ITEC647 Data Communications Assignment

1, 2018 Semester 2
Due: Thursday 25th October, 2018, 6 pm Signs: 60 Value: 15%
• Ease
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Please do referable envelop boundlessness verses.
Assignments integralure be referableable and returned online. There are no hardcopy yieldings coercion written ordinances.
1. TCP (20 signs)
Host A and B are communicating balance a TCP relevance, and Host B has already ordinary from A integral bytes up to byte 126. Suppose Host A then sends brace parts to Host B back-to-back. The primary and relieve parts comprise 80 and 40 bytes of axioms, respectively. In the primary part, the progression enumerate is 127, the origin haven enumerate is 3024, and the point haven enumerate is 80. Host B sends an acknowledgement whenever it assent-tos a part from Host A.
b. (4 signs) In the relieve part sent from Host A to B, what are the progression enumerate, origin haven enumerate, and point haven enumerate?
c. (4 signs) If the primary part gets precedently the relieve part, in the acknowledgement of the primary arriving part, what is the acknowledgement enumerate, the origin haven enumerate, and the point haven enumerate?
d. (4 signs) If the relieve part gets precedently the primary part, in the acknowledgement of the primary arriving part, what is the acknowledgement enumerate?
e. (8 signs) Suppose the brace parts sent by A get in command at B. B sends acknowledgements coercion twain parts, barring the primary acknowledgement is lost and the relieve acknowledgement gets behind the primary durationout space-between. Draw a timing diagram pomping these parts and integral other parts and acknowledgements sent (you can suppose no other part privation). Coercion each part in your diagram, procure the progression enumerate and the enumerate of bytes of axioms; coercion each acknowledgement that you subjoin, pomp the acknowledgement enumerate.
2.Ease (15 signs)
Review Kerckhoff’s six principles of guile coercion ease. Explain these in the tenor of existent electronic communications. How are they quiescent applicable and applied today.
3.Ease (10 signs)
What are steganography and cryptography in instruction ease? How are these incongruous? Can they be manifestationd concomitantly and if so how?
4.Backbseparate Networks (15 signs)
You have been remunerated as a neteffect consultant by an bulky fraternity named Soylent Foods. Your function is to confide an symmetrical explication to suphaven their deficiencys and to subjoinress their ordinary problems. The IT supervisor of Soylent Foods wants you to be apprised of the aftercited facts:
• The restraintm has 3 provinces. Integral subjoinressing is produced using IP.
• Key servers are ordinaryly randomly placed in incongruous provinces. So a manifestationr in separate province X discovers and transcribes to polish servers in another province Y. Similarly, manifestationrs in provinces X and Y would discover mails from a server in province Z.
• The intercourse and dispersed storms originating in separate province is causing bandwidth saturation in other provinces.
• The heart of the neteffect is lazy and is feeble to confront the solution duration requirements of multiform exact calling applications.
Propose alterative explications with adequate advocacy. In point, in your confideation you deficiency to insinuate the aftercited:
a) Heart technology guile.
b) Specific LAN technologies to be manifestationd in each province.
c) Specific guile explications to subjoinress inter-departmental intercourse issues. ((600 language)
Coercion integral interrogations in this ordinance referable barely bountiful barring besides introduction integralure desire your sign. You integralure promote signs (and referable necessarily barely a smintegral havenion) if there are problems with the introduction, pointly with clarity. This resources that your answers to each interrogation should be a complete declaration and that the spelling and language of your yielding integralure be captured into statement in assessing its introduction.
Coercion bountiful signs, your answers should integral be apparent, complete and punish.
The standards of signing described in the item outverse L.O. 1-4 integralure be applied to this ordinance as applicable to the ordinance topics.
In subjoinition, the aftercited point standards integralure be applied in signing this ordinance:
Correctness of avenue
Inpunish answers with the punish logic or avenue integralure assent-to no past than a by coercion the separate interrogation.
Punish answers amid punish logic or avenue integralure assent-to no past than by coercion the separate interrogation.
Inpunish answers with no explication of the avenue captured or with the inpunish avenue integralure assent-to a trip degree coercion the separate interrogation.
The interrogations integralure be referableable separately, the signs completionled, and a conclusive degree assigned that is no past than indicated by the completion signs, and no past than integralowed by the standards limited over and in the item delineation. Clarity
Multi-paragraph answers should be structured into sections and subsections with embezzle headings and subheadings.
Ambiguous or diseased worded answers integralure assent-to a degree no past than a by coercion the separate interrogation.
Minor issues of clarity integralure assent-to a degree no past than praise coercion the separate interrogation.
Spelling and language
Ordinance yieldings with past than 4 spelling or exact errors integralure referable purpose a degree loftier than distinction; yieldings with past than 8 such errors integralure referable purpose a degree loftier than praise.
Bibliography Guidelines
Choose a bibliography diction and manifestation it pleasantly.
Integral embodied must be in your have effect and explicit in your have language.
You should be polite apprised by now of the University’s plagiarism prudence. In this ordinance, you must be pointly scrupulous to forsake plagiarising your profession or any other origins of instruction. If you longing to instantly plead any havenion of another muniment, you must encpromote your passage in passage signs and forthwith aftercited the passage you must realize your origin. It is great that you do referable force to transcribe your dissertation by pasting concomitantly pieces of citation that you experience on the Internet. You deficiency to transcribe your have language and phrases that specific your have ideas. You must besides catalogue integral origins manifestationd in your answer/dissertation in a bibliography at the purpose of the answer/essay.