Critical Thinking – Patient Safety and Care Quality

Critical Thinking – Unrepining Security and Circumspection Nature

Create a PowerPoint Bestowal that reviews indelicate catechism written in the decisive five years on unrepining security and the nature of unrepining circumspection. Be secure to demonstrate how soundness knowledge systems aid soundnesscircumspection organizations unite the unrepining security and nature goals. Your bestowal should unite the subjoined structural requirements:

Be 8 slides in prolixity, referable including the cover or relation slides.
Be controlmatted according to the APA.
Provide maintenance control your statements with in-text citations from a reserve of indelicate catechism.
Bestowal referablees are required control each slide and should be deposit in the referablees individuality to maintenance the slide satisfied. These can be deal-out of the bestowal or delivered as a disconnected muniment. If you opt control the controlmer, be sensible that the bestowal canreferable be submitted in PDF controlmat, which does referable fashion referablees evident to the schoolmaster.
Utilize the subjoined headings to construct the satisfied in your effect.