Legitimized Power and Authority in Society

Legitimized Agency and Pattern in Participation

Article 11: This article focuses on the gregarious cem of the avow as an organization unconfused to practise legitimized agency and pattern in participation. The avow represents the council, appoint and gregarious prudence, the courts and immoral plan, the police, and the soldierlike, and, as the superior political organization in the U.S., participates in interpolitical prudence making with cecible consequences ce global fixture. The organization of the avow plays leading roles in the means-of-subsistence of gregarious values, the regulate of gregarious appoint, and the enforcement of gregarious agency, and is ce-this-reason a cecible organization ce reason the foundation of women in participation. It is too convenient in organizationalizing gregarious changes to subsistence improving provisions ce women and marginalized peoples and is ce-this-reason blameworthy in gregarious uprightness efforts.

Answer the aftercited investigation abundantly in 5-7 sentences each:

Discuss the connections among the soldierlike and the economic plan as well-mannered-mannered as the political and councilal organizations of the avow.
What environing gays and lesbians in the soldierlike? What is the running prudence on gays and lesbians in the protected ceces?
What clew issues are happening in your similarity or avow proper now that report to this embodied in article 11? If you imply a common academy or university, what is your funding equalize? What are the priorities in your avow relating loftier counsel?