LAWS3100, Corporations Law,

Take Residence Examination, LAWS3100, Corporations Law, Semester 2, 2017
Your reply to this Take Residence Exam must be uploaded to Blackconsideration in the required cemat by the imputable continuance and age (7 November 2017 at 4:00pm) or indications earn be deducted as per the device in the ECP. Please behold the Exam Referableice and the ECP ce elevate instruction.
Order Boundarys and Structure
The reply to Inquiry 1 should be no departed than 600 tone. The replys to Inquirys 2 and 3 should be no departed than 450 tundivided each. The aggregate order reckon ce the three inquirys is 1,500 tone. Any tundivided in surplus of the order reckon earn referable be interpret or remarkable. The proportion register does referable reckon in the aggregate order boundary.
Exhibition and Citation Title
Please flourish the flourishing instructions ce the exhibition of your replys:
– Put each inquiry on a upset-quenched page with the inquiry sum at the top: i.e. ‘Inquiry Undivided’. Do referable grasp the inquiry in your reply.
– At the set-quenched of each inquiry, grasp your novice sum, cperfect and an respectful order reckon ce that inquiry. At the object of each inquiry, grasp a proportion register.
– You can portraiture any of the flourishing referencing titles: the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC); the American Psychological Association (APA) title guide; or the Harvard author-continuance rule. Whatever rule you portraiture, you must portraiture it pleasantly and uprightly.
– Your is-sue MUST be incantation checked and touchstundivided interpret ce typos, positive errors, etc.
Perfect is-sue resignted ce toll must be your avow and referable accomplishedd with any coadjutorship, as per the ECP, the Exam Referableice and UQ Academic Integrity and Plagiarism device. Novices are encouraged to interpret that device ( and to referablee the theoretically significant consequences of gap. In restitution to manual checking, perfect novice replys earn be analysed by the plagiarism aggravatethrow software, Turnitin.
Dependence Process and Cemat
Completed replys must be resignted electronically in MS Order and PDF cemats via the ‘Onlength Dependence of Provisions’ folder on the continuity Blackconsideration predicament. Blackconsideration or other sources may referable attributable attributableice uploading in PDF, yet you must resign in twain MS Order and PDF cemats.
Silk Road Ltd (SRL) avows a courteous-knavow compact of dress and donation shops on the East Coast of Australia. The congregation has traditionally cefeitured aces from East, South and Central Asia and sold them to vobject customers in elder shopping centres. Besides, gundivided 2012, it has to-boot conducted a prosperous onlength transaction through Silk Road Onlength Pty Ltd (SROPL). SROPL operates a webpredicament from which SRL’s products are sold to customers aggravate the Internet. SROPL is 50% avowed by SRL and 50% by Wicked Ideas Ltd (WIL), which is a Californian siege congregation. Leyla, SRL’s managing master, is to-boot SROPL’s Controlemost Executive Servicer. SROPL’s other master, Jed, is a nominee of WIL.
Initially very-abundant prosperous, on 1 January 2017, SROPL was monstrous by a imperilled cem of computer malware (virus) that rendered its main webpredicament inoperable ce sundry days. Instantly succeeding the onslaught, Leyla hired a cyberguarantee congregation to investigate the guarantee gap and to imagine a ‘patch’ ce SROPL’s IT rules. The hacking garnerion was thereby firm. Yet, SROPL is now experiencing detested coinflow and is having some molestation discourse its accustomed financial commitments imputable to a ffull in onlength exchange. Ce illustration, SROPL hired its Interintrap authentication arranger ten days advanced in March 2017 and has referable hired its employees their superannuation entitlements gundivided April 2017. To reach matters worse, on 1 May 2017, the controlemost bookkeeper of SROPL surrender unexpectedly, leaving Leyla to suppress the congregation’s financial archives. She reachs her best objecteavor to garner returns yet cegets to guard the books of perfect initiation.
On 1 June 2017, Leyla and Jed concertedly career as a consideration to ‘sponsor’ Marvin to transcribe tconsequence reports environing SROPL on his blog: Marvin is an ‘onlength influencer’ and is to be hired a $50,000 fee. Leyla raises some concerns environing the magnitude of the affair consecrated SROPL’s coin position yet is safe by Jed that ‘WIL earn shake in with departed coin if compulsory’.
SROPL is wound-up in failure on 1 October 2017.
Advise the liquidator on any gapes of the transaction(ies) to dodge ruined trading in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), her/his implicit remedies, and any aggregates that the she/he could heal.
(Aggregate = 20 indications)
Yolanda runs a entiretyfoods café in Brisbane’s South Side through Just Nuts Pty Ltd (JNPL). JNPL’s portion-quenched cardinal consists of 100 plain portion-outs avowed 75% by Yolanda and 25% by her older delineation, Rex.
A privy siege banker, Rex made an significant oblation in JNPL’s set-out-up appearance yet is now, departed or hither, a quiescent investor. He is a master, yet does referable air-tight mentor referableices from JNPL and merely casually arranges strategic education to Yolanda environing the open of the transaction.
Yolanda is very-abundant acceptable to Rex ce his influence in the departed yet would affect to behold JNPL amplify through departed visible siege. She beholds an opening in her upset-quenched and charismatic friobject and transaction coach, Laurie. Laurie convinces Yolanda to collect an extraplain open discourse (EGM) at which she earn portraiture her voting susceptibility to enjoy JNPL effect 25 upset-quenched pproportion portion-outs to Laurie. Laurie to-boot persuades Yolanda to substitute the organization at that discourse to perfectow Laurie to get Rex’s portion-outs at steady indicatiointrap rebukes ‘if compulsory and ce veritable transaction infers’ in the restraintthcoming. The punishment, Laurie argues, is compulsory to close the ‘long order enlargement trajectory of JNPL’.
Yolanda goes afront with the contrivance externally effective Rex. She is careful of hurting his feelings. She to-boot figures that the upset-quenched pproportion portion-outs do referable afford Laurie a exact to expression, merely to some initiative of cancelment in dividends. Rex leading hears environing the contrivance at a rise ceasebeque environing a month succeeding the resolutions are passed at the EGM.
Advise Rex on any remedies he dominion enjoy beneathneathneath Part-among-among 2F.2 Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and via the fair boundary on elderity voting susceptibility, as courteous as any other apt matters.
(Aggregate = 15 indications)
Green Departedures Pty Ltd (GPPL) is a Queensplant congregation that was determinationical by Ray and Sharon Green in the 1960s as a rise dairy tillage transaction. Ray and Sharon passed far in the 1990s and, in guarding with their trust, avowership of the congregation was epidemic to their object Dave, James and Oona. As the eldest, Dave was appointed managing master (MD) and fullegeed 70% of the portion-outs. As the abundant younger siblings, James and Oona were juvenility portion-outholders (15% each) and congregation employees. They enjoy historically sat on the consideration.
Now, besides, Dave has privy as MD toll provision help and elected his daughter, Geraldine, as his retrieval. Geraldine has degrees in unwandering instruction and tourism, and is aware to reach trusting that GPPL sweepings viable in countenance of increasing air hesitation. Installed on her avow toll of GPPL’s aspect, she careers that GPPL earn reach an instant alter far from dairy tillage and into tourism. To qualify the substitute, Dave earn retail 15% of his portion-outs in GPPL to a extensive tourism operator, Glamping Travel Ltd. Geraldine has told James and Oona that they earn suspobject substance assiduous by GPPL.
James and Oona draw Geraldine’s aggravateture as a betrayal of Ray and Sharon’s demise. They apex quenched that Dave aggravatesaw a prosperous transition to fundamental adjust product in the coming 2000s, yet the instigate was intentional to arrange drudgery guarantee ce the rise parts and so was agreeing with Ray and Sharon’s wishes. They are to-boot quenchedraged by Geraldine’s constant injury to argue her contrivance at consideration discourses and Dave’s instigate to cperfect a open discourse to reinstigate James and Oona as masters.
Advise James and Oona on any remedies they may enjoy beneathneathneath Part-among-among 2F.1 Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
(Aggregate = 15 indications)

Toll Lesson 2

Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield
Semester 2, 2018
STAT600: Cause Analysis and Interpretation
Provision 2
Aggregate Indications: 20
Please apology the inquirys in the prescribed cemat, and resign the provision in a Order muniment.
Perfect graphical exhibitions are to be accomplishedd by an alienate statistical software.
Numerical controlcible statistics could be computed either by a statistical software or manually.
Marks would merely be awarded if the infer / exposition / exculpation is perceptible and credible, where alienate.
Marks and feedback comments are expected to be posted on LEO by Oct 29, 2018, 9 am.

Inquiry 1
(18 indications)
Select the identical collective effect (e.g. domiciliary violence; service bullying; ethnic or gender discrimination; teenage suicide; alcohol cognate violence; abundance be-unlikeentiation betwixt ethnic bunchs; wilderness) in brace reckonries that are of curiosity-behalf or animation to your Bunch.
Garner 8 years of cause on the effect from each of the brace reckonries, where alienate.
Almost entire patent clear synod has a spiritless business (e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics) webpredicament of which arranges cause careless.
Attach a compact delineation of the cause at the object of your provision.
Compute the flourishing controlcible statistics ce the cause garnered:
(4 indications)
Note: Please grasp the is-sueings as part-among-among of your apology.
Forcible Statistics
Dominion 1
(Variable X) Reckonry 2
(Variable Y)

Standard Deviation
Coefficient of Variation
Covariance (betwixt X and Y)
Coefficient of mutuality (betwixt X and Y)
Vindicate in which reckonry the collective effect is departed significant, installed on the cause themselves and, where alienate, the numerical controlcible statistics in b).
(2 indications)
Country: ____________________________________
Vindicate whether the collective effect, installed on the cause themselves and, where alienate, the numerical controlcible statistics in b), is a spiritless interrogativeness (viz. correlated) betwixt the brace reckonries.
(2 indications)

Imagine you are the perfect wait of undivided of the brace reckonries.
Vindicate or “lie” that the collective effect had improved beneathneathneath your synod, with
An alienate graphical determinationicality (e.g. cease chart; histogram; length chart) and its interpretations
The cause themselves and, where alienate, the numerical controlcible statistics in b) and their interpretations.
(6 indications)
i) Vindicate / “lie” with the graphical exhibition of cause:
ii) Vindicate / “lie” with the cause themselves and, where alienate, the numerical controlcible statistics in b). You dominion affect to elevate influence your apology with induced considerations affect synod policies implemented, substitutes in population and collective demographics, and alike:
Select undivided of the brace reckonries, and recommend a fair-spoken content that, in the Bunch’s view, has contributed most to the collective effect.
Clear-up the causation betwixt the collective effect and the content the Bunch has recommended.
(2 indications)
Exposition of the causation:

Imagine you are the superintendent of the Human Exacts Commission of United Nations.
You would affect to touchstundivided whether the privilege by the Superintendent is influenceed by appearance.
Set up H_0 and H_1 to touchstundivided the privilege.
(2 indications)
Note: µ is the unknavow and hence inconsequent parameter pit ce Variable X or Y.
H_0 (in the cem of H_0 : µ = a numerical compute which you insufficiency to vindicate from the cause garnered)
H_0 : µ = ?
President’s privilege (he / she had dundivided a cheerful-tempered, middle or diseased drudgery in curative the collective effect):
Exculpation of the numerical compute of µ: ________

H_1 (in the cem of H_1 : µ ?, or the numerical compute in H_0)
H_1 : µ =, ?, or ?
Exculpation of the select of ?, or :________
Inquiry 2
(2 indications)
What is the most significant hitheron you enjoy learnt in presenting and interpreting statistical cause from beneathneathtaking the provision, specially e)? Please clear-up.

Peter Faber Transaction School
Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield
Semester 2, 2018
STAT600: Cause Analysis and Interpretation
Provision 2
Bunch Instructions
Please cem a Bunch of 4 to 5 parts and accomplished the flourishing:
the Bunch Leader (attested as (L) succeeding the fullure) and the bunch parts;
the favoring (referable open) lessons perfectocated to each pbusiness of the Bunch, including the role of the Bunch Leader; and
the percentage (%) of oblation of each pbusiness to the Bunch Project.
Bunch Fullure:
Cperfect Lesson(s) % of Oblation Primal / Continuance
1. 1.
etc. Aggregate: 100%
The primal is the appearance of parts’ consonance with the interruption of the “contract” as courteous as the commitment to verify their obligations.
Bunch part(s) who do(es) referable accomplished ALL the lessons as committed would be considered as referable having resignted the Bunch Provision; ZERO indication would be awarded.
Other bunch parts are referable expected to reach up ce the lesson(s) referable having accomplishedd; no indications would be deducted and the Bunch as a entirety would referable be penalised pleasantly.

Toll Provision 3
HI6028 Tributeation Theory, Practice
& Law
T2 2018 Individual Provision
(2500 tone)
Imputable continuance: Week 10
Culmination indications: 20 (20%)
This provision is to be resignted by the imputable continuance in soft-delineation merely (Safe fullege – Blackboard).
The provision is to be resignted in correspondence with toll device orderly in the Subject Quenchedlength and Novice Handbook.
It is the calling of the novice resignting the is-sue to entrusting that the is-sue is in certainty his/her avow is-sue. Entrusting that when incorporating the is-sues of others into your dependence that it is alienately present.
Inquiry 1 (10 indications)
You are is-sueing as a tribute consultant in Mayfield, NSW. Your client is an investor and ancestral garneror. You enjoy certain that she is referable carrying on a transaction. Your client arranges the flourishing instruction of sales of manifold proceeds during the present tribute year:
(a) Arrest of unfilled plant. On 3 June of the present tribute year your client identified a lessen to retail a arrest of unfilled plant ce $320,000. She getd this plant in January 2001 ce $100,000 and incurred $20,000 in national parliament, infiltrebuke and sewerage rebukes and plant tributees during her determination of avowership of the plant. The lessen of sale stipulates that a bond of $20,000 is payable to her when the lessen of sale is identified and the pit is payable on 3 January of the contiguous tribute year, when the substitute of avowership earn be registered.
(b) Ancestral bed. On 12 November of the present tribute year your client had an ancestral four-poster Louis XIV bed stolen from her house. She of-late had the bed computed ce security purposes and the indicatiointrap compute at 31 October of the present tribute year was $25,000. She cefeitured the bed ce $3,500 on 21 July 1986. Although the cheerfuls was in very cheerful-tempered-tempered case, the bed insufficiencyed alterations to perfectow ce the installation of an innerspring mattress. These alterations significantly increased the compute of the bed, and consume $1,500. She hired ce the alterations on 29 October 1986. On 13 November of the present tribute year she lodged a privilege with her security congregation beholdking to recaggravate her restraintfeiture. On 16 January of the present tribute year her security congregation advised her that the ancestral bed had referable been a individualized ace on her security device. Therefore, the culmination aggregate she would be hired beneathneathneath her affable interruption device was $11,000. This aggregate was hired to her on 21 January of the present tribute year.
(c) Painting. Your client getd a painting by a courteous-knavow Australian achievementman on 2 May 1985 ce $2,000. The painting had significantly upright in compute imputable to the dissolution of the achievementman. She sold the painting ce $125,000 at an business auction on 3 April of the present tribute year.
(d) Portion-outs. Your client has a material portion-quenched portfolio which she has getd aggravate manifold years. She sold the flourishing portion-outs in the apt year of income:
(i) 1,000 Spiritless Bank Ltd portion-outs getd in 2001 ce $15 per portion-quenched and sold on 4 July of the present tribute year ce $47 per portion-out. She incurred $550 in brokerage fees on the sale and $750 in impression transaction consumes on cefeiture.
(ii) 2,500 portion-outs in PHB Iron Ore Ltd. These portion-outs were to-boot getd in 2001 ce $12 per portion-quenched and sold on 14 February of the present tribute year ce $25 per portion-out. She incurred $1,000 in brokerage fees on the sale and $1,500 in impression transaction consumes on cefeiture
(iii) 1,200 portion-outs in Young Kids Learning Ltd. These portion-outs were getd in 2005 ce $5 per portion-quenched and sold on 14 February of the present tribute year ce $0.50 per portion-out. She incurred $100 in brokerage fees on the sale and $500 in impression transaction consumes on cefeiture.
(iv) 10,000 portion-outs in Portion-quenched Build Ltd. These portion-outs were getd on 5 July of the present tribute year ce $1 per portion-quenched and sold on 22 January of the present tribute year ce $2.50 per portion-out. She incurred $900 in brokerage fees on the sale and $1,100 in impression transaction consumes on cefeiture.
(e) Violin. Your client to-boot has an curiosity-behalf in garnering harmonious instruments. She plays the violin very courteous and has sundry violins in her garnerion, perfect of which she plays on
a determinationical cause. On 1 May of the present tribute year she sold undivided of these violins ce $12,000 to neighbor who is in the Queensplant Symphony Orchestra. The violin consume her $5,500 when she getd it on 1 June 1999.
Your client to-boot has a aggregate of $8,500 in cardinal restraintfeiturees carried ceward from the prior tribute year, $1,500 of which are attributable to a restraintfeiture on the sale of a piece of carving which she sold in April of the prior year.
Installed on this instruction, individualize your client’s intrap cardinal controlm or intrap cardinal restraintfeiture ce the year objected 30 June of the present tribute year.
Inquiry 2 (10 indications)
Rapid-Heat Pty Ltd (Rapid-Heat) is an Electric Heaters compositionr which retails Electric Heaters quickly to the open. On 1 May 2017, Rapid-Heat arranged undivided of its employees; Jasmine, with a car as Jasmine does a controltune of travelling ce is-sue purposes. Besides, Jasmine’s manner of the car is referable detested to is-sue merely. Rapid-Heat cefeitured the car on that continuance ce $33,000 (including GST).
Ce the determination 1 May 2017 to 31 March 2018, Jasmine travelled 10,000 km in the car and incurred expenses of $550 (including GST) on inferior repairs that enjoy been reimbursed by Rapid-Heat. The car was referable portraitured ce 10 days when Jasmine was interstate and the car was parked at the airport and ce another five days when the car was scheduled ce annual repairs.
On 1 September 2017, Rapid-Heat arranged Jasmine with a mortgage of $500,000 at an curiosity-behalf rebuke of 4.25%. Jasmine portraitured $450,000 of the mortgage to cefeiture a misemployment residence and lent the cherishing $50,000 to her mate (curiosity-behalf careless) to cefeiture portion-outs in Telstra. Curiosity-behalf on a mortgage to cefeiture privy proceeds is referable deductible occasion curiosity-behalf on a mortgage to cefeiture income-producing proceeds is deductible.
During the year, Jasmine cefeitured an Electric Heaters fabricated by Rapid-Heat ce $1,300. The Electric Heaters merely consume Rapid-Heat $700 to composition and is sold to the open open ce $2,600.
(a) Advise Rapid-Heat of its FBT consequences arising quenched of the aloft instruction, including care of any FBT impost, ce the year objecting 31 March 2018. You may exhibit that Rapid-Heat would be entitled to input tribute credits in proportion to any GSTinclusive acquisitions.
(b) How would your apology to (a) be-unlike if Jasmine portraitured the $50,000 to cefeiture the portion-outs herself, instead of lconsequence it to her mate?