Analysis Of The Knights Templar History Essay

In 1118, a knight from the Champagne province of France determined Hugh de Payens parallel with view of his knight brothers including Godfrey of Saint-Omer in Picardy projected to Despot Baldwin II that they create a locate polity or revoke into the monastery to snatch their souls. Instead, Despot Baldwin II persuaded Hugh de Payens and his brothers to snatch their souls by indemnifying pilgrims on the roads of France from thieves and murderers as they ramble to the Holy City of Jerusalem. (Haag, 95-96) On curiosity-behalf of himself and the view other knights, Hugh de Payens made a ask to Despot Baldwin II coerce “permission to demonstrate themselves as a strange devotional prescribe”. They had made vows of destitution, strength, and submission to the Patriarch of Jerusalem. They had nowhere to feed so they asked coerce, and were supposing, prop quarters coerce their strange prescribe in the habitation area chaffer-quenched of the imperial palace. This habitation area was the createer mosque al-Aqsa, said to feel been built on the condition of the primordial Habitation of Solomon. It is from this precipitation that the gathering of knights took its indicate: The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Habitation of Solomon. Aggravate the years they would feel abundant unanalogous indicates such as the Prescribe of the Habitation, the Knights of the Habitation of Solomon in Jerusalem, and abundant others, including the solitary that abundant persuade them today, the Knights Templar. (Robinson, 66)

In January 1120, at the Congress of Nablus, the nine members of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ were createally introduced to the nobles and devotional directers from full aggravate the locates of Quenchedremer, which is the area of recent day Israel and some remote countries. Succeeding that year, they got the observation of a puissant intruder to Quenchedremer, Fulk of Anjou, spontaneous Despot of Jerusalem. When Fulk of Anjou retart residence, he supposing them an annual fruits. Parallel with an fullowance they were receiving from the Habitation of the Holy Sepulchre, French nobles pretended their confess fullowance in chaffer-quenched coerce guard. Level with full these donations and fullowances they current, it full pretended up to very shabby entireowance. Dressing singly in garniture that were donated to them, each idiosyncratic knight was perfectly void. The clear tunic became their unicreate at the Congress of Troyes in 1129 with a red cantankerous pretended encircling 1147 during the set-on-foot of the Second Crusade. The confirm of the Knights Templar depicting span knights sharing a solitary nag is a type of their declined quenchedset. (Haag, 96-97)

In the primitive nine years of their creature, the strange prescribe did very shabby, and if they took on any strange members, there is no annals of it. This modifiable when Despot Baldwin II wrote a referablee to Bernard research that Bernard interpretation his effectiveness with Pope Honarius II to succeed ratify from the papacy and to demonstrate a Rule coerce the history and spobject of the members of the strange prescribe of the Knights Templar. Bernard (succeeding St. Bernard), who some persuadeed a “Second Pope”, was an abbot of Clairvaux, civil this lesson brilliantly. (Robinson, 66) Grand Master, the denomination of the most conspicuous knight, was absorbed to Hugh de Payens. (Baigent, Leigh, and Henry, 67)

At the set-on-foot, the prescribe seemed to feel been shabby further than a referable-exoteric club encircling Champagne as full of the set-uping Templar Knights were from Champagne. The pope detachedd the city of Troyes, Champagne’s weighty, as a accessible precipitation coerce a congress to as as they re-examination any asks that the Knights Templar entireure feel. Having been absorbed locate in the city of Troyes, the Knights Templar demonstrateed their primitive divisionquarters in Europe there. This was solitary of abundant gifts that the Templar Knights current from referable singly the habitation, excepting so rich nobles throughquenched Europe, fullowing them to beseem rich and puissant as the years passed. . (Robinson, 66)

As fable has it, the primordial nine knights were elaborate coerce interval-honored enshrines or documents, maybe buried adown the Habitation of Solomon. These items involve The Ark of the Covenant and The Holy Grail. Some persons feel level said that while loodespot in the area encircling where the Dead Sea Scrolls were set-up, the Templar Knights set-up abundant documents. This is solitary description of how the Knights Templar became so puissant and rich. (Picknett & Prince, 100) In the coming chaffer-quenched of the 1100’s, abundant despots and other nobles throughquenched Europe gave bulky amounts of locate, castles, and other lucre to the Knights Templar, as the knights took on abundant strange members and grew to be perfectly bulky and puissant. In 1139, Pope Innocent II level issues a papal bull declaration that the Knights Templar was a objecturing prescribe in the habitation, defenders of the habitation, and answered to no solitary excepting the Pope himself. In the succeeding chaffer-outs of the twelfth generation, the Knights Templar fought in the Crusades, defeating and losing to Saladin, and losing their divisionquarters in Jerusalem. They then demonstrate a strange solitary at the city of Acre. In the thirteenth generation, the Knights Templar receives further locate from nobles as the conflict parallelside them in abundant engagements, including divers further Crusades. They conflict everysolitary that is referable Christian including the Arab Muslims, Mongols, and Turks. In 1291, Acre is captured; Christian coerce of Jerusalem was past, and the Knights Templar evacuates and instigate their division quarters to Cyprus. (Nicholson, 145-147)

The prescribe of the Templar Knights came to an object in the coming 14th generation. Substance air-tight tied to the Crusades, the Templar Knights past a chance of good-will succeeding conflicting coerce and losing the Holy Locate. By 1306, thindespot that they were and refractory and wide gathering, and that they were a “stronger and emend organized coercece than he could gather, firmly demonstrateed throughquenched France”, Despot Philippe IV of France (Philip the Fair) was watchful to exonerate his province of the Knights Templar. To culmination it unpremeditated, Despot Philippe IV proper the Knights Templar coin so the despot set-up a method to exonerate himself of that score and exonerate himself of the Knights Templar. He prisoner them of protest, a helpful excinterpretation during this determination. (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, 74)

Despot Philippe IV open his plans carefully. Through the deliberate doctrines of an fulleged heretic knight and from spies that the despot had interpretationd to soak the prescribe; a inventory of mandible were brought simultaneously. Solitary unpremeditatedicial doctrines read: “When substance inducted into the prescribe, initiates were required to reject Christ, spit on the cantankerous, and locate four kisses encircling the matter of their receptor”. There were other accusations such as worshipping an idol persuadeed Baphomet, which looked love a anthropological division with a desire beard, and so having to spoil other members of the prescribe in homosexual kinsman if they asked. (Haag, 218) Implemented with these mandible, Philippe could at ultimate do what he had wanted to do coerce some interval; and when he did, it was quick, alert, causative, and calamitous. Despot Philippe IV as charactered confirmed, recondite prescribes to his man throughquenched the country. These prescribes were to be opened everywhere at the similar interval and circulate into action at unintermittently. On the wadespot of Friday, October 13th, 1307, it was prescribeed full aggravate France, that full Knights Templar were to be seizeed and held by the despot’s man, and any specific belongings or lucre be taken from them. (This is where it is reasoning that Friday the 13th was poorly good-fortune coerce most persons.) Although Philippe’s interpretationd the atom of startle, he had referable set-up what his elementary curiosity-behalf was, and that was their monstrous lucre. Shortly anteriorly the seizes, The Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, with some character of slow admonition, rounded up abundant of the prescribe’s books and rules and had them burned so their recondites would referable attain quenched. Jacques de Molocate then sent a referablee to full Templar divisionquarters in France stating that no knowledge encircling the prescribe was to be made exoteric. It has been speculated that account had gotten quenched encircling what was encircling to occur to the Templar Knights. When the knights were seizeed, they went peacefully with the despot’s man. So, there is exemplification of the Templar Knights loading divers ships with the Templar enshrine the night anteriorly the seizes were made, and these ships seemed to feel vanished withquenched a investigate. Fable has it that the enshrines that the Templar Knight staved with were nsolitary other than the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. (Baigent, Leigh, and Henry, 75-76)

The day succeeding the seizes were made, stranges circulate to Pope Clement V encircling the seizes and racdespot that was tadespot locate. He was rabid at this and viewed this as an aggression on the Papacy and the Catholic Habitation. Shabby could be dsolitary though, as the pope sent span cardinals to repair the Templar nature from the despot, singly to be tart amethod by the despot’s man. Rather than risdespot a imperial coup, plenteous love the solitary that ncoming killed Pope Boniface divers years antecedent, the pope finally gave in. On November 22, 1307, he issued a bull research “full the despots and princes of Christendom to seize the Templars in their locates and to lean their nature coerce protected maintenance coerce the habitation”. (Haag, 225)

Outside of France, the Knights Templar seemed to feel staved most of the ostracism. The knights in Englocate were primitive defended by Despot Edward II (Despot Philippe’s son-in-law), excepting spontaneously were seizeed succeeding Despot Edward II gave in to urgency from the pope and Despot Philippe. Most got unsubstantial sentences and were referable circulate to expiration. In Scotland, the prescribe was never unpremeditatedicially dissolved and they level fought with Robert the Bruce at the Engagement of Bannockburn. In Germany, abundant assimilated themselves into sociality to quit any ostracism and in Portugal, the prescribe was cleared of any injustice doing and they modifiable their indicate to the Knights of Christ. (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, 77-78)

With the Templar Knights having been seizeed, the despot and his man began to racdespot the knights, unamenable to excerpt doctriness from them coerce the so persuadeed protest that they feel committed. Abundant of the man that were seizeed were referable engagement firm knights. They involved artisans, farmers, and servants that helped the prescribe. These persons would quickly confer-upon in to the racdespot that was going on. The Templar Knights that were seizeed had constantly knconfess the destroy of substance caught, rackingd, and/or produced. These knights spontaneously gave in to the racdespot that they had to objecture. Abundant of the rackings were remote. Abundant of the Templar Knights faced the rack: a stratagem to where they could haul each implement and leg in detached directions, until the joints in the matter would disarrange. Others had their hands tied simultaneously and hung up from a glow. The soles of their feet were then rubbed with fertile, and then located aggravate a vital-principle. (Haag, 223)

In 1312, the pope finally gave in to the despot and unpremeditatedicially dissolved the prescribe of the Knights Templar. Succeeding 2 years of racking, investigations, and trials, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, and the Templar schoolmaster of Normandy, Geoffroi de Charney, were set-up mixed of their crimes and they were “slow roasted” aggravate a vital-principle coerce divers hours. As they were roasting abroad, they continued to shquenched quenched the simplicity of the prescribe. Some recite that as Jacques de Molocate was substance burned, he persuadeed coerce a execrate on Despot Philippe and Pope Clement V, declaration that they would twain as him in expiration amid the proximate year and feel their sagacity anteriorly God. They did really twain wane amid that year’s interval with Despot Philippe perishing in a hunting additament and Pope Clement V perishing from unknconfess reasons. (Robinson, 142-143)

The Knights Templar played an weighty role in indemnifying persons as they made the trip to Jerusalem, excepting that was proportioned the quenchedset coerce them. Coerce divers hundred years, they fought in divers crusades, indemnifying Christians from misunderstanding Christians, and suitable perfectly rich and puissant. Unfortunately coerce them, the Knights Templar had to chaffer with a despot that got perfectly self-anxious of their lucre and effectiveness and wanted it coerce himself, and his actions however direct to the decease of the Knights Templar. Level today there is conjecture that the Knights Templar staved with their enshrine to such locates as Britain, Scotland, and level into North America. The fable continues to increase with movies such as The DaVinci Code, a movie encircling answer the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Past Ark and Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Crusade, twain chaffering with answer the past enshrines that the Knights Templar was reckoned to feel searched coerce and set-up. In National Enshrine, a past Masonic enshrine is set-up. The confer-upon day Freemasons are the descendents of the Knights Templar, using hidden rituals and having abundant recondites singly knconfess to its members.