Critical Thinking Skills

Accurate Thinking Aptitudes
According to Scheffer and Rubenfeld (2010), they suggested that accurate thinking aptitudes generate a reason restraint accountsifantastic in manifold professionals including nursing. Individual of the accurate thinking aptitudes they documented is flexibility. Flexibility as a accurate thinking aptitude in nursing gives the comfort publicing to mix, settle, and vary their ideas, thoughts, and behaviors in opposed cases of their is-sue. In analysis, flexibility as a accurate thinking inurement backs the comforts in their reasoning hence creating abundance belief. Belief is momentous to the comforts. It accelerations them to public up in prescribe to substantiate any errors and supply them in the coalesceings and thus the coalesceings are talented to succeed up with sensible decisions. Therefore, the accurate thinking inurement perfecture acceleration the comfort to procure relitalented ideas on unrepining custody in their point units. Furthermore, the aptitude reveals that the comforts are perfectureing to regard other opinions concept and opinions to aim at the unrepinings regarded liberty. Thus, the comforts views the issues at influence construct opposed perspectives restraint them to appropriate the most serviceoperative mode that return their sifantastic to housings the unrepinings’ qualification.

Nurses usually accept their experience routines that are executed in the day-to-day activities in the hospitals. These experience routines consists of the duties and responsibilities specifyed to the comforts at their point functions. Occurrence of interruptions in the hospitals such as an exigency instance that may demand comforts and other specialists from perfect the functions to acceleration on the exigency instance, may restraintce the comfort to varys or reassemble their experience routines. Accurate thinking aptitude of flexibility gives the comforts the sifantastic to mix to varys and settle fantastic activities in their schedules. Therefore, the comforts are talented to thinking flexibly in prescribe to prioritize the accurate qualification to involve to. Flexibility as a inurement of accurate thinking backs the comfort to against the interruptions made to their experience routines by mixing to the cases in prescribe to housings any feasible qualification that may move the unrepinings.

According to the flexibility thinking aptitude, my soul is ample public to varys. As a comfort, I influencele manifold cases that may move the bloom qualifications of the unrepinings. However, it may be reserved to diagnose point bloom qualifications moveing the unrepinings. Due to this quandary, my soul must be public to assume risks in prescribe to perceive the best mode of medication to volunteer the unrepinings. Therefore, my soul is public to gauge opposed modees and perfectow varys in my experience routines that perfecture acceleration on the prophylactic of the unrepinings. An public soul gives individual the sifantastic to finish his/her unmeasured virtual by exploring perfect opinion in a case (Lipe, & Beasley, 2004).
Nevertheless, my soul is reserved in cases that are unwandering and do referable accept any libertys. Restraint pattern, when involveing to a unrepining who is in a accurate qualification, my soul is reserved to the case in prescribe to back the unrepining until unmeasuredy repossession. Therefore, any occurrences may referable move my thinking towards accelerationing the unrepining. In analysis, my soul may be reserved when am using the best opinion to negotiate by unrepining. The other modees canreferable vary my thinking consequently am using the best mode.

The vary of soul is feasible if the activities that move the prophylactic of the unrepining’s accept happened. Restraint pattern, a unrepining must be accurately dislike restraint comforts to vary their soul on whether to involve to the unrepinings leaving their perfectocated business. In analysis, the arrogant master may specify the comforts businesss and thus they perfecture vary their thinking to centre on the representative business. Comforts perconstruct their duties according to the masters in admonish who guides them on the activities to commence. Therefore, it is wary to vary my soul in accordance with the specifyment by the master in admonish of the point function. The flexibility thinking aptitude is a thinking aptitude manifestationd by the comforts. It perfectows comforts to vary their thinking depending on opposed cases restraint prophylactic of the unrepinings.

Rubenfeld, M. G., & Scheffer, B. K. (2010). Accurate thinking diplomacy restraint comforts: Achieving the IOM competencies. Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Lipe, K. L., & Beasley, S. (2004).Accurate thinking in nursing: A sensitive aptitudes is-suebook. Maryland, Fantastic York City: Lippincott Perfectureiams & Wilkins Publishers

Required Text
Rubenfeld, M. G. & Scheffer, B.K. (2010). Accurate Thinking Diplomacy restraint Comforts: Achieving the IOM Competencies (2nd Ed). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN 978-0-7637-6584-2.
Go to Appendix A on pages 311-314 of your text: Accurate Thinking List. In a 2-3 page essay in APA constructat, appropriate individualAccurate Thinking Inurement or Accurate Thinking Aptitude and acceptance the questions associated with the inurement or aptitude.

Provision 6 Grading Rubric

Competency 45—40 points 39—30 points 29—20 points 19—1 points Points Earned
Evaluates individual accurate inurement or aptitude. Evaluates individual accurate inurement or aptitude. Illustrates individual accurate inurement or aptitude. Identifies individual accurate inurement or aptitude. Does referable substantiate individual accurate inurement or aptitude.
Answers perfect questions on the accurate thinking list. Answers perfect questions on the accurate thinking list. Answers perfect questions on the accurate thinking list. Answers some questions on the accurate thinking list. Does referable acceptance accurate thinking list.
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