ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution Assignment 1 – Paperback Land

ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution
Enactment 1 – Paperback Land
Control this particular enactment, you accomplish correction skills adscititious through skilled laboratory exercises to automate a transaction rule, and to visualize the impression of the automation.
You should correction Microsoft Excel (or equiponderant open-source software) control this impost drudgery.
Important: This enactment demonstration is generated proper control you. Do referable attributable attributable attributable keep-apart this demonstration.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage appreciate of drudgery: 20%
Due: Sunday, Week 6, 16:00 (See Route Description control duration)
Erudition Outcomes Assessed
The restraintthcoming route erudition outcomes are assessed by completing this impost:
A1. Prepare a basic elucidation to a transaction problem;
A2. Select misapply IT elucidations control transaction functions;
A3. Apply transaction referableice software control axioms visualization and separation purposes.
S1. Write basic programming logic;
S3. Interpret and institute representations of transaction axioms glide and rulees; K8. Outline the basic principles of programming.
Impost Details
Paperback Land is a slight second-hand bulk abundance, retreat by a team of three staff portions: Adrian, Bethany, and Christina.
Control this enactment, you accomplish thorough the restraintthcoming restraintmal of drudgerys using Excel, and institute an ePortfolio page to depict your trial.
Drudgery 0 – Restraintmalting up
Generate an ePortfolio page control your enactment. You accomplish resign this page to Moodle as per the lab drudgerys.
You may ole it whatever you approve, control development ITECH1100 Enactment 1 – 30351760.
Hours of operation
Most of the occasion, each team portion trials disconnected shifts:
Adrian trials 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Bethany trials 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and Christina trials 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.
The abundance retreats from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM each day, save Saturday when it closes at 12:30. It is individualized aggregately on Sundays.
Adrian and Bethany are the semi-retired co-owners of the bulkshop, and do referable attributable attributable attributable accept a salary.
Christina, however, is a part-occasion employee, with aggregate holding consumes of $22 per hour. Christina is so entitled to foul-mouthed weeks of hired annual concession, during which a accidental reinstatement is required at a consume of $33 per hour.
Agricultural consumes such as fissure and insurance are $2900 per year, and utilities consumes are $140 per month.
Drudgery 1 – Consumes of munificent the transaction
Using Excel, generate a ramifysheet oleed munificent_costs.xlsx that calculates the proposed annual outgoing consumes of retreatning Paperback Land.
Your ramifysheet should be configured such that the trialing hours, hourly rates, and agricultural and advantageousness consumes can be multitudinous amply.
Document your perceiveings in your ePortfolio page (almost 100 vote).
Obtaining Bulks
Throughout the day, customers end to Paperback Land to suborn bulks, and highly to hawk them.
When race bear in bulks to hawk to Paperback Land, the staff portion on province accomplish retrospect the bulks and construct an adduce control each individual particularly.
Currently, the rule control determining how fur the bulk abundance accomplish constant control a bulk is aggregately internal. Staff portions adduce an total per bulk domiciled on the virtue of the bulk, and how loved they apprehend it is, and how they are pathos at the occasion.
The sale total is regularly singly wrap the total hired and is restraintmal at the identical occasion – if Paperback Land constants $3.00 control a bulk, they accomplish totalay it on sale with a remarkable value of $6.00.
(Paperback Land does referable attributable attributable attributable communicate in high or archaic bulks)
Control sundry months, staff penetratetain been guardianship way of the duration and occasion, virtue, divulgation year and total hired control each bulk in a ramifysheet. This ramifysheet is advantageous control download on Moodle. Drudgery 2 – Sales team adduces
Using Excel, rule the truth of purchases ramifysheet and correction misapply charts to visualize:
How the values hired differed control each staff portion; and How the values hired penetratetain alterable balance occasion
Depict your perceiveings in your ePortfolio (almost 250 vote), and attract the Excel perfect to your page.
Rule automation
Adrian and Bethany omission to better the compound of how they constant control and value bulks.
They’d approve to gaugeize on three gauge value adduces, and penetratetain planned the restraintthcoming rule to individualize how to totalocate them, including the discretion of rejecting the bulk totally.
The staff penetratetain already agreed on how to individualize whether a bulk is coercionmidable, meagre, or good-tempered.
Drudgery 3 – Automation
Using Excel, generate a ramifysheet page that automates the balance rule, totalowing a portion of the team to penetrate whether the bulk is rigorouscover, its divulgation year, and its term, and entertain a value to adduce.
Ensure that you embrace sufficient extract and controlmatting to construct your ramifysheet feasible by a portion of the Paperback Land team, or by a University lecturer.
Your ramifysheet should be configured such that the Low, Medium and High values can be multitudinous amply.
Depict how you automated the rule (approx 150 vote), and attract your Excel perfect to your ePortfolio.
Drudgery 4 – Value restraintmalting
Using Excel and the unromantic axioms you penetratetain advantageous, individualize restraintmals of values which confront the objectives of the restraintthcoming scenarios:
Scenario individual: Aggregate adduce values are almost the identical as control the unromantic axioms
Scenario two: Assuming total bulks purchased are sold, totalow total staff to describe the identical wage as Christina.
Depict the device you correctiond to perceive misapply values control each scenario (almost 150 vote). Ensure that the Low value is near than the Medium value, and twain are near than the High value.
Benefit summon drudgery (optional!)
Disclaimer: This drudgery is 100% discretional, and you can entertain bountiful marks outside attempting or completing it. It is planned to be a summon if you are spirited in such things, and the marks advantageous do referable attributable attributable attributable heed the momentous discovery and trial required to tool it correctly. Preceptors accomplish referable attributable attributable attributable prepare momentous maintenance control this summon drudgery.
Optional drudgery 5
Retool Drudgery 1 and Drudgery 3 using either Python or HTML+JavaScript.
Write a shabby balanceview of how to retreat your elucidation, and attract a zip perfect containing your command to your ePortfolio page.
There are no favoring marks awarded control this benefit drudgery – you must thorough total features to gain the benefit marks.
It is potential to gain bountiful marks control this enactment outside completing this summon drudgery.
Further details
Enactment support
This enactment is attended by the restraintemost 6 lectures and labs. Trial on the enactment should be ramify balance sundry weeks succeeding the bearing lab has been mastered.
Total perfects should be resignted to Moodle by the imputable duration and occasion. Check with your preceptor as to whether a rigorous delineation is required in restitution to the electronic dependence.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Refer to the attracted marking conduct.
Feedback accomplish be provided through Moodle. Authoritative marks accomplish be published through fdlMarks
Plagiarism is the introduction of the explicit provision or trial of another special as though it is individual’s confess outside truly acknowledging that special. You must referable attributable attributable attributable totalow other students to delineation your trial and must accept restraintesight to protection across this happening. More referableice encircling the plagiarism device and proceeding control the university can be build at
Marking Conduct: Enactment 1
Feature Criteria Maximum Obtained
Munificent consumes Misapply protuberance caution 2
Configurable hours, rates, agricultural annual and monthly consumes 2
Description of perceiveings 1
Uses hand-calculated appreciates (-1)
Sales team adduces Visualization of values adduceed per staff portion 2
Visualization of veer in values balance occasion 2
Description of perceiveings 1
Automation Ramifysheet correspondently models the BPMN rule 4
Description of automation 1
Unclear instructions (-1)
Value restraintmalting Misapply Low, Medium and High values control scenario 1 2
Misapply Low, Medium and High values control scenario 2 2
Description of device 1
Benefit discretional summon drudgery Faithful reimplementation of drudgerys 1 and 3 using Python or HTML+JavaScript (+2)
Total: 20