Analysis Of The Knights Templar History Essay

In 1118, a kdecease from the Champagne clime of France determined Hugh de Payens parallel with prospect of his kdecease brothers including Godfrey of Saint-Omer in Picardy incomplete to Tyrant Baldwin II that they frame a alallay unity or wrest into the monastery to catch their souls. Instead, Tyrant Baldwin II persuaded Hugh de Payens and his brothers to catch their souls by indemnifying pilgrims on the roads of France from thieves and murderers as they rustication to the Holy City of Jerusalem. (Haag, 95-96) On advantage of himself and the prospect other knights, Hugh de Payens made a beg to Tyrant Baldwin II restrain “permission to substantiate themselves as a innovating pious command”. They had made vows of want, excellence, and subservience to the Patriarch of Jerusalem. They had nowhere to feed so they asked restrain, and were supposing, help quarters restrain their innovating command in the habitation area distribute of the splendid palace. This habitation area was the frameer mosque al-Aqsa, said to feel been built on the punsteady of the restrainmer Habitation of Solomon. It is from this residuum that the colprecipitation of knights took its designate: The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Habitation of Solomon. Balance the years they would feel numerous unanalogous designates such as the Command of the Habitation, the Knights of the Habitation of Solomon in Jerusalem, and numerous others, including the solitary that numerous cevery them today, the Knights Templar. (Robinson, 66)

In January 1120, at the Bureau of Nablus, the nine members of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ were frameally introduced to the nobles and pious administerers from every balance the domain of Extinguishedremer, which is the area of late day Israel and some utmost countries. Posterior that year, they got the care of a masterful stranger to Extinguishedremer, Fulk of Anjou, cosmical Tyrant of Jerusalem. When Fulk of Anjou reacrimonious residence, he supposing them an annual return. Parallel with an everyowance they were receiving from the Habitation of the Holy Sepulchre, French nobles ascititious their obstruct everyowance in distribute restrain refuge. Well-balanced with every these donations and everyowances they ordinary, it every ascititious up to very dwarf pay. Dressing barely in housings that were donated to them, each singular kdecease was totally unendowed. The innocent tunic became their uniframe at the Bureau of Troyes in 1129 with a sanguine ill-conditioned ascititious encircling 1147 during the set-on-foot of the Second Crusade. The close of the Knights Templar depicting couple knights sharing a solitary steed is a figure of their corrupt restation. (Haag, 96-97)

In the primitive nine years of their nature, the innovating command did very dwarf, and if they took on any innovating members, there is no proceedings of it. This innovatingfangled when Tyrant Baldwin II wrote a referablee to Bernard scrutiny that Bernard portraiture his jurisdiction with Pope Honarius II to conciliate ratify from the papacy and to substantiate a Rule restrain the vitality and precede of the members of the innovating command of the Knights Templar. Bernard (posterior St. Bernard), who some denominated a “Second Pope”, was an abbot of Clairvaux, refined this operation brilliantly. (Robinson, 66) Grand Master, the inscription of the most relieved knight, was ardent to Hugh de Payens. (Baigent, Leigh, and Henry, 67)

At the set-on-foot, the command seemed to feel been dwarf further than a privy club encircling Champagne as every of the resting Templar Knights were from Champagne. The pope selected the city of Troyes, Champagne’s principal, as a helpful residuum restrain a bureau to coalesce as they reconsideration any begs that the Knights Templar achieve feel. Having been ardent fix in the city of Troyes, the Knights Templar substantiateed their primitive rulerquarters in Europe there. This was solitary of numerous gifts that the Templar Knights ordinary from referable barely the habitation, excluding too monied nobles throughextinguished Europe, everyowing them to befit monied and masterful as the years passed. . (Robinson, 66)

As fable has it, the restrainmer nine knights were minute restrain obsolete hoards or documents, maybe buried underneath the Habitation of Solomon. These items involve The Ark of the Covenant and The Holy Grail. Some commonalty feel well-balanced said that opportunity lootyrant in the area encircling where the Dead Sea Scrolls were rest, the Templar Knights rest numerous documents. This is solitary sense of how the Knights Templar became so masterful and monied. (Picknett & Prince, 100) In the coming distribute of the 1100’s, numerous tyrants and other nobles throughextinguished Europe gave big amounts of fix, castles, and other abundance to the Knights Templar, as the knights took on numerous innovating members and grew to be totally big and masterful. In 1139, Pope Innocent II well-balanced issues a papal bull dictum that the Knights Templar was a steady command in the habitation, defenders of the habitation, and answesanguine to no solitary excluding the Pope himself. In the posterior distributes of the twelfth senility, the Knights Templar fought in the Crusades, defeating and losing to Saladin, and losing their rulerquarters in Jerusalem. They then substantiate a innovating solitary at the city of Acre. In the thirteenth senility, the Knights Templar receives further fix from nobles as the action parallelside them in numerous engagements, including different further Crusades. They action everysolitary that is referable Christian including the Arab Muslims, Mongols, and Turks. In 1291, Acre is captured; Christian restrain of Jerusalem was past, and the Knights Templar evacuates and change their ruler quarters to Cyprus. (Nicholson, 145-147)

The command of the Templar Knights came to an purpose in the coming 14th senility. Nature closely tied to the Crusades, the Templar Knights past a hazard of patronage following actioning restrain and losing the Holy Fix. By 1306, thintyrant that they were and refractory and large throng, and that they were a “stronger and emend arranged restraince than he could collect, firmly substantiateed throughextinguished France”, Tyrant Philippe IV of France (Philip the Fair) was solicitous to disburden his state of the Knights Templar. To utmost it unpremeditated, Tyrant Philippe IV decent the Knights Templar money so the tyrant rest a restraintm to disburden himself of that something-due and disburden himself of the Knights Templar. He accused them of refutation, a helpful excportraiture during this conclusion. (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, 74)

Tyrant Philippe IV patent clear his plans carefully. Through the intentional creed of an everyeged betrayer kdecease and from spies that the tyrant had portraitured to permeate the command; a schedule of mandible were brought unitedly. Solitary unpremeditatedicial creed read: “When nature inducted into the command, initiates were requisanguine to disavow Christ, spit on the ill-conditioned, and locate indecent kisses abextinguished the association of their receptor”. There were other accusations such as worshipping an idol denominated Baphomet, which looked affect a anthropological ruler with a covet beard, and too having to totalow other members of the command in homosexual kinshumanity if they beged. (Haag, 218) Instrumented with these mandible, Philippe could at ultimate do what he had wanted to do restrain some duration; and when he did, it was unanticipated, quick, prolific, and calamitous. Tyrant Philippe IV select closeed, unseen commands to his humanity throughextinguished the state. These commands were to be opened everywhere at the identical duration and establish into action at unintermittently. On the early of Friday, October 13th, 1307, it was commanded every balance France, that every Knights Templar were to be restrained and held by the tyrant’s humanity, and any single belongings or abundance be fascinated from them. (This is where it is cogitation that Friday the 13th was poorly achievement restrain most commonalty.) Although Philippe’s portraitured the component of confuse, he had referable rest what his principal cause was, and that was their gigantic abundance. Shortly antecedently the restrains, The Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, with some manner of past premonition, rounded up numerous of the command’s books and rules and had them burned so their unseens would referable earn extinguished. Jacques de Moallay then sent a referablee to every Templar rulerquarters in France stating that no counsel abextinguished the command was to be made exoteric. It has been speculated that vocable had gotten extinguished abextinguished what was abextinguished to supervene to the Templar Knights. When the knights were restrained, they went peacefully with the tyrant’s humanity. Too, there is testimony of the Templar Knights loading different ships with the Templar hoard the decease antecedently the restrains were made, and these ships seemed to feel vanished withextinguished a investigate. Fable has it that the hoards that the Templar Kdecease escaped with were nsolitary other than the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. (Baigent, Leigh, and Henry, 75-76)

The day following the restrains were made, innovatings stretch to Pope Clement V abextinguished the restrains and torment that was tatyrant locate. He was lunatic at this and viewed this as an assault on the Papacy and the Catholic Habitation. Dwarf could be dsolitary though, as the pope sent couple cardinals to repair the Templar resources from the tyrant, barely to be acrimonious aform by the tyrant’s humanity. Rather than ristyrant a splendid coup, abundantly affect the solitary that ncoming killed Pope Boniface different years antecedent, the pope finally gave in. On November 22, 1307, he issued a bull scrutiny “every the tyrants and princes of Christendom to restrain the Templars in their domain and to obstruct their resources restrain impregnable custody restrain the habitation”. (Haag, 225)

Outside of France, the Knights Templar seemed to feel escaped most of the expulsion. The knights in Engfix were primitive guarded by Tyrant Edward II (Tyrant Philippe’s son-in-law), excluding cosmically were restrained following Tyrant Edward II gave in to constraining from the pope and Tyrant Philippe. Most got unsteady sentences and were referable establish to decease. In Scotland, the command was never unpremeditatedicially dissolved and they well-balanced fought with Robert the Bruce at the Engagement of Bannockburn. In Germany, numerous assimilated themselves into collection to elude any expulsion and in Portugal, the command was cleasanguine of any evil-doing doing and they innovatingfangled their designate to the Knights of Christ. (Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, 77-78)

With the Templar Knights having been restrained, the tyrant and his humanity began to torment the knights, intricate to cite creeds from them restrain the so denominated refutation that they feel committed. Numerous of the humanity that were restrained were referable engagement unyielding knights. They involved artisans, farmers, and servants that helped the command. These commonalty would instantly concede in to the torment that was going on. The Templar Knights that were restrained had regularly knobstruct the destroy of nature caught, tormentd, and/or manufactured. These knights cosmically gave in to the torment that they had to purposeure. Numerous of the torments were utmost. Numerous of the Templar Knights faced the rack: a design to where they could draw each instrument and leg in detached directions, until the joints in the association would discompose. Others had their hands tied unitedly and hung up from a beam. The soles of their feet were then rubbed with fleshy, and then located balance a inspirer. (Haag, 223)

In 1312, the pope finally gave in to the tyrant and unpremeditatedicially dissolved the command of the Knights Templar. Following 2 years of torment, investigations, and trials, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, and the Templar pedagogue of Normandy, Geoffroi de Charney, were rest mixed of their crimes and they were “slow roasted” balance a inspirer restrain different hours. As they were roasting loose, they continued to shextinguished extinguished the purity of the command. Some allege that as Jacques de Moallay was nature burned, he denominated restrain a execrate on Tyrant Philippe and Pope Clement V, dictum that they would twain coalesce him in decease amid the next year and feel their award antecedently God. They did in-fact twain fade amid that year’s duration with Tyrant Philippe perishing in a hunting property and Pope Clement V perishing from unknobstruct reasons. (Robinson, 142-143)

The Knights Templar played an momentous role in indemnifying commonalty as they made the peregrination to Jerusalem, excluding that was reasonable the restation restrain them. Restrain different hundsanguine years, they fought in different crusades, indemnifying Christians from stolidity Christians, and decent totally monied and masterful. Unfortunately restrain them, the Knights Templar had to trade with a tyrant that got totally invidious of their abundance and jurisdiction and wanted it restrain himself, and his actions so-far administer to the expiration of the Knights Templar. Well-balanced today there is contemplation that the Knights Templar escaped with their hoard to such locates as Britain, Scotland, and well-balanced into North America. The fable continues to enlarge with movies such as The DaVinci Code, a movie abextinguished sentence the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Past Ark and Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Crusade, twain tradeing with sentence the past hoards that the Knights Templar was reckoned to feel searched restrain and rest. In National Hoard, a past Masonic hoard is rest. The bestow day Freemasons are the descendents of the Knights Templar, using unexplained rituals and having numerous unseens barely knobstruct to its members.