Directory Management System Project

Directory Management Assortification Scheme


Students procure evaluate a assortification with sight-oriented scheme and coupling violations. Students procure effect hands-on knowledge with graceful the software assortification’s attribute and modifiability by refactoring the assortification to transfer sight-oriented scheme and coupling issues externally changing the assortification’s planned functionality. An excustelling convenience to effect prefer pitfall to the topics discussed in the part (including sight-oriented impression scheme, modularity, coupling, and cohesion), students completing this scheme procure besides procure to unfold UML assort diagrams that enact the scheme and tool sight-oriented scheme in Java.


Students procure be telling to:

● Evaluate an sight-oriented scheme in the arrange of a assort diagram

● Identify sight-oriented scheme violations

● Use constitutional UML scheme tools to unfold assort diagrams

● Refactor a ardent order to reject sight-oriented scheme violations, including coupling, cohesion, and sight scheme principles

● Tool Java order grounded on a UML assort diagram

Technology Requirements:

● Java

Scheme Overview:

Phase I: Evaluate the ardent scheme’s sight-oriented scheme and coupling violations

Phase II: Apply a scheme sample and refactor the scheme and toolation using Java

Scheme Description:

Review the Personnel Directory Management Assortification toolation granted in the scheme downloads. This toolation has diverse sight-oriented concept violations and coupling issues.

Phase I – Directions:

1. Describe the assort diagram restraint the ordinary toolation of the university assortification. Use redress UML notations.

2. Identify the places in the order where there are sight-oriented concept violations, gratified coupling, despicable coupling, repress coupling, and description coupling sites. In the Directory Management Assortification Submission Document, paste the order segments that harmonize to each site and decipher how you would secure sight-oriented concept violations, despicable coupling, repress coupling, and gratified coupling issues.

3. Refactor the order to transfer the sight-oriented concept violations, despicable coupling, repress coupling, and gratified coupling issues externally removing any planned assortification functionalities.

4. Save and surrender your refactored order as a zip improve.

Phase II – Directions:

In the ordinary toolation, span forms of personnel sights keep unfolded: Person and Employee. Suppose the directory procure be expanded with a lacking other forms, including Executives, Security, and Volunteers. In adjust to settle coming extensions to multiple personnel categories, thicken the factory sample so that succeeding holding the createPersonnel order of the PersonnelFactory, the Personnel Directory calls the PersonnelFactory to render the misapply personnel form.


1. Scheme the PersonnelFactory assort to sate these requirements.

2. Succeeding you keep thickend the PersonnelFactory, describe the UML assort diagram of the Personnel Directory

3. Tool the odd PersonnelDirectory assortification that complies with assort diagram in Part B aloft using Java.