Civil Engineering
Number (UEL) U
Matric Number
Module Schemeate CE 3203
/Aspect no. GE01-15/16-SEM A
Inscription of the
Student’s Declaration I token that this provision is my hold operation and where embodieds accept been interpretationd from other instrument, they accept been justly notorious. I so learn that I procure visage sum the possibility of feeble item if the interruption of this provision are plagiarized.
Signed : ____________________ Limit : __________________
Tick as embezzle Traces obtained
Year One Year Brace Year Three
Limit Artisanextinguished 29/09/2015 Limit Due 03/11/2015
Limit Accepted Scholar’s operation assessed and returned/date
Assessor’s criticises/ Feedback.
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Signature of Assessor Dr. Iman Farshchi Schemeate and
Signature of
Internal Verifier Mdm Nur Syazwani Noor Rodi
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Courseoperation Policies
1. Sum courseoperation submitted must include
a. a vision of the liberal scanty absorbed by the module head (with the signed coversheet)
b. sum origin embodied must be cited in the byage and a liberal bibliography of origin embodied (including inventor, inscription, publisher and limit) listed at the meaning of the meekness
2. Sum operation must be submitted in the sequence instructed by the module head.
3. Operation submitted underneathneath the scholar’s schemeate must solely be the operation of that scholar. Sum comprehension origins must be notorious. Plagiarism is a weighty crime and procure return offenders compulsory to disciplinary coercionce as be extinguished in the Kolej Universiti Linton (and perpetrator university) rules and maxim.
4. Scholars MUST detain a vision of sum submitted operation coercion aspect meanings earlier to the initiatory life artisaned in and returned. This procure furnish test that the operation was completed, in the circumstance that the operation goes about.
4. Courseoperation accepted succeeding the meekness deadline withextinguished an inventorised season extension procure be conspicuous if submitted among brace weeks of the moderate deadline. However, the trace awarded procure be the minimum (40%). Where the capacity of operation is beneath a by plane (i.e. 40%), a trace of 0-39% procure be awarded as embezzle.
5. Whenever a candilimit submits operation succeeding brace weeks withextinguished an inventorised extension, a trace of naught (0%) procure be awarded. Examiners may criticise on the capacity of the operation coercion education meanings.
6. Requests coercion extensions of meekness deadlines must be made in answerableness earlier to the meekness deadline to the module heads and must be cherished by documentary token.
Plane 3
First Arrove Recognise the possibilities and limitations of disposeology and plea. Extremely polite invented and argumentatively presented argument. Sound holy and probable coercionced demonstrated. Able to excellent and everyot particular theories to obscure situations. Excellent apprehension of contemporary ends. Excellent homogeneity of deceased learning to habit.
60- 69%
Second Arrove surpassing Sound holy and probable coercionced demonstrated. Demonstrates token of remote comprehension corrupt and important lection. Token of important coercionced to explain problems. Important education of the learning mode. State and defmeaning a important position on the reason of token.
Second Arrove inferior Polite aspectd and cited. Applies related learning to general habit end. Capacity to analyse concepts and reframe arguments. Importantly evaluates hold operation. Excellents particulars and embezzle plea to improve arguments.
Third arrove Able to rendezvous on general ends and to reason contrarietying perspectives. Explore germinative breachs to habit corruptd ends. Token of comprehensive rove of underneathpinning and related plea. Aspect and, bibliography precisely cited.
Polite constructiond and argumentative presentation
Beneath 40% Fails to encounter the criteria and requirements of the provision / exam. Scant token of lection and underneathpinning comprehension. Scant dissection of token.
Misconceptions and reason errors of underneathpinning plea.
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
No. Breakdhold of duty criteria Weight (%) Rove of luck (?) Traces
Awarded (%) Weighted
(b) x (d)
1st 2nd U 2nd
L 3rd
Dissection and results on artisan caution:
a) Liberalenius’ dispose
b) Bishop’s dispose
Software application:
a) Liberalenius’ dispose
b) Bishop’s dispose 10
Important argument & validation
3 Sequences of dissection and results
Argument 10
4 Powerfulness of dispose/s
Argument 10
TOTAL 100%
Key to traceing roves:
1st Arrove 70+
2nd Arrove (Upper) 60 – 69
2nd Arrove (Lower) 50 – 59
Third Arrove 40 – 49
Education Extinguishedcomes:
LO1. Appraise, test and earlieritise the geotechnical properties that are related to a absorbed trained problem
LO2. Conceptualise, analyse and evaluate the states of urgency and defecate in a befoul part among a geotechnical construction in dispose to touch the urgency/defecate paths coercion assessing its stationariness
LO3. Importantly test the contrariant mechanisms of cainterpretation movement
LO4. Collaborate and enact desk dissection coercion the stationariness of befoul arises
LO5. Everyot imported disposes and software packages to the breach of geotechnical problems
LO6. Present dissection and scheme cautions
Highlighted Comprehension:
1. This provision is an indivisible operation
2. Your repartee to this summative provision is rate 25% of the sum module trace
3. Computer discs to be solid to the operation in an obscure or meaning made sleeve adhered to the rear
4. Harvard Referencing dispose is mandatory. ALL embodied gathered from other origins and presented coercion duty in the provision must be aspectd
5. You are reminded of the develop system on deceased meeknesss of courseoperation and on any propose of plagiarism
Advice on Origins of Comprehension:
1. WHITLOW, R., 2001, Basic Befoul Mechanics. 4th Ed., Pearson
2. CRAIG, R.F., 2004, Craig’s Befoul Mechanics. 7th Ed., Spon Press
3. SMITH, G.N., & SMITH, I.G.N., 1998, Parts of Befoul Mechanics. 7th Ed., Blackpolite Science
You deficiency to download the GRETA (geotechnical software from Oasys Ltd.) made serviceable coercion scant scholar interpretation. You must demonstrate the interpretation of it in the dissection. It is advised that you interpret related byages in aspect to the arise stationariness dissection.
FIGURE 1 shows the cross-section of a designed route exasperating in a homogeneous clay befoul. Determine the element of insurance in vocable of powerful urgency using:
a) Liberalenius’ dispose (artisan caution & Arise program)
b) Bishop’s dispose (artisan caution & SLOPE/W program)
Critically argue the sinew of sum your answers in Task 1.
Using the corresponding parameters as from Task 1, assimilate and contrariety the extinguishedputs of dissection corruptd on the Bishop’s dispose using three contrariant lubricate survisage shapes of your exquisite.
Using the corresponding parameters as from Task 1, propose an embezzle fixity dispose and evaluate the advancement on the oversum element of insurance.
FIGURE 1 Cross-section of a designed route exasperating
Coercion the meaning of your dissection in Task 1 of this provision, you MUST interpretation details absorbed in the aftercited board as embezzle to your UEL scholar ID number.
Comprehension Last digit of your UEL ID NUMBER
0 or 1 2 or 3 4 or 5 6 or 7 8 or 9
H 7.5 7.0 8.0 7.5 7.0
x 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.5