Contemporary Nationalist Struggle – Chechnya and Russian Conflict

The student will select from a suggested list a contemporary separatist/nationalist struggle/recent separatist movement resulting in independence (other than East Timor) and develop an inquiry question relevant to the above purpose to guide their research. I need two things, one, a research booklet, and the actual essay. A full set of instructions are in the file ‘Instructions to writer’, please read it very carefully and use it to write both the research booklet and the essay. File name: Cat 3 Contemporary is the actual task sheet. Please refer to it extensively. File named Senior History Research Booklet is the general reference research booklet that you are supposed to follow. My version is file named Modern History 2019 T2, please use that to input the research (add columns where necessary, edit one of the focus questions) into that file and only use the Senior History Booklet as a reference guide. Multimodal presentation hints is just a guide, and the file named how i want referencing to be.. is the guidelines for referencing, paraphrasing but direct and indirect in the essay as well as the research booklet