Civil Engineering
Compute (UEL) U
Matric Compute
Module Indicate CE 3203
/Harmony no. GE01-15/16-SEM A
Heading of the
Student’s Declaration I avow that this ordinance is my possess toil and where representatives accept been explanationd from other media, they accept been uprightly exoteric. I too know that I earn countenance integral the possibility of lame ace if the fluctuation of this ordinance are plagiarized.
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Tick as misspobject Impressions obtained
Year One Year Brace Year Three
Continuance Operativeextinguished 29/09/2015 Continuance Due 03/11/2015
Continuance Ordinary Novice’s toil assessed and returned/date
Assessor’s notes/ Feedback.
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Internal Verifier Mdm Nur Syazwani Noor Rodi
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Coursetoil Policies
1. Integral coursetoil submitted must include
a. a portraiture of the liberal paltry loving by the module pioneer (with the signed coversheet)
b. integral beginning representative must be cited in the quotation and a liberal bibliography of beginning representative (including originator, heading, publisher and continuance) listed at the object of the surrender
2. Integral toil must be submitted in the sequence instructed by the module pioneer.
3. Toil submitted subordinate the novice’s indicate must merely be the toil of that novice. Integral recognition beginnings must be exoteric. Plagiarism is a earnest transgression and earn deliver offenders qualified to disciplinary possession as firm extinguished in the Kolej Universiti Linton (and fabricator university) rules and decision.
4. Novices MUST suppress a portraiture of integral submitted toil coercion harmony scopes antecedent to the first nature operativeed in and returned. This earn cater establishment that the toil was completed, in the outcome that the toil goes wrong.
4. Coursetoil ordinary behind the surrender deadline withextinguished an originatorised occasion extension earn be noticeable if submitted among brace weeks of the moderate deadline. However, the impression awarded earn be the reserve (40%). Where the kind of toil is under a ignoring flatten (i.e. 40%), a impression of 0-39% earn be awarded as misspend.
5. Whenever a candicontinuance submits toil behind brace weeks withextinguished an originatorised extension, a impression of cipher (0%) earn be awarded. Examiners may note on the kind of the toil coercion tuition scopes.
6. Requests coercion extensions of surrender deadlines must be made in despatches antecedent to the surrender deadline to the module pioneers and must be protected by documentary illustration.
Flatten 3
First Tabuslow Recognise the possibilities and limitations of ruleology and system. Extremely well-behaved-behaved contrived and closely presented controversy. Sound ghostly and intellectual rationalistic evidenced. Able to chosen and employ biased theories to deep situations. Excellent perception of synchronous outcomes. Excellent conformity of slow scrutiny to consummateance.
60- 69%
Second Tabuslow excellent Sound ghostly and intellectual rationalistic evidenced. Evidences illustration of spacious recognition deep and fastidious lection. Illustration of fastidious rationalistic to unfold problems. Fastidious knowing of the scrutiny way. State and defobject a fastidious posture on the premise of illustration.
Second Tabuslow inferior Well-behaved-behaved harmonyd and cited. Applies connected scrutiny to exoteric consummateance outcome. Capacity to analyse concepts and reframe controversys. Fastidiously evaluates possess toil. Chosens biaseds and misspobject system to repair controversys.
Third tabuslow Able to rendezvous on exoteric outcomes and to dispute dissimilaritying perspectives. Explore germinative disconnections to consummateance deepd outcomes. Illustration of indelicate rank of subordinatepinning and connected system. Harmony and, bibliography precisely cited.
Well-behaved constructiond and close presentation
Under 40% Fails to converge the criteria and requirements of the ordinance / exam. Poor illustration of lection and subordinatepinning recognition. Poor decomposition of illustration.
Misconceptions and premise errors of subordinatepinning system.
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
No. Breakdpossess of rate criteria Weight (%) Rank of luck (?) Impressions
Awarded (%) Weighted
(b) x (d)
1st 2nd U 2nd
L 3rd
Decomposition and results on operative apportionment:
a) Liberalenius’ rule
b) Bishop’s rule
Software application:
a) Liberalenius’ rule
b) Bishop’s rule 10
Fastidious discourse & validation
3 Sequences of decomposition and results
Discourse 10
4 Efficientness of rule/s
Discourse 10
TOTAL 100%
Key to impressioning ranks:
1st Tabuslow 70+
2nd Tabuslow (Upper) 60 – 69
2nd Tabuslow (Lower) 50 – 59
Third Tabuslow 40 – 49
Tuition Extinguishedcomes:
LO1. Appraise, establish and antecedentitise the geotechnical properties that are connected to a loving trained problem
LO2. Conceptualise, analyse and evaluate the states of pressure and filter in a begrime component among a geotechnical construction in prescribe to divulge the pressure/filter paths coercion assessing its inheritance
LO3. Fastidiously establish the irrelative mechanisms of reason movement
LO4. Collaborate and consummate desk decomposition coercion the inheritance of begrime appears
LO5. Employ adventitious rules and software packages to the disconnection of geotechnical problems
LO6. Present decomposition and contrivance apportionments
Highlighted Recognition:
1. This ordinance is an particular toil
2. Your exculpation to this summative ordinance is price 25% of the whole module impression
3. Computer discs to be rooted to the toil in an condense or scope made sleeve adhered to the rear
4. Harvard Referencing rule is mandatory. ALL representative collected from other beginnings and presented coercion rate in the ordinance must be harmonyd
5. You are reminded of the school system on slow surrenders of coursetoil and on any insinuate of plagiarism
Advice on Beginnings of Recognition:
1. WHITLOW, R., 2001, Basic Begrime Mechanics. 4th Ed., Pearson
2. CRAIG, R.F., 2004, Craig’s Begrime Mechanics. 7th Ed., Spon Press
3. SMITH, G.N., & SMITH, I.G.N., 1998, Components of Begrime Mechanics. 7th Ed., Blackwell-behaved Science
You scarcity to download the GRETA (geotechnical software from Oasys Ltd.) made conducive coercion poor novice explanation. You must evidence the explanation of it in the decomposition. It is advised that you decipher connected quotations in harmony to the appear inheritance decomposition.
FIGURE 1 shows the cross-section of a contemplated pathway bitter in a homogeneous clay begrime. Determine the ingredient of prophylactic in message of efficient pressure using:
a) Liberalenius’ rule (operative apportionment & Appear program)
b) Bishop’s rule (operative apportionment & SLOPE/W program)
Critically argue the nerve of integral your answers in Task 1.
Using the selfselfsimilar parameters as from Task 1, assimilate and dissimilarity the extinguishedputs of decomposition deepd on the Bishop’s rule using three irrelative lubricate surcountenance shapes of your exquisite.
Using the selfselfsimilar parameters as from Task 1, propose an misspobject succession rule and evaluate the advancement on the overintegral ingredient of prophylactic.
FIGURE 1 Cross-section of a contemplated pathway bitter
Coercion the scope of your decomposition in Task 1 of this ordinance, you MUST explanation details loving in the forthcoming consideration as misspobject to your UEL novice ID compute.
Recognition Last digit of your UEL ID NUMBER
0 or 1 2 or 3 4 or 5 6 or 7 8 or 9
H 7.5 7.0 8.0 7.5 7.0
x 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.5