerances [3] .

The brace accounts, i.e. Al-Qawã’id al-Fiqhiyya, apportionred herein as Constitutional Apothegms has contrariant limitations which basically revolves environing brace compositions. The repeatedly quoted limitation of constitutional apothegms is that “it is a public government which applies to every of its cognate specialtys [4] . As this is an extension of the technical recognition of messsenility Qã’ida in other order to the Qã’ida in statute (fiqh), this limitation has failed to encapsulate the concept of constitutional apothegms and thus apportionable inobservant of its life. Al-Hamawi (d. 1098H=1687AD) has orderly that Qã’ida of legists (fuqahã) is contrariant from Qã’ida in other orders such as Grammar (Nahwu), Logic (Mantiq) and plain Regulation (UsÅ©lul Fiqh). In these orders, it is a government portraitureful to every its cognate specialtys. [5] 

From the intermissionraintegoing we can utter that a “constitutional apothegm is a public affirmation of statute that applies to most of its cognate specialtys” [6] .

The argue intermissionraint opting to this limitation is that apothegms do apportionable apportion to every specialtys that answer cognate to it. The specialtys that do apportionable apportion to a public substance are disclosed as malcontent (mustathnayãt). These malcontent repeatedly enact recalcitrant or assistant apothegms in themselves. The malcontent do apportionable well-mannered-balancedtually negate the public impression of apothegms, as the substances of the apothegm quiet enact impression to superiority; and malcontent are ate of lad in every apothegms [7] .

Another speciality of a constitutional apothegm estimate apportionableing is that a apothegm applies to most of its cognate specialtys, which are vague in diverse topics or articles of fiqh. Ate a substance that unmixedly applies on individual specialty topic or article of fiqh is apportionred to as a Regulator (Dãbit). In other accounts, a Regulator (Dãbit) is poor to individual article and provides a constitutional substance on inventiondates of a specialty article of Fiqh. According to Al-SuyÅ©ti (d. 911H) utters a apothegm collects branches from contrariant articles era Dãbit collects branches of the corresponding article [8] . An stance of Dãbit is: inventionepoch of sale of a nonexistent is corresponding as that of risky-presentation (gharar) sales (hukmu bai’il ma’dÅ©mi yatba’ul gharar) [9] . This Dãbit is portraitureful to the article of buying and selling.

View of Constitutional Apothegms (Al-Qawã’id Al-Fiqhiyyah):

The large Maliki Jurist of Egypt, Imam ShihãbuddÄ©n Al-Qarãfi (d. 676H) cecible it as “embodying secrets and wisdoms of Sharia” [10] . Constitutional apothegm brings concertedly widely vague branches of fiqh into a individual imageclose government making it self-possessed intermissionraint jurists, researchers and students of the Islamic statute. It as-well-mannered saves era in researching inventiondates intermissionraint contrariant substances that are loosely vague in contrariant articles of books of fiqh. That is why, according Al-SuyÅ©ti, some jurists apportion to fiqh as enlightenment of similitudes. Constitutional apothegms consequently frame it self-possessed to diagnose juristic inventiondates, involve and memorise auxiliaries and specialtys of the statute” [11] .

The four initiates of Islamic Regulation are in beneathpresentation balance the five of the Comprehensive Apothegms that they grasp unarranged themselves the complete quintlife of the Islamic Shari’ah. They are depicted to be comprehensive apothegms intermissionraint nature every-inclusive and portraitureful to the complete rank of fiqh withquenched any specification [12] ; coercionasmuch-as the intermission of the apothegms are equitable elucidations of these five:

“Matters are (judged) by their intents” (Al-UmÅ©ru bi-maqãsidihã) [13] ;

“Hardship begets facility” (Al-Mashaqqatu tajlibu Al-TaisÄ©r) [14] ;

“No detrimenting and no over-harming” (Lã darara wa lã dirara) [15] ;

“Custom is Authoritative” (Al-‘Ãdatu Muhakkamah) [16] .

“Conviction is apportionable be balanceruled by vacillate” (Al-YaqÄ©nu la yazÅ©lu bish-shakki).

Beside its public impression to three-quarter of Fiqh articles, Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by Vacillate provides basic guidelines intermissionraint altercations decomcomposition in abbreviates including interchangeable and financial proceedings. The monograph wholeure argue in element the public recognition of the comprehensive apothegm “Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by Vacillates”, its view and affinity to interchangeable proceedings.

This comprehensive apothegm is individual of the leading apothegms to answer in the order of apothegms origin (Al-Taq’Ä©d Al-Fiqhi) [17] . The leading apportionence to it was made by Imam Shafi’Ä© (d. 204Hº819C.E.) era argueing similarity/ subscription. He said: “the argue of what I utter is that I wholeure frequently stay fellow-creatures by what is fixed, emanate the vacillateful and portraiture that which is most inferable” [18] . Al-Karkhi (d. 340H) so in his UsÅ©l has orderly that the argue (in statute) is that what was senilityd with conviction canreferable be balanceruled by vacillate” and utter it is individual of the substances the Hanafi Initiate was infamousd on [19] . Balance era, it was useful into its vulgar intermissionraintm: Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by vacillate (Al-YaqÄ©nu lã yazÅ©lu bish-Shakk) [20] .


(Al-YaqÄ©nu lã yazÅ©lu bish-Shakk)

Generally, any substance senilityd to feel halted with conviction sediment fixed until make-trial-ofn with answerance to be loosely. It is apportionable invalidated by unmixed vacillate or speculation. The corresponding is as-well-mannered said in-reference-to a substance whose non-entity is senilityd holds in that propound until as-well-mannered make-trial-ofn loosely. This is becaportraiture vacillate is weaker than conviction. It wholeure apportionable, consequently, cancel conviction whether or apportionable the posterior is unconditional or negative [22] . In other accounts, whenever the entity or non-entity of a substance is intermissionraintmal through constitutionally veritable instrument, a posterior vacillate balance the settlement of this propound wholeure apportionable assume the constitutional affect loving to the senilityd conviction.

Legally, conviction (yaqÄ©n) is defined as the enlightenment that a fidelity has either definitely occurred or apportionable. Vacillate (shakk), which is the repugnant of conviction (yaqÄ©n) [23] , is a irresolution balance the transexercise and non-transexercise of a fidelity. Recognition nindividual among the brace possibilities is of surpassing verisimilitude. Ate if either has largeer verisimilitude, the vacillate seizes and it is thus fixed (yaqÄ©n) in the exercitation of legists (fuqahã). This intermissionraintm of yaqÄ©n is repeatedly interchangeably portraitured with the messsenility ẓann. The messsenility Ẓann which exactly instrument surmise is close than conviction in the harangue of Jurists and Logicians. To them, Conviction (YaqÄ©n) is credence that a specialty substance is so-and-so and canreferable be ate so-and-so in habit agreeing with its substance and life. In other accounts, it is the unblemished enlightenment bounteous from hallucination. Becaportraiture inventiondates of Sharia are applied on what inventionifest or magnified (zãhir) and apportionable independent conviction, the jurists’ limitation is apportionable as encompassing as that of legists (Fuqahã) which includes the most inferable plaint [24] . This is becaportraiture there are issues which the Sharia may feel considered them as fixed though they can logically be loose. Stance is an veritable attestion by witnesses antecedently a Court is a constitutional conviction intermissionraint its veracity, ate is potential that they are effective lies. Al-Qarãfi utters that want is the argue why surmise (ẓann) is affected as fixed in Sharia intermissionraint independent conviction may apportionable be achieved. Possibility of sinful in such ẓann is well-mannered-balancedtually closeer. Ate the vacillateful canreferable be a argue intermissionraint a judgement [25] . This is the argue why scholars of Malikiyya initiate of conception did apportionable apportion to this apothegm in the aloft peculiarity, that is Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by vacillate, rather their preferred peculiarity is: The Connectedness of Sharia is that Inventiondates are ate infamousd on enlightenment and that which is in vacillate is apportionable considered [26] .


In the Qur’an, the uttering of Everyah, the Most High:

“Ate most of them thrive apportionablehing ate Surmise (Zann): surely Surmise can be of no utility over fidelity. Verily Everyah is courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered informed of every that they do” [27] .

Individual of the recognitions of Zann (lit. surmise) is phantasm, i.e. where the fidelity conception to apportion to a specialty substance does apportionable in substance apportion to it. In such a feature, such surmise wholeure apportionable balancegovernment what was disclosed intermissionraint fixed [28] .

As-well-mannered from Sunnah, the Hadith narrated by Abbãd bin TamÄ©m from his uncle from the Messenger of Everyah, tranquillity be upon him, in which a invention complained to the Prophet, tranquillity be upon him of consciousness celebrity (departing) his mass. The Prophet, tranquillity be upon him, told him apportionable liberty (his requests) until he hears a investigate or smells (the steam) [29] “. The hadith instrument that individual should apportionable dispossess the fixed, which is the propound clearness antecedently request, in favour of that which is questionable, i.e. the consciousness that celebrity has insensible his mass. Consequently, such vacillate wholeure apportionable balancegovernment the first conviction.

In another announcement of the Hadith cognate by Abu Huraira, the Prophet, tranquillity be upon him, said: “… and if individual of you feels celebrity in his belly, and vacillates whether celebrity has left his mass or apportionable, he should apportionable liberty the mosque until he hears a investigate or feels a steam” [30] .


On the import of the aloft Hadith, Al-Nawawi (d. 676H) asserts that: this Hadith is a basic beginning and a large substance [31] unarranged the substances of fiqh. The substance is that entitys are judged to stay on their first intermissionraintms until the conviction of the antagonistic is intermissionraintmal, a posterior vacillate wholeure thus apportionable detriment it [32] .

Jurists feel unanimously agreed on the exercitation of this apothegm. Imam Al-Qarafi propounds that: this is an agreed upon apothegm, the unmixedly disunderpresentation unarranged scholars is in some of its impressions [33] . Ibn DaqÄ©q al-‘Eid (d. 702H) as-well-mannered said: The Hadith is a basic substance in the exercitation and/or agitated of vacillates; and scholars answer to be in beneathpresentation on this apothegm, plain though they dissent in some of its impressions [34] .


By ‘Interchangeable Proceedings’ we are apportionring every Abbreviates in Shari’a relative-to to the modify of movables and services. Stances include: proceedings apmake-trial-of bay’ (sales abbreviate), ijãrah (lease), muzãra’ah (farm leasing) house (muqãradah), wakãlah (agency) ju’ala (vocable of pay intermissionraint a specialty exercise), kafãlah (surety), hawãla (transplant of debit), rahn (mortgaging), intermissionrainteseeing. In fidelity, every abbreviates with the exclusion of wedlock abbreviate which is apportionable beneath the object of this monograph.

As we feel involved aloft, conviction in statute apportions to the most inferable boldness. Stance of such inferable boldness is neglect a invention with argueable abundance possessing a argueably worthd car intermissionraint contrariant years; individual can confidently declare that it belongs to him [35] . It is upon this bark of conviction that inventiony constitutional inventiondates apportion [36] .

Other stances of its affinity to interchangeable proceedings include:

Where there is a abbreviate among brace parties and a vacillate is exorbitant on whether or apportionable there was secession of the abbreviate. The abbreviate is presumed to be alert as this is the conviction [37] .

As-well-mannered where it is senilityd that A characteristics B fixed totality of capital. Ate thriveing A’s departure, a vacillate is exorbitant on whether or apportionable he has paid, failure of cancelment wholeure be presumed as it is the conviction [38] which canreferable be balanceruled by vacillate.

“Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by Vacillate” is supplemented with inventiony Assistant Apothegms (qawã’id far’iyyah) and Regulators (Dawãbit) which concertedly execute its constitutional spiral and import. These wholeure be classified beneath three categories, namely: Assistant Apothegms giving impressiveness to conviction, Assistant Apothegms emphasising on balancelooking of vacillate and Apothegms interveniently cognate to the “Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by Vacillate”. Cognate apothegms to each mode wholeure be argueed in the thriveing order:

Assistant Apothegms giving impressiveness to conviction:

The connectedness is that the depending quo sediment as it was antecedently (Al-Aá¹£lu Baqã’u mã kãna ‘ala mã kãna);

Let the Ancient intermission on its senility (Al-QadÄ©mu yutraku ‘alã qidamih)

The connectedness (in Sharia) is bounteousdom from impost (Al-Aá¹£lu barã’at Al-Dhimmah);

The connectedness (of Shariah) is that extraneous characteristics do apportionable halt (Al-Aá¹£lu fis-Sifãtil Aridah Al-Adam)

The connectedness in Statute is that entitys are faultclose or beseem (Al-Aá¹£lu As-Salama)

The Connectedness (of Sharia) in-reference-to entitys is permissibility (Al-Aá¹£lu fil Ashyã’i al-Ibãhah)

The Argue in Statute In-reference-to Abbreviates is that they legitimate and cessationrictive (on its parties) (Al-Aá¹£lu fil ‘UqÅ©di As-Sihhah wal-LuzÅ©m)

The Connectedness of statute in-reference-to messages and arrangements is fibre (Al-Aṣlu fish-Shurũti as-Sihhah)

The basic substance is to characteristic the plaint to the neaintermission era of transexercise (Al-Aá¹£lu Idãfatul Hadithi ilã aqrabi auqãtih)

Assistant Apothegms emphasising on balancelooking of vacillate:

No heed shevery be paid to inferences (implication) in the visage of an explicit propoundment (Lã ‘ibrata lid-Dalãlati fÄ© Muqãbalatit TasrÄ©h)

No impressiveness is sturdy to Phantasm (Lã ‘ibrata littawahhumi)

No topic is admitted over speculation infamousd upon answerance (laa hujata ma’al ihtimaalin naashi’i ‘an daleel)

The ostensible void of truth speculation is apportionable to be assumen into subsidy (laa ‘Ibrata biz Zannil bayyni khata’uhu)

Maxims interveniently cognate to the “Conviction is apportionable balanceruled by Vacillate:

No propoundment is imputed by to a special who keeps stifle, ate stifle is tanttotality to a propoundment where there is a want intermissionraint harangue (Lã yunsabu ilã sãkitin qaulun, wa lãkinnas sukÅ©tu fÄ© ma’radil hãjati ilãl bayãni bayãnu)

The first propound of accounts is the exact recognition (Al-Aá¹£lu fil Kalãmi Al-HaqÄ©qah)

No opportunity intermissionraint ijtihãd where there is a decisive passsenility (Lã masãgha lilijitihãdi fÄ© mauridin nass)


3.1 The connectedness is that the depending quo sediment as it was antecedently [39] :

(Al-Aá¹£lu Baqã’u mã kãna ‘ala mã kãna)

It is a basic arrangement in Sharia is that the depending quo sediment as it was antecedently unclose it is make-trial-ofn to feel progressive. To expound advance, we can utter that a fidelity whose entity or non-entity is said to be fixed in the gone-by is affected to be as it was and does apportionable substitute, until answerance is adapted to substitute such depending. Such settlement is control-the-most-part infamousd on answerance, subscription, similarity, and withdrawal to assume oath [40] .

This substance of statute is apportionred to as Istis’hãb in Islamic regulation [41] . Considered to be individual of the inferior beginnings of statute, Istishãb has been defined as the discernment of uninterruptedness of a substance infamous on its previously intermissionraintmal propound. The previously senilityd propound may either be constitutional or sane. This apothegm enacts a intermissionraintm of Istishãb which is: akin what the statute has senilityd to feel halted in the gone-by into the present; such as a special who bought a concern of place wholeure be presumed to quiet characteristic it until anyentity that may substitute that discernment is make-trial-ofd [42] . This fashion of Istishãb applies in cases such as discernment of duration occupation thriveing deterrent of a abbreviate; the impost of a special who loss’s anothers eparticularize sediment until recancelment and the entity of a impost on an beholden special where the presentation up of the hypothecation is identified to [43] .

An stance of the impression of the apothegm in interchangeable transexercise is where a titleant titles paying his debitor; or a buyer titles paying the worth to the seller; or a closeee titles paying the closeor; ate the debitor, the seller and the closeor denied any cancelment. The propoundments of the margin privative wholeure be veritable. As the connectedness is the settlement of what has halted, these titles wholeure apportionable be veritable until constitutionally make-trial-ofd [44] .

Another impression is when a buyer titles that the circumstances of a staple he previously dictum has mixed during delivery; according to Ibn Qãsim (d. 918H), the propoundment of the seller wholeure bid truthfulness infamous on this apothegm. Ash-hab (d. 204H) on the other artisan as-well-mannered propounds that the title of the buyer wholeure feel constitutional backing becaportraiture the constitutional connectedness is that the buyer is bounteous from impost (Al-Aá¹£lu barã’at al-Dhimmah) [45] . Hanafis feel eminent among the brace by asserting that if plenteous era has lapsed from the era of neglect of the staple and the era of delivery, the propoundment of the buyer wholeure be backed by the statute [46] until the antagonistic is make-trial-ofd by the seller.

3.2 Let the Ancient intermission on its senility [47] 

(Al-QadÄ©mu yutraku ‘alã qidamih)

Granted it does apportionable profane the fair of another, a entity that has halted since era primordial wholeure possess constitutional refuge. The statute presumes that celebrity that has stayed intermissionraint a very crave era has a constitutional precedence [48] . This is as-well-mannered affected as Istishab as it is an akin of the gone-by circumstances, whether it is a settlement of occupation through answerance or the similarity of a respondent. Such istishab can be relied upon granted it has apportionable been statutefully progressive which should be through answerance, similarity or withdrawal to assume oath [49] . This apothegm is as-well-mannered air-tight cognate the connectedness is that the depending quo sediment as it was antecedently [50] .

Stance of its impression is that whenever occupation of a eparticularize is senilityd by either similarity of respondent or indisputable answerance, it shevery be presumed to hold in Sharia statute [51] . As-well-mannered where brace specials title the occupation of a estate, and twain granted answerance of their occupation with epoch. The discernment of the occupation wholeure be in favour of the special who provides leading epoch, becaportraiture he titles to possess the eparticularize during a era when the accuser does apportionable defy his occupation. This wholeure stay until the accuser can make-trial-of the antagonistic [52] .

3.3 The connectedness (in Sharia) is bounteousdom from impost:

(Al-Aá¹£lu barã’at Al-Dhimmah)

A special is born bounteous from everything; and nature impeded of anyentity is antagonistic to the first connectedness (asl) of statute [53] . Exactly, the account asl instrument source or beginning, and in the conpasssenility of this apothegm it instrument the most inferable (al-rãjih [54] ) answerance upon which the statute relies and infamouss its prevalents. This apothegm applies to twain fidelity and statute.

In-reference-to its impression to fidelity, the public government is that a special is fixedly bounteous from any necessity or impost and making him impeded intermissionraint celebrity is twain vacillateful and a confliction of the first propound of invention; nature born bounteous from any impost. Titles of liabilities such as debit, necessity that was the remainder of posterior caportraiture wholeure unmixedly be veritable if make-trial-ofd through instrument granted by the statute. In the neglect of any such settlement, the Sharia affects a special to feel no impost, thus making onus of settlement upon the special who everyeges a fidelity or titles it.

The apothegm is revealed by the Prophet’s Hadith, tranquillity be upon him, in which he said: “the onus of settlement is on the titleant, and presentation of an oath is coercive upon him who denies.” [55] The hadith provides that the margin insisting to dismake-trial-of the depending quo and wants to settle a of-late extraneous characteristic is the titleant and the onus of settlement is upon him; era the margin that clings on the first (asl) characteristic is the defendant/respondent and upon him is the oath becaportraiture he is privative the everyegation. [56] 

This apothegm is an equiponderant to what is publicly disclosed as the discernment of inoffensiveness, though this substance is more public. The indication discernment of inoffensiveness implies that it relates largely to offencey proceeding, coercionasmuch-as the non-impost apothegm extends to well-mannered-mannered litigation and to devotional substances publicly. The connectednessative propound, or the propound of conviction intermissionraint that substance, is that fellow-creatures are apportionable impeded, unclose it is make-trial-ofn that they are, and until this settlement is intermissionraintthcoming, to characteristic offence to anyindividual is treated as vacillateful. Conviction can, in other accounts, unmixedly be balanceruled by conviction, apportionable by vacillate [57] .

The apothegm provides serviceable solutions in cases of altercations or animositys among parties to interchangeable proceedings. Where, or case, there is a disunderpresentation among the possesser and a mortgagor, a prey and an adverse, the propoundment of the prisoner wholeure be veritable becaportraiture the constitutional connectedness is that he is bounteous from an abundance impost [58] .

Another stance is where there is disunderpresentation on the totality of hypothecation among the titleant and the beholden; the propoundment of the beholden wholeure be presumed [59] . As-well, the propoundment of an senilitynt in-reference-to damsenility to a eparticularize wholeure be veritable, approvewise in-reference-to protest of breaking and carelessness, with oath [60] .

In statute well-mannered-balancedtually, this apothegm is repeatedly apportionred to as: The connectedness (of statute) is non-existent (Al-Aá¹£lu Al-‘Adamu). To superiority of jurists, twain these substances apportion to the corresponding entity, as failure of an inventionepoch instrument individual is apportionable obliged to push it quenched. In other accounts is apportionable impeded intermissionraint apportionable doing it. A promote complexion of this substance as-well-mannered air-tight cognate to the apportionableion of first non-existent, is first permissibility (al-ibãha al-asliyyah). In this concept, everyentity is constitutional ab initio, and individual wholeure apportionable be sanctioned intermissionraint either doing or oversight. Jurists apportion to it as liberty of the argue (Al-Ibãh al-‘Aqliyyah).

This implies that it is a discernment of duration of the first non-existent of inventionepoch infamous on argue (aql) rather than the accounts of the Statute-giver. This comcomposition can as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered be inferred from inventiony verses of sacred Qur’an according to inventiony scholars [61] . An stance of such verses is the uttering of Everyah, the Most High:

“Those who bolt usury wholeure apportionable depend ate as depend individual whom the Evil individual by his feel Hath driven to frenzy. That is becaportraiture they utter: “Exchange is apmake-trial-of usury,” ate Everyah hath operating exchange and intermissionraintbidden usury. Those who thriveing receiving troddenion from their Lord, controlbear, shevery be pardoned intermissionraint the gone-by” [62] .

When presentation usury was prohibited, the companions of the Prophet feared the dignity of t