Financial Planning Research FNSFPL502, FNSFFinancial Planning Research FNSFPL502, FNSF

Financial Planning Research FNSFPL502, FNSFPL508, FNSINC501 Assessment 2 FNSFPL502 FNSFPL508 1) In today’s financial planning practices, most planners use a ‘platform’ for their clients’ investments. a) Describe the differences between a WRAP and a Master Fund? b) What are the benefits for a planner in using a ‘platform’? c) Explain the purpose of an Approved […]


Masters including: Professional Accounting TAXATION IN NEW ZEALAND ACCT862 Trimester 1 2018 Assessment Event No 1 RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT This assessment event carries a weighting of 40% of the total assessments for this course. Due Date: 12 Noon Thursday 26 April 2018. Hand In: Place your assignment in the barcode assignment drop box in the foyer […]

MGMT617 – Research Methods – Critical literature reviewMGMT617 – Research Methods – Critical literature review

MGMT617 – Research Methods Guidelines for Assessment Task 2: Critical literature review, problematisation and envisioned contribution. The midsection of a research proposal is its literature review. A strong literature review not only summarizes and integrates the knowledge base on a subject, but also identifies aspects of the knowledge base that are problematic—inadequate, incorrect, inconsistent, or […]

BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assessment CEM Strategy ReportBIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assessment CEM Strategy Report

ASSESSMENT BRIEF 3 Subject Code and Title BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assessment CEM Strategy Report (40%) Individual/Group Individual Length 2000 Words (+/- 10%) Learning Outcomes a) Compare and contrast the emerging concepts and practices that underpin the customer experience b) Apply the influence of perception to the customer experience of service delivery c) Document a […]