Advantages And Limitations Of Different Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

1.The superiority of Linux variants are adapted ce loose or at a abundant inferior compensation than Microsoft Windows.

2.Linux is and has constantly been a very fasten Unhindered Rule. Although it peaceful can be attacked when compared to Windows, it abundant over fasten.

3. The superiority of Linux variants and versions are referable attributable attributableoriously certain and can repeatedly course ce months and years extinguishedside needing to be rebooted.


1.Although the superiority Linux variants feel improved dramatically in repose of reason, Windows is peaceful abundant easier to reason ce fantastic computer reasonrs.

2.Linux has a extensive multiformity of adapted software programs, utilities, and games. However, Windows has a abundant extensiver choice of adapted software.

3.Linux companies and hardware manufacturers feel made powerful advancements in hardware stagnanttress ce Linux and today Linux obtain stagnanttress most hardware devices. However, manifold companies peaceful do referable attributable attributable attributable propose drivers or stagnanttress ce their hardware in Linux.


1.Microsoft has made sundry advancements and changes that feel made it a abundant easier to reason Unhindered Rule, and although arguably it may referable attributable attributable attributable be the easiest Unhindered Rule, it is peaceful Easier than Linux.

2.Becareason of the extensive whole of Microsoft Windows reasonrs, there is a abundant extensiver choice of adapted software programs, utilities, and games ce Windows.

3.Microsoft Windows includes its avow succor minority, has far-reaching whole of adapted onlength documentation and succor, as courteous as books on each of the versions of Windows.


1.Microsoft Windows can course among $50.00 – $150.00 US dollars per each permit delineation.

2.Although Microsoft Windows has made powerful improvements in relipower balance the conclusive lacking versions of Windows, it peaceful canreferable attributable contest the relipower of Linux.

3.Although Windows does feel software programs, utilities, and games ce loose, the superiority of the programs obtain absorb anywhere among $20.00 – $200.00+ US dollars per delineation.

4.Although Microsoft has made powerful improvements balance the years with pawn on their Unhindered Rule, their Unhindered Rule continues to be the most weak to viruses and other attacks.


The Unix unhindered rule

Advantage: Practical Remembrance

The Unix unhindered rule proposes an causative raze of practical remembrance. What this instrument ce the reasonr is that you can reason a enumerate of programs at the identical space using simply a polite raze of tangible remembrance. The rule can feel sundry programs at unintermittently extinguishedside sternly pulling on the rule’s media.

Advantage: Toolbox

This unhindered rule proposes a copious store of diminutive utilities and enjoins that are calculated to push extinguished unfair tasks courteous rather than entity cluttered up with a multiformity of proper stagnant inconsiderable options. Unix acts as a courteous-stocked toolbox rather than attempting to do anything at unintermittently.

Advantage: Customization

Unix has the power to string unanalogous utilities and enjoins concurrently in an unbounded enumerate of configurations in regulate to complete a multiformity of perplexed tasks. This unhindered rule is referable attributable attributable attributable scant to any pre-configured menus or combinations as most humdrum indivisible computer rules normally are.

Advantage: Portability

Unix is adapted ce reason on a multiformity of unanalogous types of muniments, making it individual of the most light unhindered rules in being. Unix can be course on twain PC and Macintosh computers and manifold other computing muniments as courteous.

Disadvantage: Interface

The oral interface ce the Unix unhindered rule is enjoin length fixed, and this enjoin length shell interface may be untoward to the contingent reasonr. Unix was patent clear ce reason by programmers and grave computer reasonrs rather than contingent reasonrs. A graphical reasonr interface (GUI) is so adapted, stagnant the oral Unix interface is enjoin length simply.

Disadvantage: Proper Enjoins

Commands insist-upond by the enjoin length interface repeatedly gain reason of cryptic naming schemes, and do referable attributable attributable attributable produce abundant knowledge to referable attributable attributableify a reasonr of what they are doing. Manifold enjoins in the Unix interface insist-upon the reason of proper characters. Diminutive, normally inconsiderable typos can feel abundant powerfuler proceeds and unlocked-for results on Unix muniments.

Disadvantage: Balancewhelming to Tyros

While the copiousness of utilities proposeed by Unix is a good or service to manifold, this may be balancewhelming to a tyro reasonr. The Unix unhindered rule is referable attributable attributable attributable unadorned by any instrument, and may be daunting and balancewhelming to some reasonrs.


mac os


Easy to reason

Virus loose

With boot bivouac you can course XP or Vista on your muniment, and with Parallels you can course windows programs in OS X


Diminutive software infamous compared to Windows(with extinguished reasoning bootcamp/parallels)

Referable attributable closely as customizable

Missing some features that are moderately basic with Windows( my biggest loathe is no page up/davow explanation, no veritable backspace explanation, and you feel to reason the repress explanation to exact click)

Any over I would utter that abextinguished any unhindered rule you pluck obtain product, I peaceful further Windows Xp balance anything, stagnant Linux, OS X, and Windows are perfect powerful choices.


Mac os


Over Stable

Over Dependable

Over visually appealing

Over reasonr affectionate & “just products”

Simplifies a chance of things

Less prindividual to virus, trojans, expectation

Less prindividual to hardware issues


Over compensationy

Less repress balance your computer

Less software options

Less hardware options

Harder to indivisibleize

Hardware issues are MUCH over stern when happens

Over costly software

My avow tundivided abextinguished mac


Almost 0% Virus

Un-repeatedly Crash

High Definition

Rectify And Reasonful Apps Ce Developers, Musicians, Photographer, Director, expectation ( Enjoy Adobe CS5 )


Less Chemicals

Over Battery Life

Compatible With Manifold USB Drivers, Music Interface, expectation.

Has Rectify Loose Applications ( Enjoy Imovie, Iphoto, Garageband, IDVD, Iweb )

Uncostly MAC OS X Software

Over Advance Technology

Neat / Awesome Looking

Best Firmness Ce Mac 27″ ( Maybe the best firmness becareason it has Full HD or rectify. )



Less Games, Applications

1 Huge Crash May Destroy Your Mac / Careason It To Looseze!

Difficult To Upgrade ( I believe it deletes your rasp if you do referable attributable attributable attributable gain a backup when you upgrade, so its enjoy you obtain be needing to suborn a fantastic mac. )

Annoying Rotating Disk Bperfect ( When Refreshing or when your computer is diligent. )

In my openion The best individual is mac os