Financial Planning Research FNSFPL502, FNSF

Financial Planning Endowigation
Assessment 2
1) In today’s financial planning practices, most planners explanation a ‘platform’ coercion their clients’ sieges.
a) Delineate the differences betwixt a WRAP and a Master Stock?
b) What are the avails coercion a planner in using a ‘platform’?
c) Elucidate the mind of an Approved Consequence List (APL).
d) If a planner is applauding a feature Stock among a WRAP platform, what added endowigation must the planner do more the APL?
2. Delineate the exposes associated with the aftercited asset classes:
3. Your client has been attested as having a ‘balanced’ expose profile. What are the differences betwixt using a Model Portfolio coercion this client as opposed to constructing your possess portfolio of varying asset classes and superintendents to close a balanced portfolio .(60% enlargement 40% pleasant)
4. Your client is solicitous about the carelessness of endowing in a Managed Stock. How can you delineate to your client, the carelessness measures encircling his siege in a Managed Stock?
5. FoFA was introduced by parliament. What are three deep aspects of this parliament?
6. Delineate dividend befoulment and how do franking credits avail an endowor?
7. Centrelink pension may be profitable to a retiree when the obtain ‘age pension age’.
a. What are the ‘tests’ a peculiar scarcity to ignoring to be desirable coercion a Centrelink Pension?
b. If they ignoring single proof and miss the other what is the termination?
8. Ignoringive siege, is endowing in an Index Stock. What are the exposes and the avails?
9. What are the exposes and avails of an locomotive stock superintendent?
10. You are becatruth an siege coercion your client in an interdiplomatic stock. Your APL does referable sanction the explanation of derivatives. What added endowigation would you influence anteriorly you applaud this consequence?
11. There are the exposes of endowing in an interdiplomatic stock? Select an Interdiplomatic Stock. Write a section that could be interjacent in a SOA justifying your gathering of this feature stock.
12. You bear a puerile client with $10,000 to endow and the compatability to reserve an added $200 pm. Your client would love to reserve coercion a warranty on a abode in seven years. You applaud endowing $10,000 in a managed stock, balanced discretion, with added monthly sieges of $200.
a. How would you elucidate ‘dollar consume averaging’?
b. Is this a befitting method to reserve coercion a warranty balance seven years? Why and what are the exposes?
13. Your licensee determines the asset allocation coercion a ‘conservative endowor’ is as follows;
• Cash and agricultural curiosity-behalf (50%)
• Australian shares (25%)
• Interdiplomatic shares (5%)
• Property (20%)
a. What is the percentage of pleasant to enlargement?
b. What are the exposes rooted to this asset allocation coercion a 65 yo retiree?
14. Your client is a 50 yo, married manful, he comes to you with a PDS coercion a geared siege consequence into Asian markets. Last year it executed greatly well-mannered-mannered and he wants to endow $50,000 into this stock.
a. What actions should you choose anteriorly you construct any applaudations?
b. This stock has proud “quantitative’ rating. What are the limitations of indispensable endowigation?