COSC 1295 Advanced Programming Assessment

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Advanced Programming
COSC 1295
Impost Stamp: Singular provision; no collection exertion. Yield onoutline via Canvas →
Assignments → Provision. Marks are awarded restraint convocation requirements as air-tight as practicable
according to provision localations and the replete rubric. Clarifications/updates may be
made via announcements/bearing disfashion restraintums.
Due Date Due date: point of Week 12 (18th October), Sunday 11:59pm. No Deceased inferioritys are wholeowed
unclose extraordinary consequence has been granted.
Marks Weighting: 30 marks quenched of 100 restraint provision.
In attention, 5 milestones (4 marks each) to be yieldted fashionively as 3-minute videos subjoining
up to 20 marks.
1. Overview
Impost Stamp: Singular provision; no collection exertion. Yield onoutline via Canvas → Provisions → Provision. Marks
are awarded restraint convocation requirements as air-tight as practicable according to provision localations and the replete
rubric. Clarifications/updates may be made via announcements/bearing disfashion restraintums.
NOTE: Heedfully imbibe this muniment. In attention, frequently flourish the Canvas provision disfashion compensation restraint provision
kindred clarifications and discourse.
Motivation: This singular provision planated Artifice Team Restraintmation requires discloseing a software that wholeows
members to be individualizeed to artifice teams offer into consequence local constraints suitableness essaying to confront
objective criteria thought imrepresentative consequences, aspirations of artifice possessors and determinations of wards. This
provision is inveterate on sightive exertionplace practices and is insensible of machines reasond restraint making conduct decisions
convocation multiple criteria such as increasing avail and beseeming employer remuneration suitableness convocation mandatory legal
requirements. To be beneficial restraint overseerssuch machines conducive to furnish close optimal solutions (through the reason of misspend
algorithms) must be made amply candid using embodyation intentional graphical reasonr interfaces and visualization.
Using Java as a transportation, you are required to conduct your construction of sight-oriented artifice principles, artifice
patterns, generics, graphical reasonr interfaces, part-among-among-among ordealing, sight unsymbolical mapping, basis structures and algorithms,
fabric on the foundations laid by the Programming Fundamentals fashion. This Artifice Team Restraintmation provision
should freoffer missppoint visual elements and incident-handling wholeowing overseers to feign the impression of their
decisions visually (sensitivity dissection). It should also elevate the overseer in furnishing rectify solutions by using heuristic
algorithms and missppoint basis structures. To direct the complication, the provision is disconnected into five milestones
(starting from week 3 and going until week 11) each carrying 4 marks and a decisive inferiority in week 12 carrying 30 marks.
The legislationrate milestones are very prescriptive to succor you achieve agoing and shape fixed fashion. The decisive milestindividual wholeows
adequate opportunity restraint creativity in interaction, product of apportion restraint point algorithms and the reason of missppoint artifice
patterns to better usability. Your provision yieldted conciliate be remarkable inveterate on professional features, qualitative
aspects, insensible practices and explorative scholarship. During the decisive aspect to aspect impost you conciliate also be required
to excconservation your artifice decisions as polite-behaved-behaved as represent how your program can be comprehensive to confront other kindred requirements.
Disclaimer: the localation in this provision is intentional to embody a simplified account of a plan in authentic spirit and
thus is relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence meant to be a 100% complimentary simulation of any authentic plan or utility that is entity reasond commercially.
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2. Scholarship Quenchedcomes
This impost relates to whole of the scholarship quenchedcomes of the fashion which are:
• CL01: reason the Java programming conversation in the utensilation of smwhole to legislationration bignessd contiguity programs
that represent professionally merry coding and deed flags.
• CL02: conduct enlightenment of the basic principles of the sight-oriented product arrangement and engage this
construction to the dissection and artifice of solutions restraint smwhole to legislationration layer problems.
• CLO3: define and engage basic algorithms and basis structures, in point unadorned elaborate and sorting of basis
stored in basis structures and manipulating basis.
• CLO4: utensil basic incident-driven programming and graphical reasonr interfaces in Java.
3. Impost components and details
In this provision and rank fashion demos you conciliate be incrementally fabric a program to arrange efficient artifice
team restraintmation, regarding the perspectives of artifice members (students) and possessors (clients). The provision is
decomposed into 5 milestones which must be conductd to your lab overseer (adding up to 10 marks). You conciliate be
required to demo your fashion in the lab full couple weeks starting from week 3 or 4, as shconfess in the consequence beneath. These
milestones and the decisive impost (30 marks) conciliate be gradationd by your lab elevateant who conciliate be tracking your fashion
and giving you constructive feedback throughquenched the semester.
Stamp Scholarship Assessed CLO’s & Bloom’s smooths Marks Due-Date
Demo 1 Problem Solving with Collections, finishs
and dissociations
CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 4 4 Point of week 3
Demo 2 JPart-among Ordeal cases, Generics CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 4 4 Point of week 5
Demo 3 Problem Solving with Java FX and Incident
CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 4 4 Point of week 7
Demo 4 Problem Solving incorporating unsymbolical
database through JDBC
CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 4 4 Point of week 9
Demo 5 Problem Solving incorporating heuristic
algorithms, continuitys and patterns.
CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 4 4 Point of week 11
Provision Problem solving with basis structures,
heuristic algorithms, OO artifice, Sight
unsymbolical mapping and MVC edifice.
CLO 1,2,3,4 Blooms 5 30 Point of week 12
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Milestindividual 1: Preparing the Basis (Involves Finish Arrangementing, Dissociation Handling and Input Validation) (4 Marks)
Transcribe a menu-driven program that succors the artifice overseer withhold the details kindred to each artifice, artifice possessor,
company, ward misspendal details and ward determinations, in disconnected finishs. There should be an attentional menu option
to shortroll artifices inveterate on ward determinations. Relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attributablee, there can be multiple artifice possessors from the corresponding sodality
and multiple artifices by the corresponding artifice possessor. This program should complete missppoint fallacy checking and input
validation by validating whole reasonr inputs (Your program should relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence resonance at any space becareason of weakly inputs).
A. Subjoin Sodality
B. Subjoin Artifice Possessor
C. Subjoin Artifice
D. Withhold Ward Misspendalities
E. Subjoin Ward Determinations
F. Shortroll Artifices
A. Subjoin Sodality
The details kindred to the sodality should understand a rare sodality ID, sodality indicate, ABN estimate, sodality
URL and discourse. The sodality details feignd should be saved to the finish companies.txt.
B. Subjoin Artifice Possessor
The details withholdd by each artifice possessor (contiguity misspend) should understand principal indicate, surname, a rare artifice
possessor ID (of the restraintm Confess1, …), role (such as software engineer), email and the ID of the sodality the artifice
possessor embodys (of the restraintm C1, …) The artifice possessor details feignd should be saved to the finish possessors.txt.
C. Subjoin Artifice
The details withholdd restraint each artifice should understand a name, a rare artifice ID (of the restraintm pr1, …), brief
description (individual extinguishedline), ID of the artifice possessor (of the restraintm Confess1, …) and the ranking of the expertnesss sought succeedingcited restraint
the artifice (4 entity the primitive and 1 the lowest) in the 4 opposed technical extraordinaryization (Skills) at MRIT
university shconfess in the consequence beneath. The artifice details feignd should be saved to the finish artifices.txt.
Technical Expertness Categories
(P) Programming & Software Engineering
(N) Networking and Security
(A) Analytics and Big Basis
(W) Production & Mobile contiguitys
D. Withhold Ward Misspendalities
Now feign the artifice overseer can download a finish involved wards.txt capturing the roll of wards doing the
artifice fashion in vulgar semester with their mean gradations (HD=4, DI=3, CR=2, PA=1, NN=0) in artifice kindred
technical expertnesss (P programming, N networking, A analytics, W production) with the restraintmat shconfess beneath. Feign wards
keep IDs S1 to S20.
Customer Relationship Conduct (CRM)
CRM conciliate be plain by a team of 4 using Yii framework
W 4 P 3 N 2 A 1
S1 P 4 N 3 A 2 W 1
Practicable finish restraintmat restraint the finish artifices.txt
finish restraintmat restraint wards.txt (You failure to cem such a finish with 20 wards))
This artifice possessor computes Production experiment the most and Analytics the smallest
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The artifice overseer conferences each of the wards in the roll during the principal week and individualizes their misspendality
types as shconfess in the consequence beneath to secure adjustd teams are restraintmed with at smallest individual with copy attributes
in each team. It is required that the misspendality stamp individualizeed to wards must be analogous nice abutting stamps.
Characteristics Misspendality Stamp
Likes to be a Chief (Director) A
Outgoing and deeptains amiable-tempered
relationships (Socializer)
Detail oriented (Thinker) C
Close direct (Supporter) D
In attention, the artifice overseer wholeows each ward to mention up to couple others (student-numbers) they cannot
exertion with in a team becareason of earlier misspendal engagements. Twain the misspendality and engagement inconstruction must be
enslaved and subjoinitional to true finish succeedingcited the conference and saved in a extract finish wardinfo.txt, as shconfess beneath.
finish restraintmat wardinfo.txt
Note, whole artifice must be of bigness 4. Dissociations must be thrconfess when the misspendality stamps of the 4 wards individualizeed
by the artifice overseer is relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence adjustd. Restraint copy, if there are 20 wards, the consummation estimate of misspendality
types A, B, C and D can simply be 5, and coming any essay to individualize A,B,C, D stamp to elevate than 5 wards should
result in an dissociation.
E. Withhold Ward Determinations
Students having animated the offers restraint 10 artifices flow their determinations and yield them via discoursecompensation by the point of principal week, with 4 restraint most preferred and 1 restraint the smallest. These determinations should be saved in
the finish determinations.txt. A ward may subjoin determinations multiple spaces, yet simply the decisive determination should be
file-format restraint determinations.txt
F Shortroll Artifices inveterate on Determinations
The ward determinations restraint artifices (from 4 dconfess to 1) should be summed up restraint whole the artifices anteriorly discarding
the 5 smallest vulgar artifices in the finish artifices.txt.
S1 P 4 N 3 A 2 W 1 B S3 S17
Pr6 4 Pr8 3 Pr6 2 Pr4 1
Convertibility Stamp individualizeed = B
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Milestindividual 2: Restraintming Artifice Teams Manually and Creating the Ordeal Cases (4 Marks)
In this milestindividual you are required to secure teams are adjustd in provisions of misspendality stamps, each team has at smallest individual
chief stamp (A) and wards with misspendality engagements are relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence placed in the corresponding team. In attention, restraint each team you
are required to abverification Team-Bearing Metrics which conciliate wholeow artifice overseer to swap members when certain (next
milestone) regarding imrepresentative consequences as polite-behaved-behaved as determinations of possessors and wards.
Team-Bearing Metrics
1. Mean ward expertness tonnage restraint each artifice team. This compute should relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence diversify exceedingly among teams to
secure publicness (imrepresentative consequence).
2. Percentage of wards who got their principal and princident determinations in each of the teams. A amiable-tempered-tempered wholeocation
should probe to maximize this percentage to better ward remuneration.
3. Expertnesss shortfwhole restraint each artifice inveterate on categories in which the mean gradation restraint a expertness predicament (among 0
and 4) falls beneath the requested smooth restraint that predicament. It is conservative by summing up the irresponsible difference
among expertness smooth requested and the mean expertness smooth of team members restraint categories where the mean expertness
tonnage smooth is inferior than the requested smooth. Restraint copy, if a artifice requested 4 restraint P, 3 restraint A, 2 restraint W
and 1 restraint N, and the mean expertness tonnage restraint these categories are 1.5, 2.5, 2.5 and 3 respectively, then the
skills shortfwhole restraint that artifice is 3 entity (4 – 1.5) + (3 – 2.5). The artifice overseer watchs to minimize the expertnesss
shortfwhole and to adjust it abutting teams to secure whole artifice possessors achieve members with expertness competencies close
to what was requested.
Extending the Menu Driven Program
You are required to extpoint the menu-driven program creating couple attentional options. You are expected to shape
reason of the basis stored in the finishs artifices.txt, wardinfo.txt and selections.txt.
A. Restraintm Team
B. Evince Team Apportionness Metrics
In attention, you are required to cem 10 JPart-among ordeal cases limited beneath and serialize whole the sights (attend beneath).
A. Restraintm Teams
Artifice overseer should be wholeowed to mention the artifice ID flourished by the IDs of whole the wards to be individualizeed
to the artifice. You are expected to disclose the missppoint rankes.
B. Evince Team Apportionness Metrics
Constitute a sub-menu to wholeow the reasonr to evince the required team apportionness metrics. This menu should simply be
enabled succeedingcited whole the teams are restraintmed.
Ordeal Cases (You are required to transcribe twain real and denying ordeal cases)
a) Mean expertness tonnage restraint a team is abused suitably
b) Percentage of artifice members achieveting principal and princident artifice determination is abused suitably
c) Expertness shortfwhole restraint any team is abused suitably.
d) WeaklyMember dissociation thrconfess when an essay is made to subjoin a ward already individualizeed to another
artifice team
e) WardEngagement dissociation thrconfess when wards members who keep involved earlier engagements are individualizeed to
the corresponding team
f) MisspendalityImadjust dissociation whenever a team has close than three opposed misspendality stamps.
g) RepeatedMember dissociation thrconfess when an essay is made to subjoin a ward twice to the corresponding team
h) NoChief dissociation thrconfess when a team does relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence keep a chief misspendality stamp
i) Flag rupture (attend restraintmula in decisive page) in expertness tonnage abutting artifices abused suitably.
j) Flag rupture restraint percentage of artifice members achieveting principal and princident artifice determinations abutting
projects abused suitably
k) Flag rupture of shortfwhole abutting teams is abused suitably.
Your program should wholeow whole artifice and ward sights to be serialized and retrieved.
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Milestindividual 3: Visual Sensitivity Dissection (4 Marks)
The deep watch restraint this milestindividual is to elevate artifice overseer better publicness and overwhole remuneration of whole stakeholders
as gauged by the metrics by individualizeing and swapping members among teams. To confront this motive, you are required to
freoffer missppoint GUI and incident handling restraint subjoining and swapping members. You are required to converge the
copy rank from the prior milestindividual with examination and guideer rankes plain with either Scene Builder and fxml
or Java FX quickly.
• When subjoining artifice overseer should mention the Ward ID and tick an void residuum on individual of the teams
anteriorly urgent-compulsory Subjoin.
• When swapping reasonr should click the couple ward IDs to be swapped anteriorly clicking the Swap yetton.
• Whole the metrics must be extraneously-delay updated and shconfess visually. Abverification and evince the flag rupture
restraint whole three metrics.
• You are expected to evince fallacy messages in missppoint dialogs (referable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence soothe legislation) when weakly subjoin or
swap essays are made (such as essaying to swap 3 elements at a space).
• You are required to palpably disconnected the order restraint the legislationl, examination and the guideer.
• Missppoint layquenched overseers to secure GUI window is harmonious flush when resized

S4 x
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
S3 x
Team 4
Team 5
Swap Ward ID Subjoin
Std Dev = ….
Std Dev = …. Std Dev = ….
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Milestindividual 4: Sight Unsymbolical Mapping of whole the Artifice kindred Basis Withholdd and Conservative (4 Marks)
This milestindividual requires you to disclose the order restraint sight unsymbolical mapping. You are required to transcribe whole the client,
artifice and ward kindred basis to consequences in the unsymbolical basisbase. The consequences cemd conciliate be reasond as inputs to
external plans. Your consequences must understand the certain primitive and preventary keys to shape the reconstitute associations.
This milestindividual may be conductd in soothe legislation (as with milestones 1 and 2) or GUI legislation (milestindividual 3).
Milestindividual 5: Using Heuristic Techniques restraint Creating Polite-behaved-behaved Adjustd Teams (4 Marks)
This milestindividual should simply be essayed simply succeedingcited completing principal three milestindividual as this conciliate be abundantly elevate
demanding and public pointed and you conciliate be expected to imbibe and reason attentional patterns and algorithms. You conciliate also
be expected shape reason of multithreading to yield intimateions to the artifice overseer in an modest fashion using the
soothe (communication to GUI may clash with the Java FX continuitys). The deep requirements are:
o Disclose algorithms and utensil t them to intimate missppoint swaps so that team-bearing metrics can be
improved by narrowing the disconnection among opposed teams restraint whole three metrics (lurid the flag rupture).
You failure to conduct flourishing these intimateions conciliate succor better the metrics.
o The intimateions should be offered modestly using a disconnected continuity. Your intimateions must relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence infringe any
of the difficult constraints and guide to a novel say which betters whole 3 metrics limited.
o Freoffer an annul yetton wholeowing prior say to be reinvigorated making reason of missppoint patterns.
Provision Details (30 Marks)
You are required to converge and refactor the order you plain as part-among-among-among of your milestones succeedingcited fixing any issues
identified. 50% of the marks is wholeocated restraint the professional aspects limited in the 5 milestones. The cherishing 50%
of the marks are wholeocated restraint order property, flourishing amiable-tempered-tempered sight-oriented artifice, insensible practices (news 1),
scalability (news 2) and closeons imbibet (news 3). Gladden redeceased to the Canvas rubrics restraint details.
● Suitably preprocessing basis reasond in team restraintmation (refining milestindividual 1) and handling whole the fallacy
conditions and dissociations.
● Suitably carrying quenched at smallest 10 ordeal cases that conduct an in-depth construction of the problem
dodeep (refining milestindividual 2) including the metrics reasond, enforcing whole the constraints associated with teams
and flag rupture.
● Efficiently facilitating visual sensitivity dissection through the reason of visual elements and incident handing (refining
milestindividual 3). The graphical reasonr interaspect intentional and utensiled must be efficient, natural, practicable and
apportion restraint point. Efficientness conciliate be gauged by how amply team members can be individualizeed and swapped,
how polite-behaved-behaved the visual elements draw the metrics of catruth and how fallacy says are relinquished.
● Suitably mapping the basis from sight-oriented paradigm to unsymbolical basisbase consequences capturing whole the
bearing attributes and associations (refining milestindividual 4).
● Reason of heuristic techniques, multithreading and patterns (restraint annul) to elevate the artifice overseer restraintm polite-behaved
balanced teams in an modest and truthful fashion (refining milestindividual 5).
● You are required to conduct efficient reason of sight-oriented programming constructs (encapsulation,
inheritance, polymorphism, unsymbolical rankes, interfaces and commutation), principles (SOLID) and GoF patterns
(such as singleton)
● You order plain as part-among-among-among of the milestindividual should be refactored adhering to methodic coding flags to
shape it imbibeable and deeptainable. Your order must be refactored to keep a disencumbered dissociation among legislationl,
examination and guideer rankes.
● A individual-page muniment excuseing the basis structures, collections, generics, algorithms and artifice techniques
used. If you failure to define your artifice, you may reason UML diagrams. You may be asked to represent these.
● A individual-page news on scalability (as the estimate of wards and teams acception) regarding practicable limitations
of the algorithms and GUI you plain. You may be asked to represent these.
● A individual-page muniment on closeons-learnt thought on the problems encountered and how you would relinquish them
in a coming artifice. You may be asked to represent these.
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4. Inferiority
You keep to zip and yield through Canvas whole the bearing representatives including the order plain restraint your soothe and
GUI accounts of the provision, any true finishs containing basis and pdf accounts of the couple newss. We strongly
recommpoint you unite a README finish with instructions on how to operate your contiguity.
No deceased inferioritys conciliate be wholeowed unclose you keep extraordinary consequence. Your provision conciliate be remarkable using a
collaborative machine during a slot clarified by you in week 13 or 14.
Impost avowal:
When you yield exertion electronically, you admit to the impost avowal:
5. Academic completeness and plagiarism (flag associateableice)
Academic completeness is abquenched proper offer of your academic exertion. It media acknowledging the exertion of others suitableness
developing your confess insights, enlightenment and ideas. You should grasp extravagant heed that you keep:
• Holdd signification, basis, diagrams, legislationls, frameworks and/or ideas of others you keep quoted (i.e. quickly
copied), summarised, paraphrased, discussed or mentioned in your impost through the misspend
referencing methods,
• Yieldd a relateence roll of the associateableification details so your imbibeer can dispose the rise if certain. This understands
representative graspn from Internet sites.
If you do relateable attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence attribuconsequence acenlightenment the rises of your representative, you may be accused of plagiarism becareason you keep passed off
the exertion and ideas of another misspend withquenched missppoint relateencing, as if they were your confess.
RMIT University treats plagiarism as a very weighty trespass constituting mislead. Plagiarism covers a diversity of
inmissppoint behaviours, including:
• Failure to well muniment a rise
• Copyright representative from the internet or basisbases
• Collusion among wards
Restraint elevate inconstruction on our policies and procedures, gladden redeceased to
When you yield exertion electronically, you admit to the impost avowal.
Flag rupture is a gauge of the aggregate of change dedicated by: