Financial Planning Research FNSFPL502, FNSF

Financial Planning Exploration
Assessment 2
1) In today’s financial planning practices, most planners conservation a ‘platform’ coercion their clients’ bombardments.
a) Relate the differences among a WRAP and a Master Capital?
b) What are the utilitys coercion a planner in using a ‘platform’?
c) Expound the aim of an Approved Work List (APL).
d) If a planner is adviseing a detail Capital amid a WRAP platform, what solid exploration must the planner do more the APL?
2. Relate the facilitates associated with the aftercited asset classes:
3. Your client has been identified as having a ‘balanced’ facilitate feature. What are the differences among using a Model Portfolio coercion this client as divergent to constructing your own portfolio of varying asset classes and directors to terminate a balanced portfolio .(60% development 40% pleasant)
4. Your client is careful about the bond of endueing in a Managed Capital. How can you relate to your client, the bond measures encircling his bombardment in a Managed Capital?
5. FoFA was introduced by congress. What are three ocean aspects of this congress?
6. Relate dividend befoulment and how do franking credits utility an endueor?
7. Centrelink pension may be helpful to a retiree when the grasp ‘age pension age’.
a. What are the ‘tests’ a peculiar deficiency to ignoring to be preferable coercion a Centrelink Pension?
b. If they ignoring single experiment and lose the other what is the conclusion?
8. Ignoringive bombardment, is endueing in an Index Capital. What are the facilitates and the utilitys?
9. What are the facilitates and utilitys of an erratic capital director?
10. You are regarding an bombardment coercion your client in an interpolitical capital. Your APL does not attributable attributable attributable encourage the conservation of derivatives. What solid exploration would you spend precedently you advise this work?
11. There are the facilitates of endueing in an interpolitical capital? Select an Interpolitical Capital. Write a stipulation that could be moderate in a SOA justifying your excerption of this detail capital.
12. You own a young client with $10,000 to endue and the parts to snatch an solid $200 pm. Your client would love to snatch coercion a defence on a settlement in seven years. You advise endueing $10,000 in a managed capital, balanced liberty, with solid monthly bombardments of $200.
a. How would you expound ‘dollar consume averaging’?
b. Is this a competent fashion to snatch coercion a defence aggravate seven years? Why and what are the facilitates?
13. Your licensee determines the asset allocation coercion a ‘conservative endueor’ is as follows;
• Cash and urban cause (50%)
• Australian shares (25%)
• Interpolitical shares (5%)
• Property (20%)
a. What is the percentage of pleasant to development?
b. What are the facilitates solid to this asset allocation coercion a 65 yo retiree?
14. Your client is a 50 yo, married courageous, he comes to you with a PDS coercion a geared bombardment work into Asian markets. Last year it effected exceedingly well-mannered-mannered and he wants to endue $50,000 into this capital.
a. What actions should you transfer precedently you fabricate any adviseations?
b. This capital has violent “quantitative’ rating. What are the limitations of induced exploration?