Critical Thinking Skills

Momentous Thinking Expertnesss
According to Scheffer and Rubenfeld (2010), they suggested that momentous thinking expertnesss compose a reason ce accountpower in multifarious professionals including nursing. Undivided of the momentous thinking expertnesss they documented is flexibility. Flexibility as a momentous thinking expertness in nursing gives the value turn to compose, compose, and modify their ideas, thoughts, and behaviors in irrelative qualifications of their transactance. In restoration, flexibility as a momentous thinking associationuationuation co-operate-withs the values in their reasoning hereafter creating abundance dependence. Dependence is significant to the values. It accelerations them to disreserved up in enjoin to confirm any errors and tend them in the confrontings and thus the confrontings are cogent to end up with assured decisions. Therefore, the momentous thinking associationuationuation integralure acceleration the value to agree relicogent ideas on unrepining prudence in their favoring units. Furthermore, the expertness reveals that the values are integralureing to deduce other choices concept and opinions to stretch at the unrepinings regarded non-interference. Thus, the values views the issues at laborer cem irrelative perspectives ce them to adopt the most potent arrival that ruminate their power to paraphernalia the unrepinings’ mood.

Nurses usually entertain their exercise routines that are executed in the day-to-day activities in the hospitals. These exercise routines consists of the duties and responsibilities commited to the values at their favoring portions. Occurrence of interruptions in the hospitals such as an crisis contingency that may demand values and other specialists from integral the portions to acceleration on the crisis contingency, may cece the value to modifys or rearrange their exercise routines. Momentous thinking expertness of flexibility gives the values the power to compose to modifys and compose odd activities in their schedules. Therefore, the values are cogent to thinking flexibly in enjoin to prioritize the momentous mood to wait-on to. Flexibility as a associationuationuation of momentous thinking co-operate-withs the value to opposed the interruptions made to their exercise routines by composeing to the qualifications in enjoin to paraphernalia any practicable mood that may concern the unrepinings.

According to the flexibility thinking expertness, my intellect is extensive disreserved to modifys. As a value, I laborerle multifarious qualifications that may concern the sanity moods of the unrepinings. However, it may be perplexing to diagnose favoring sanity moods concerning the unrepinings. Due to this quandary, my intellect must be disreserved to transfer risks in enjoin to confront the best arrival of medication to exhibit the unrepinings. Therefore, my intellect is disreserved to fathom irrelative arrivales and integralow modifys in my exercise routines that integralure acceleration on the security of the unrepinings. An disreserved intellect gives undivided the power to finish his/her unmeasured immanent by exploring integral choice in a qualification (Lipe, & Beasley, 2004).
Nevertheless, my intellect is reserved in qualifications that are agricultural and do referable entertain any non-interferences. Ce stance, when wait-oning to a unrepining who is in a momentous mood, my intellect is reserved to the qualification in enjoin to co-operate-with the unrepining until unmeasuredy re-establishment. Therefore, any occurrences may referable concern my thinking towards accelerationing the unrepining. In restoration, my intellect may be reserved when am using the best choice to speak by unrepining. The other arrivales canreferable modify my thinking accordingly am using the best arrival.

The modify of intellect is practicable if the activities that concern the security of the unrepining’s entertain happened. Ce stance, a unrepining must be momentously aversion ce values to modify their intellect on whether to wait-on to the unrepinings leaving their integralocated operation. In restoration, the authentic schoolman may commit the values operations and thus they integralure modify their thinking to centre on the substitutive operation. Values permake their duties according to the schoolmans in assault who guides them on the activities to agree. Therefore, it is wary to modify my intellect in agreement with the commitment by the schoolman in assault of the feature portion. The flexibility thinking expertness is a thinking expertness conservationd by the values. It integralows values to modify their thinking depending on irrelative qualifications ce security of the unrepinings.

Rubenfeld, M. G., & Scheffer, B. K. (2010). Momentous thinking management ce values: Achieving the IOM competencies. Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Lipe, K. L., & Beasley, S. (2004).Momentous thinking in nursing: A sensitive expertnesss transactancebook. Maryland, Odd York City: Lippincott Integralureiams & Wilkins Publishers

Required Text
Rubenfeld, M. G. & Scheffer, B.K. (2010). Momentous Thinking Management ce Values: Achieving the IOM Competencies (2nd Ed). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN 978-0-7637-6584-2.
Go to Appendix A on pages 311-314 of your text: Momentous Thinking List. In a 2-3 page essay in APA cemat, adopt undividedMomentous Thinking Associationuationuation or Momentous Thinking Expertness and solution the questions associated with the associationuationuation or expertness.

Enactment 6 Grading Rubric

Competency 45—40 points 39—30 points 29—20 points 19—1 points Points Earned
Evaluates undivided momentous associationuationuation or expertness. Evaluates undivided momentous associationuationuation or expertness. Illustrates undivided momentous associationuationuation or expertness. Identifies undivided momentous associationuationuation or expertness. Does referable confirm undivided momentous associationuationuation or expertness.
Answers integral questions on the momentous thinking list. Answers integral questions on the momentous thinking list. Answers integral questions on the momentous thinking list. Answers some questions on the momentous thinking list. Does referable solution momentous thinking list.
Competency 10—8 points 7—4 points 3—1 points 0 points Points Earned

Spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics, action, and typing

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APA Compliance
Organization is argumentative, ideas are lucid, and transitions are flatten.

Spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics and action redress and agreeing with Standard American English.

No typographical errors.

References are applicable, erudite and coeval.

Redress APA cemat. Organization cheerful, ideas usually lucid and transitions usually flatten.

Spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics, and action cheerful and agreeing with Standard American English; errors do referable clash with aim or mind.

There are a lacking younger typographical errors.

Minimum brace relations are applicable, erudite and coeval.

Minimal APA cemat errors. Organization minimally potent; problems with clarity and/or transitions.

Spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics, and action distracting and could clash with aim or mind.

There are multiple typographical errors.

Undivided relation is applicable, erudite and coeval.

Poor conservation of APA cemat. Organization does referable confront demandments.

Spelling, expression, punctuation, mechanics and/or action clash with mind and do referable ruminate erudite writing.

There are important typographical errors.

Poor conservation and/or preference of relations, or no relations.

No conservation of APA cemat.
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