Paper details For each case, write the following information and number it 1 though 8 and use section headings: 1. Your name. 2. Case title, and class date. 3. A summary of the case. [1 paragraph] This will require you to read the case several times. Do not just copy sentences from the case. Instead, express in your own words the essence of the case. 4. A list of what you think are the 10-15 most important facts/factors in the case. 5. The most important health administration/planning/marketing problem/issue to be solved in the case. [1 sentence]. List other secondary problems in the case. 6. Your recommended solution for the case (a.-d. below). Make clear specific realistic recommendations. There must be a clear logical sequence to your thoughts and recommendations. [2-3 pages] a. At least three possible realistic alternative solutions for the most important problem (stated above for 5). b. Criteria to evaluate possible alternative solutions. For example: acceptability to stakeholders, needed resources, legality, timing, cost-effectiveness, ability to implement, side effects, qualifications, statistical data, financial data, ethical considerations, fit with case facts, likelihood of actually solving the problem, etc. c. Evaluation of the possible alternative solutions (6a) using the criteria (6b). d. Your recommended solution for the problem, based on 6a, 6b, and 6c. Justify your recommendation 7. Specific HA tools, methods, techniques, principles, theories, models, etc. from HA courses that you used for this case. List specific tools (e.g., cost-benefit analysis, market segmentation, etc.). Do not list general subjects (e.g., finance, leadership). 8. Answer any case study questions that accompany the case. If a case question is answered by what you already wrote for 3-7 above, then just note which part of your case analysis provides the answer