LAWS3100, Corporations Law,

Take Settlement Examination, LAWS3100, Corporations Law, Semester 2, 2017
Your vindication to this Take Settlement Exam must be uploaded to Blackconsultation in the required restraintmat by the ascribable continuance and age (7 November 2017 at 4:00pm) or indications earn be deducted as per the device in the ECP. Please comprehobject the Exam Referableice and the ECP restraint exalt counsel.
Promise Designations and Structure
The vindication to Investigation 1 should be no pit than 600 control. The vindications to Investigations 2 and 3 should be no pit than 450 control each. The polite promise sum restraint the three investigations is 1,500 control. Any control in abundance of the promise sum earn referable be perreintroduction or referable ascribable ascribableiceable. The regard schedule does referable sum in the polite promise designation.
Delivery and Citation Diction
Please ensue the ensueing instructions restraint the delivery of your vindications:
– Put each investigation on a upset-on-foot page with the investigation sum at the top: i.e. ‘Investigation Undivided’. Do referable subordinatestand the investigation in your vindication.
– At the set-on-foot of each investigation, subordinatestand your ward sum, designate and an considereprove promise sum restraint that investigation. At the object of each investigation, subordinatestand a regard schedule.
– You can reintroduction any of the ensueing referencing dictions: the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC); the American Psychological Association (APA) diction guide; or the Harvard author-continuance systematicity. Whatever systematicity you representation, you must reintroduction it harmoniously and correctly.
– Your product MUST be enchantment checked and essay perreintroduction restraint typos, exact errors, expectation.
Polite product aggregateude-toted restraint reprove must be your confess and referable perfectd with any oceantenance, as per the ECP, the Exam Referableice and UQ Academic Integrity and Plagiarism device. Wards are encouraged to perreintroduction that device ( and to referablee the hypothetically applicable consequences of nonperformance. In individualization to manual checking, polite ward vindications earn be analysed by the plagiarism competition software, Turnitin.
Surrender Process and Restraintmat
Completed vindications must be aggregateude-toted electronically in MS Promise and PDF restraintmats via the ‘Onrow Surrender of Provisions’ folder on the progress Blackconsultation standing. Blackconsultation or other sources may reindication uploading in PDF, haltring you must aggregateude-to in twain MS Promise and PDF restraintmats.
Silk Road Ltd (SRL) confesss a polite-knconfess association of dress and douceur shops on the East Coast of Australia. The aggregation has traditionally lapsed aces from East, South and Central Asia and sold them to retail customers in superior shopping centres. Besides, gundivided 2012, it has so conducted a happy onrow proceeding through Silk Road Onrow Pty Ltd (SROPL). SROPL operates a webstanding from which SRL’s products are sold to customers pit the Internet. SROPL is 50% confessed by SRL and 50% by Wicked Ideas Ltd (WIL), which is a Californian bombardment aggregation. Leyla, SRL’s managing master, is so SROPL’s Main Executive Appointmentr. SROPL’s other master, Jed, is a nominee of WIL.
Initially extremely happy, on 1 January 2017, SROPL was abnormal by a hazardous restraintm of computer malware (virus) that rendered its ocean webstanding inoperable restraint sundry days. Proximately coercionthcoming the invasion, Leyla compensated a cyberdefence aggregation to summon the defence nonperformance and to construct a ‘patch’ restraint SROPL’s IT systematicitys. The hacking completion was thereby firm. Haltring, SROPL is now experiencing detested moneyflow and is having some molestation discourse its systematic financial commitments ascribable to a faggregate in onrow exchange. Restraint vision, SROPL compensated its Interinveigle advantage getr ten days tardy in March 2017 and has referable compensated its employees their superannuation entitlements gundivided April 2017. To construct matters worse, on 1 May 2017, the main bookkeeper of SROPL resign unexpectedly, leaving Leyla to oceantain the aggregation’s financial chronicles. She constructs her best exertion to sum avail haltring restraintgets to suppress the books of consummate record.
On 1 June 2017, Leyla and Jed contemporaneously run as a consultation to ‘sponsor’ Marvin to transcribe favourable reports environing SROPL on his blog: Marvin is an ‘onrow influencer’ and is to be compensated a $50,000 fee. Leyla raises some concerns environing the extent of the proceeding loving SROPL’s money standing haltring is immutable by Jed that ‘WIL earn cast in with pit money if requisite’.
SROPL is wound-up in embezzlement on 1 October 2017.
Advise the liquidator on any nonperformancees of the province(ies) to fly bankrupt trading in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), her/his germinative remedies, and any wholes that the she/he could repossess.
(Polite = 20 indications)
Yolanda runs a politefoods café in Brisbane’s South Side through Just Nuts Pty Ltd (JNPL). JNPL’s distribute chief consists of 100 wonted distributes confessed 75% by Yolanda and 25% by her older tally, Rex.
A sequestered bombardment banker, Rex made an applicable oblation in JNPL’s set-on-foot-up deportment haltring is now, pit or near, a purposeuring investor. He is a master, haltring does referable closely instructor referableices from JNPL and simply rarely gets strategic advice to Yolanda environing the open of the proceeding.
Yolanda is extremely delectable to Rex restraint his assistance in the departed haltring would affect to comprehobject JNPL amplify through pit extinguisheder bombardment. She comprehends an convenience in her upset-on-foot and charismatic friobject and proceeding coach, Laurie. Laurie convinces Yolanda to convoke an extrawonted open discourse (EGM) at which she earn reintroduction her voting energy to entertain JNPL result 25 upset-on-foot pregard distributes to Laurie. Laurie so persuades Yolanda to substitute the habit at that discourse to politeow Laurie to profit Rex’s distributes at tempereprove traffic reproves ‘if requisite and restraint veritable proceeding debates’ in the coming. The emendation, Laurie argues, is requisite to asindisputable the ‘long expression development trajectory of JNPL’.
Yolanda goes controlward with the intention extinguishedside effective Rex. She is cowardly of hurting his feelings. She so figures that the upset-on-foot pregard distributes do referable confer Laurie a correct to utterance, simply to some pre-eminence of acquittal in dividends. Rex primary hears environing the intention at a rise haltbeque environing a month coercionthcoming the resolutions are passed at the EGM.
Advise Rex on any remedies he capacity entertain subordinate Distribute 2F.2 Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and via the upright designation on superiority voting energy, as polite as any other applicable matters.
(Polite = 15 indications)
Green Departedures Pty Ltd (GPPL) is a Queensplant aggregation that was systematicityic by Ray and Sharon Green in the 1960s as a rise dairy matery proceeding. Ray and Sharon passed abroad in the 1990s and, in suppressing with their desire, confessership of the aggregation was communicated to their posterity Dave, James and Oona. As the eldest, Dave was appointed managing master (MD) and conveyed 70% of the distributes. As the greatly younger siblings, James and Oona were unimportantity distributeholders (15% each) and aggregation employees. They entertain historically sat on the consultation.
Now, besides, Dave has sequestered as MD reprove provision help and elected his daughter, Geraldine, as his retrieval. Geraldine has degrees in unroving advice and tourism, and is pure-minded to construct indisputable that GPPL recrement viable in aspect of increasing region irregularity. Invetereprove on her confess reprove of GPPL’s site, she runs that GPPL earn construct an proximate substitute abroad from dairy matery and into tourism. To dispose the substitute, Dave earn retail 15% of his distributes in GPPL to a big tourism operator, Glamping Travel Ltd. Geraldine has told James and Oona that they earn desist being populated by GPPL.
James and Oona teach Geraldine’s aggregateude-toion as a misinstruction of Ray and Sharon’s procure. They object extinguished that Dave pitsaw a happy transition to radical still product in the present 2000s, haltring the instigate was intended to get production defence restraint the rise limbs and so was harmonious with Ray and Sharon’s wishes. They are so extinguishedraged by Geraldine’s firm prohibition to examine her intention at consultation discourses and Dave’s instigate to cpolite a open discourse to reinstigate James and Oona as masters.
Advise James and Oona on any remedies they may entertain subordinate Distribute 2F.1 Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
(Polite = 15 indications)

Reprove Operation 2

Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield
Semester 2, 2018
STAT600: Cause Analysis and Interpretation
Provision 2
Polite Indications: 20
Please confutation the investigations in the prescribed restraintmat, and aggregateude-to the provision in a Promise muniment.
Polite graphical deliverys are to be perfectd by an exppurpose statistical software.
Numerical picturesque statistics could be computed either by a statistical software or manually.
Marks would simply be awarded if the debate / description / exculpation is perceptible and presumable, where expend.
Marks and feedback comments are expected to be posted on LEO by Oct 29, 2018, 9 am.

Investigation 1
(18 indications)
Select the selfselfsame collective result (e.g. retired violence; appointment bullying; ethnic or gender discrimination; teenage suicide; alcohol connected violence; influence disagreeentiation among ethnic collocations; world) in span sumries that are of divide or vehemence to your Collocation.
Sum 8 years of cause on the result from each of the span sumries, where expend.
Almost full open arrangement has a open polite (e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics) webstanding of which gets cause unconditional.
Attach a dense vision of the cause at the object of your provision.
Compute the ensueing picturesque statistics restraint the cause sumed:
(4 indications)
Note: Please subordinatestand the productings as distribute of your confutation.
Picturesque Statistics
Province 1
(Variable X) Sumry 2
(Variable Y)

Standard Deviation
Coefficient of Variation
Covariance (among X and Y)
Coefficient of interdependence (among X and Y)
Vindicate in which sumry the collective result is pit applicable, invetereprove on the cause themselves and, where expend, the numerical picturesque statistics in b).
(2 indications)
Country: ____________________________________
Vindicate whether the collective result, invetereprove on the cause themselves and, where expend, the numerical picturesque statistics in b), is a sordid interrogativeness (viz. correlated) among the span sumries.
(2 indications)

Imagine you are the consummate attend of undivided of the span sumries.
Vindicate or “lie” that the collective result had improved subordinate your synod, with
An exppurpose graphical systematicity (e.g. halt chart; histogram; row chart) and its interpretations
The cause themselves and, where expend, the numerical picturesque statistics in b) and their interpretations.
(6 indications)
i) Vindicate / “lie” with the graphical delivery of cause:
ii) Vindicate / “lie” with the cause themselves and, where expend, the numerical picturesque statistics in b). You capacity affect to exalt assistance your confutation with ascititious considerations affect synod policies implemented, substitutes in population and collective demographics, and alike:
Select undivided of the span sumries, and aggregateude-to a specious eventor that, in the Collocation’s idea, has contributed most to the collective result.
Teach the causation among the collective result and the eventor the Collocation has aggregateude-toed.
(2 indications)
Description of the causation:

Imagine you are the moderator of the Human Corrects Commission of United Nations.
You would affect to standard whether the privilege by the Moderator is assistanceed by sign.
Set up H_0 and H_1 to standard the privilege.
(2 indications)
Note: µ is the unknconfess and future conjectured parameter pit restraint Variable X or Y.
H_0 (in the restraintm of H_0 : µ = a numerical prize which you scarcity to vindicate from the cause sumed)
H_0 : µ = ?
President’s privilege (he / she had dundivided a cheerful-tempered, middle or indisposed production in sanatory the collective result):
Exculpation of the numerical prize of µ: ________

H_1 (in the restraintm of H_1 : µ ?, or the numerical prize in H_0)
H_1 : µ =, ?, or ?
Exculpation of the rare of ?, or :________
Investigation 2
(2 indications)
What is the most applicable nearon you entertain learnt in presenting and interpreting statistical cause from subordinatetaking the provision, specially e)? Please teach.

Peter Faber Proceeding School
Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield
Semester 2, 2018
STAT600: Cause Analysis and Interpretation
Provision 2
Collocation Instructions
Please restraintm a Collocation of 4 to 5 limbs and perfect the ensueing:
the Collocation Leader (attested as (L) coercionthcoming the designate) and the collocation limbs;
the favoring (referable open) operations politeocated to each limb of the Collocation, including the role of the Collocation Leader; and
the percentage (%) of oblation of each limb to the Collocation Project.
Collocation Designate:
Designate Operation(s) % of Oblation Modereprove / Continuance
1. 1.
etc. Polite: 100%
The modereprove is the sign of limbs’ concord with the variation of the “contract” as polite as the commitment to accomplish their obligations.
Collocation limb(s) who do(es) referable perfect ALL the operations as committed would be considered as referable having aggregateude-toted the Collocation Provision; ZERO indication would be awarded.
Other collocation limbs are referable expected to construct up restraint the operation(s) referable having perfectd; no indications would be deducted and the Collocation as a polite would referable be penalised acceptably.

Reprove Provision 3
HI6028 Tributeation Theory, Practice
& Law
T2 2018 Individual Provision
(2500 control)
Ascribable continuance: Week 10
Climax indications: 20 (20%)
This provision is to be aggregateude-toted by the ascribable continuance in soft-vision simply (Safe convey – Blackboard).
The provision is to be aggregateude-toted in accordance with reprove device normal in the Subject Extinguishedrow and Ward Handbook.
It is the aggregateegiance of the ward aggregateude-toting the product to enindisputable that the product is in event his/her confess product. Enindisputable that when incorporating the products of others into your surrender that it is expendly acknowledged.
Investigation 1 (10 indications)
You are producting as a tribute consultant in Mayfield, NSW. Your client is an investor and ancient sumor. You entertain positive that she is referable carrying on a proceeding. Your client gets the ensueing counsel of sales of disagreeent property during the floating tribute year:
(a) Obstruct of leisure plant. On 3 June of the floating tribute year your client authorized a agree to retail a obstruct of leisure plant restraint $320,000. She profitd this plant in January 2001 restraint $100,000 and incurred $20,000 in persomal bureau, inspire and sewerage reproves and plant tributees during her age of confessership of the plant. The agree of sale stipulates that a safety of $20,000 is payable to her when the agree of sale is authorized and the pit is payable on 3 January of the next tribute year, when the substitute of confessership earn be registered.
(b) Ancient bed. On 12 November of the floating tribute year your client had an ancient four-poster Louis XIV bed stolen from her progeny. She of-late had the bed prized restraint prophylactic purposes and the traffic prize at 31 October of the floating tribute year was $25,000. She lapsed the bed restraint $3,500 on 21 July 1986. Although the movables was in very cheerful-tempered-tempered case, the bed scarcityed alterations to politeow restraint the installation of an innerspring mattress. These alterations significantly increased the prize of the bed, and require $1,500. She compensated restraint the alterations on 29 October 1986. On 13 November of the floating tribute year she lodged a privilege with her prophylactic aggregation comprehendking to recpit her mislaying. On 16 January of the floating tribute year her prophylactic aggregation advised her that the ancient bed had referable been a fixed ace on her prophylactic device. Therefore, the climax whole she would be compensated subordinate her progenyhold variation device was $11,000. This whole was compensated to her on 21 January of the floating tribute year.
(c) Painting. Your client profitd a painting by a polite-knconfess Australian proficient on 2 May 1985 restraint $2,000. The painting had significantly restored in prize ascribable to the exit of the proficient. She sold the painting restraint $125,000 at an adroitness auction on 3 April of the floating tribute year.
(d) Distributes. Your client has a tangible distribute portfolio which she has profitd pit sundry years. She sold the ensueing distributes in the applicable year of income:
(i) 1,000 Sordid Bank Ltd distributes profitd in 2001 restraint $15 per distribute and sold on 4 July of the floating tribute year restraint $47 per distribute. She incurred $550 in brokerage fees on the sale and $750 in type province requires on lapse.
(ii) 2,500 distributes in PHB Iron Ore Ltd. These distributes were so profitd in 2001 restraint $12 per distribute and sold on 14 February of the floating tribute year restraint $25 per distribute. She incurred $1,000 in brokerage fees on the sale and $1,500 in type province requires on lapse
(iii) 1,200 distributes in Young Kids Learning Ltd. These distributes were profitd in 2005 restraint $5 per distribute and sold on 14 February of the floating tribute year restraint $0.50 per distribute. She incurred $100 in brokerage fees on the sale and $500 in type province requires on lapse.
(iv) 10,000 distributes in Distribute Build Ltd. These distributes were profitd on 5 July of the floating tribute year restraint $1 per distribute and sold on 22 January of the floating tribute year restraint $2.50 per distribute. She incurred $900 in brokerage fees on the sale and $1,100 in type province requires on lapse.
(e) Violin. Your client so has an divide in suming harmonious instruments. She plays the violin very polite and has sundry violins in her sumion, polite of which she plays on
a systematic cause. On 1 May of the floating tribute year she sold undivided of these violins restraint $12,000 to neighbor who is in the Queensplant Symphony Orchestra. The violin require her $5,500 when she profitd it on 1 June 1999.
Your client so has a polite of $8,500 in chief mislayinges carried restraintward from the anterior tribute year, $1,500 of which are ascribable to a mislaying on the sale of a duty of plastic-labor which she sold in April of the anterior year.
Invetereprove on this counsel, enumereprove your client’s inveigle chief construct or inveigle chief mislaying restraint the year objected 30 June of the floating tribute year.
Investigation 2 (10 indications)
Rapid-Heat Pty Ltd (Rapid-Heat) is an Electric Heaters manipulationr which retails Electric Heaters instantly to the referableorious. On 1 May 2017, Rapid-Heat getd undivided of its employees; Jasmine, with a car as Jasmine does a doom of nomadic restraint product purposes. Besides, Jasmine’s action of the car is referable detested to product simply. Rapid-Heat lapsed the car on that continuance restraint $33,000 (including GST).
Restraint the age 1 May 2017 to 31 March 2018, Jasmine travelled 10,000 km in the car and incurred expenses of $550 (including GST) on unimportant repairs that entertain been reimbursed by Rapid-Heat. The car was referable representationd restraint 10 days when Jasmine was interstate and the car was parked at the airport and restraint another five days when the car was scheduled restraint annual repairs.
On 1 September 2017, Rapid-Heat getd Jasmine with a hypothecation of $500,000 at an divide reprove of 4.25%. Jasmine representationd $450,000 of the hypothecation to lapse a leisure settlement and lent the cherishing $50,000 to her mate (divide unconditional) to lapse distributes in Telstra. Divide on a hypothecation to lapse retired property is referable deductible time divide on a hypothecation to lapse income-producing property is deductible.
During the year, Jasmine lapsed an Electric Heaters unnatural by Rapid-Heat restraint $1,300. The Electric Heaters simply require Rapid-Heat $700 to manipulation and is sold to the open referableorious restraint $2,600.
(a) Advise Rapid-Heat of its FBT consequences arising extinguished of the aloft counsel, including anticipation of any FBT amenability, restraint the year objecting 31 March 2018. You may feign that Rapid-Heat would be entitled to input tribute credits in harmony to any GSTinclusive acquisitions.
(b) How would your confutation to (a) disagree if Jasmine representationd the $50,000 to lapse the distributes herself, instead of lbound it to her mate?