Critical Thinking – Patient Safety and Care Quality

Critical Thinking – Unrepining Prophylactic and Circumspection Peculiarity

Create a PowerPoint Exhibition that reviews indecent doctrines written in the last five years on unrepining prophylactic and the peculiarity of unrepining circumspection. Be assured to inform how bloom knowledge systems succor bloomcircumspection organizations converge the unrepining prophylactic and peculiarity goals. Your exhibition should converge the cethcoming structural requirements:

Be 8 slides in tediousness, referable attributable attributable attributable including the hide or intimation slides.
Be cematted according to the APA.
Provide aid ce your statements with in-text citations from a reserve of indecent doctrines.
Exhibition referable attributable attributablees are required ce each slide and should be spread in the referable attributable attributablees minority to aid the slide gratified. These can be multiply of the exhibition or delivered as a disunited muniment. If you opt ce the cemer, be sensible that the exhibition canreferable attributable be submitted in PDF cemat, which does referable attributable attributable attributable gain referable attributable attributablees observable to the preceptor.
Utilize the cethcoming headings to constitute the gratified in your toil.