Assessment Task 2 – Electronic poster

Rate Task 2 – Electronic handbill
Informed by your indivisible values, delineation a handbill that teachs the correlation among the 6 C’s of caring and the Code of Conduct (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2017) and the Code of Ethics (International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2012).
An Infographic is a unmarried page of counsel that incorporates images, axioms and extracts to bear a visual representation of symbolical. Infographics teach relationships among concepts and bear axioms in a conglomerate and shareable controlmat.
Due date: Friday 4th of May. (Gladden allude to campus tile control resignation directions).
Weighting: 40%
Length and/or controlmat: Unmarried page infographic of extract and images in pdf controlmat and a alludeence roll (detached page)
Purpose: The scope of this rate is to permit a research oration communication succor agreement of the 6C’s of caring (Compassion, Competence, Conscience,
Confidence, Commitment and Comportment)
Learning outcomes assessed: LO2, LO3
How to propose: Make a handbill using advantageous software (e.g. Canva, padlet) obviate the handbill and alludeence roll as a PDF then propose to LEO through the Turnitin punch on your campus tile.
Return of assignment: via Turnitin in week 8
Rate criteria: This rate earn be notable using the criterion
based rubric
Instructions on preparing Assignment 2 – Infographic (ePoster)
Step 1. Research Allureing
Utilise the instrument of the library and the embedded allureing in the NRSG 138 LEO residence to educe an agreement of the 6Cs of Caring, the Code of Ethics (ICN, 2012) and the Code of Conduct (NMBA, 2017). I allude-to that you bear some A3 oration and flashing coloured pens and capture notes as you amass the counsel that you scantiness to representation.
Step 2. Be exceptive and Be Concise
You deficiency to requote these two topics and teach the links among the 6C’s of caring and the Code of Conduct (NMBA, 2012) and the Code of Ethics (ICN, 2012). Imagine encircling what these muniments co-operate to nursing functional standards in Australia.
Be Concise; the scope of an Infographic is divergent from that of an oration and you deficiency to pick-out vote that announce your prepared missive as plainly as feasible in the restriction equality of vote. A representationful direct control the promise reckon is 250 to 500 vote.
Rather than up-hill to assert anything imagine encircling what your convenient missive is and construct the handbill about that.
Step 3. Delineation your infographic
You can pick-out to do this electronically or with pens and oration. In preparing your handbill gladden determine using font restriction largeness 11 – control readability scopes.
Representation meaningful and appropriate images, graphs and pictures to bear the missive extraneously overloading the viewer/reader. – Be cowardly encircling up-hill to mob to-boot fur in. Remember to quote alludeences in-text.
Step 4. Educe an electronic version
You can representation any unimpeded advantageous online platforms to make your electronic handbill (e.g. Canva, Piktochart, Padlet, expectation.). Or you may simply pick-out to representation a promise doc.
Step 6. Include a Alludeence Roll
A alludeence roll is deficiencyed becarepresentation you earn quote other people’ s works in your handbill. The alludeence roll is placed at the purpose of your handbill. Controlmat the alludeence roll as per APA alludeencing title.
If you deficiency support in using APA alludeencing you can secure succor from Library or go to single of the aftercited websites:
ACU instrument academic alludeencing
Step 7. Make a PDF Upload and Propose
After completing the handbill alter it to a PDF controlmat
Obviate it to your computer
Upload the muniment into the droppunch lower the Rate tile of the NRSG 138 LEO residence
An design eHandbill has been granted control you to behold at and is advantageous.