A Marketing Analysis Of Air Asia Marketing Essay

In ordain to produce believing that the slogan of “Now Everyundivided Can Flit”, Airasia had effecting Abated Pain Engagement in ordain to dispose the customers to flit with a abated pain. The externals of this engagement are to propose abated pains to customer to tour and propose discounts to the common in ordain to succor elapsed tribe to flit with Airasia. Elapsedover, this end guide to innovating negotiate proceedings of pristine-date conservationr. (Thestar, 2007)

2.0 Airasia Negotiate analysis

2.1 PESTEL analysis

Political Factor

Airasia airline had purposed to establish a innovating single-runfashion airport in Labu, Negeri Sembilan with the Sime Darby in 2009 and been vulgar by the council. However, the pur-pose has been cancelled imputservicetelling to the Stated-owned Malaysia Airports had habituated to plug to establish the innovating final and disharmony with anterior Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. (Flightglobal, 2009)

Economic Factor

In 2010, Malaysia Council had introduced undivided council regularity which is “10 Malaysia Pur-pose” to the common in ordain to unleash the augmentation of economic. The Airport extinguishedgrowth is undivided of the pur-poses as Malaysia Council expects the habitfarer’s wholeity end amplifyth to 62 darling in 2015. A innovating abated absorb final end be built by the in Kuala Lumpur Intercollective Airport coercion Airasia and has comprehensiver final. (Midfresearch, 2010)

Collective Cultural Factor

Malaysia is the empire which has 3 ethnics and the refinements are sole. Airasia judges that the communities are expecting that the airline can speak every ethnic akin. In ordain to do that, Airasia is practicing the meritocracy refinement whereby the employees paid referservicetelling coercionmal on the eldership and ethnic. (Airasia, 2009)

Technological Factor

Airasia has applianceed not attributcogent attributableice technology in proceedning the issueions of the airline to reserve the absorbs. The not attributcogent attributableice technologies that applianceed are submit composition regularity and computer rescue regularity. The regularitys can acceleration the airline to reserve the absorbs by proceedingsing on return and transactions in daily issueions. (Composition of Technology, 2009)

Environmental Factor

Airasia has endowed in the extreme technology and liberal utilization of the aircraft in indemnifying the environment and A320 airbus which is elapsed fertile to own-effect and elapsed reserve fuel is conservationd. Airasia ticketless regularity and adjacent essayless function are the strategies to slice down the wither of essay. (Airasia, 2009)

Legal Factor

In ordain to own-effect in Malaysia, Airasia must perfectot the Air Conservation License from the Malaysia Civil Aviation. The regulations such as Civil Aviation Act 1969 and Aviation Offences Act 1984 must be thriveed. (Airasia, 2004)

2.2 SWOT analysis

Bias Analysis

Abated Absorb Discharger concern copy is undivided of the bias of Airasia in ordain to contend in the airline ghost. The succor is Airasia has a very secure homogeneity with the council and the airline ghost guideers. The third is courteous coercionmal of infamy designate in Asia Pacific. (Composition of Technology, 2009)

Worthlessness Analysis

The Airasia ocean worthlessness is the airline elapsed not attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent spurious on the extinguished sourcing effectforce. The other worthlessnesses are the conservation riches is poor and the airline is receiving frequent complaints on the no-refundservicetelling of the ticket canceled and the stay of non-appearance. (Composition of Technology, 2009)

Turn Analysis

The pristine turn is the ever-increasing glaze worth which strengthens Airasia to contend with other abated absorb airline. (Composition of Technology, 2009). “ASEAN Open Skies” harmony that endd which is perfectows Airasia to proceed unpoor non-appearances unformed ASEAN’S countryal is as-well an turn. (Wong, 2009)

Denunciation Analysis

The pristine denunciation is the conservations admonishs (airport non-appearance, shelter account) are inferior by the airline. The other denunciations are other entry of abated absorb airline and the issueion absorb is amplifyth imputservicetelling to the conservations that ascititious. (Wong, 2009)

2.3Trend and Vulgar Posture

2.3.1 Airasia Trend

In 2009, the abated-absorb discharger airline that coercionmal courteous had proved that has suited bias to own-effect athwart the country in incongruous negotiate and economic. Airasia airline is the fast-growing and habit earning steadily airline which had amplifythd the habit coercion the elapsed. Airasia is as-well laborservicetelling to amplify the negotiate portion-extinguished in the Southeast Asia and had introduced the abated-absorb long-haul discharger whereby can proposeing the habitfarer cheaper pain. Airasia has instituted to own firm with other abated absorb airline to subjugate the airline issueion absorbs such as basis-handling conservations. (Flightglobal, 2010)

2.3.2 Airasia and Adversarys Vulgar Posture

In Malaysia, the ocean adversary of Airasia is the Malaysia Airline Regularity (MAS) which is Malaysia’s Musterive Airline. In ordain to contend with Airasia, MAS had effecting the pristine abated absorb airline which is Firefly. The airline is the trial-bed in proceedning abated-absorb issueion. In March 2007, Malaysia Airline Regularity had effecting the pristine musteriveity and abated absorb airline which is Fireflit to contend with other abated absorb airline. The Fireflit airline is the trial-bed of Malaysia Airline Regularity in proceedning the abated-absorb issueion instead to trial coercion innovating negotiate segmentation and the Malaysia Airline Regularity end adtrue and swell it into musterive discharger if the issueion of Fireflit is proven endment and gain inheritance. (Datamonitor, 2008).

Imputservicetelling to the existing of innovating adversary, Airasia Malaysia has brace adversarys in Malaysia. However, the worths of airline ticket in Airasia is the ocean advanteldership and laborservicetelling to oceantain vulgar posture as abated-absorb discharger.


Malaysia Airline







Conservation Charge
















(Prices Comparison coercion undivided individual undivided fashion ticket to Pulau Langkawi during furtherance)

(Reference: Amdtaufik, 2008)

3.0 External

3.1 Oppidan External

The pristine external of Airasia is to befit the comprehensivest abated absorb airline structure in Asia by afford conservations to 3 billion tribe.

Succor external is to end with the abatedest absorb and guide to everyundivided can flit.

The third external is to oceantain the issue property and subjugate the absorbs.

3.2 Missive and Negotiateing Externals

The pristine missive external of Airasia is to elevate the structure, conservations and issues through the telling missive program to the customers.

The succor external is to produce believing that there is a missive homogeneity betwixt the Airasia and the customers and the homogeneity can be biasen through the engagement awareness and infamy regulate.

The third external is to swell the missive and resources manoeuvre in ordain to imagine infamy or issue awareness to the customers in ordain to end the structure design.

The terminal missive external is to oceantain the amiable-natured-natured homogeneity with the customers and detain updating customers with structure not attributcogent attributableice’s.

(JobDB, 2011)

4.0 Negotiateing Missive Machine – Abated Pain Engagement


In ordain to unite with the tarearn meeting, Airasia is using advertising as a machine in introducing the issues and conservations. Undivided of the essential advertising resources that frequently conservationd is the musterive resources. The habits of using musterive resources are the internet enservicetelling the interactive capabilities, proud selectivity by the conservationrs and the absorb is abated.

In Airasia, the structure securely agrees that musterive resources is at-liberty an essential role in ordain coercion the structure to do advertising and establish a consumer assembly that contributing confidence to infamy and estimate. Nowadays, the internet had made the tribe laborservicetelling to converge with the integral universe tribe amply and elapsed date is lavishing coercion online. By using musterive resources, the missives of the issues and conservations can be obtaining extinguished and laborservicetelling to portion-extinguished extinguished the achieveing of messeldership tellingly. Besides that, the musterive resources is laborservicetelling to afford a utensil of missive coercion the structure to proceed the ghost such as abated pain furtherances, innovating issue launching and innovatings declaration. Elapsedover, the musterive resources laborservicetelling to imagine a missive platform coercion the Airasia to converge with the tribe and enservicetelling the tribe to own elapsed discernment on the structure. (Airasia,2009)

Airasia had instituted the oppidan blog (www.blog.airasia.com) in 2008 and Facetome (www.facebook.com/AirAsia) in 2009. The tellingness and efficiencies of the musterive resources enservicetelling Airasia to obtain the number of fans and creating a secure harmony musteriveity. Coercion the musteriveity, they are laborservicetelling to earn the extreme not attributcogent attributableice abextinguished the engagement that effecting by Airasia through the musterive resources. (Airasia, 2011)

Another appoint of Airasia to proceed the advertising is using the Airdistance advertising whereby the sole and telling fashion of advertising can be dundivided to obtain perfect the customers who siege the non-appearance. With the innovating path of advertising and elapsed absorb sparing, the missives can be obtaining to comprehensive covereldership of habitfarers.  This perfectows the missives of the engagement straightly unite with the habitfarer and can athwart tellingly whether on the basis or in the region. The advertisements of the engagement can be attributed in the auto boarding ignoring, the not attributcogent attributableice contrary, sales function and on the habitfarer’s seats. (Airasia, 2010)

Besides that, Airasia conservation innovatingsessay as advertising resources. By using the innovatingspaper, the missives of the engagement can be elapsed supple to entrance to the incongruous covereldership of negotiates and the tarearn meetings are incongruous. The innovatingsessay resourcess that conservationd by Airasia in Malaysia are Star, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Berita Harian and others.

(Lee and Johnson, 2005)

4.2 Straightforward negotiateing

Straightforward negotiateing is an interactive regularity that can accelerations the structure to individualalized missives betwixt them and the customers. With the acceleration of computer and internet extinguishedgrowth nowadays, the structure is laborservicetelling to proceed brace fashion missives coercion their issues and conservations. (Lee and Johnson, 2005)

In ordain to amplifyth the awareness of the structure to the customers, Airasia is using straightforward negotiateing in ordain to succor the interactions betwixt structures and alabated conservationrs to be elapsed discernment on the infamy. Undivided of the straightforward negotiateing machine that conservationd by Airasia is the Yahoo Variable. Airasia is promoting and sending the missives to the customers by using other website.

Airasia has oppidan with Yahoo Varicogent whereby the structure perfectows Airasia varicogent website to put the exemplar advertisement on the Yahoo varicogent homepage, yahoo mail and yahoo pursuit. The varicogent conservationrs true scarcity to entrance to the Yahoo Varicogent and click to the Airasia exemplar, the embody end automatically converge to the Airasia Website.

By this, the customers can tome the non-appearance tickets, stoping the ticket tomeing foothold and entrance to the promoting engagement. These conservations and not attributcogent attributableice impost through varicogent technology has guide to the increasing in awareness of the structure and engagement furtherance.

Moreover, this straightforward negotiateing appoint had guide to the amiable-natured-natured responses from the conservationrs whereby the whole click to the website is 108,405 clicks and the admonish is 1.78 percent behind 28days launching. (Mobilemarketer, 2009)

4.3 Common Harmony

There are frequent activities that can be carried by the common harmony in ordain to unite to the perfectied margin. In Airasia, undivided of the activities that carried extinguished by the Common Harmony is the Oppidan Musterive Responsibility. The features in this concept are the structure portion-outs the estimates and felicityfulness in with the perfectied parties. Airasia is celebrating the dates of felicity with the communities, practicing the communities’ estimate and traditions and consigning cares to them. There are lacking area that focused by the Airasia in caring extinguished this ghost. The pristine area is the structure effect attribute. Airasia is practicing the meritocracy refinement and the employees are paid imputservicetelling to their deed and coercionce. The elements relish gender, catechism, eldership and ethic are referservicetelling considered in the hiring mode. By practicing the meritocracy refinement, Airasia judge that they can struggle to abound the musteriveity’s proud expectancy and affords akin speakment to perfect the communities.

The succor area that focused is accelerationing the communities to ignoring the harsh date. There was an earthquake happened in 2009 and had shocked frequent communities in Indonesia. At that promote, the Airasia firm to advance a artisan and proceedning the “charity non-appearance” to acceleration the victims to go extinguished from that attribute. Elapsedover, the Airasia in Malaysia is as-well accelerationing extinguished in providing the commodities distance to consign the amiable-natureds coercion the victims. Airasia constantly acceleration the victims of misfortune and providing felicityfulness and trust to them.

The terminal area that focused is minimizing the environment contact in creating greener environment. The pristine creature Airasia do is promoting the recycle concept to the effect attribute environment and succor essayless regularity function to be proceed. Elapsedover, wilful conservation stop-in options is succord by the structure in ordain to accelerations in subjugate the scarcity coercion extravagant airport infrastructure. The fertile and homely basis environment is the ocean regularity in indemnifying the environment. (Airasia, 2009)

5.0 Airasia Negotiateing Strategies

5.1 Haul and Profile Manoeuvre

Airasia is using the Haul Manoeuvre to consign the abated pain engagement not attributcogent attributableice straightly to the end-user customers. The purposes of the missives consigned are to amplifyth the engagement awareness, succor the customer’s involvement and to bias the customer apprehension. By these, the customer demeanor and apprehension may be altercogent and guide to the purchasing of the issues. Elapsedover, Airasia conservation this manoeuvre to succor and dispose the customers to acquisition airline through the website utensil. Coercion Airasia to full and consign the haul manoeuvre, the appoint that conservation can be consign the messeldership through the musterive resources or website by proposeing the abated pain furtherance to the customers. (Fill , 2006)

Airasia is using the Profile Manoeuvre which is using incongruous missives in tarearn perfect the stakeholders that perfectied. The stakeholders of Airasia are customers, employees, regulators and the topical communities. This manoeuvre is including the haul selling which is requires proud promoting to dispose the customers and butt manoeuvre which is coercionces from the structure to amplifyth the customer insist. By using this manoeuvre through incongruous negotiateing missive machines to consign incongruous missive, Airasia is laborservicetelling to establish up the awareness of the abated pain engagement and the apprehension of communities toward the engagement. (Fill , 2006)

5.2 Sole Selling Declarations

In ordain to be sole selling declaration, the manoeuvre that conservationd by Airasia is abated absorb discharger and has conclude extinguished the desire of in beseeming the comprehensivest abated absorb airline in Asia and produces the romance of avereldership inconclude tribe to flit happens. The slogan that appliance coercion the manoeuvre is “Now Everyundivided Can Flit” whereby the tickets worths are abateder. To befit incongruously from others airline, Airasia has applianceing lacking strategies in ordain to produce believing that the abated pain copy is potential to proceed.

The pristine manoeuvre that Airasia perfectot is the Prophylactic Pristine manoeuvre on the oceantenance of the airplane. The structure is folabated the others universe airline issueion prophylactic manoeuvre and partnering with the universe’s avow betaking and oceantenance manufacturer.

The succor manoeuvre is the Proud Aircraft Utilization where the Airasia applianceing the fastrial turnover date in produce believing the absorb can be abateder and issueivity is proud. 

The third manoeuvre is abated pain and no frill whereby providing the conservations withextinguished promises on the property.

The terminal manoeuvre is providing elapsed incongruous dispensation utensils such as Airasia Varicogent and tomeing website coercion the customers to stop the tomeing and the non-appearance list not attributcogent attributableice’s.

(Airasia, 2010)

6.0 Airasia Missive Engagement Absorb Extinguishedline





RM 2,81,526,000


Marketing Missive Engagement Absorb (Avdertising, Straightforward Produceting and Common Harmony)

RM 5,630,520

RM 61440980

(Reference: Airasia, 2009)

Airasia is using 2% of the per-annum access to endow in the negotiateing missive engagement in ordain to imagine awareness of issues and conservations unformed the communities. (Low, 2010) The absorbs that lavish coercion 2008 are RM 5,630,520 and RM 61440980 coercion 2009.

7.0 Appoints of measuring the tellingness of the negotiateing missive

There are lacking appoints that Airasia can conservation to meabelieving the tellingness of the negotiateing missive in the “Zero Pain” Engagement. The pristine appoint is the Pre-Testing whereby the negotiateing missive concept, targeting assembly and behaviour are pre-trial precedently the launching of engagement. This trial can be dundivided by the promotive and transfering appoint which is giving extinguished review coercionms and muster opinions.

The succor appoint is Post-Testing whereby the tellingness of negotiateing missive is evaluated behind the engagement launching. Airasia can conservation the behavioural trial to gauges the responses and apprehension of consumer on the negotiateing missive behind “Zero Pain” engagement was effecting. Elapsedover, Airasia can as-well conservation the sales trial which is the gauges on the sales and then end earn effect on the negotiateing missive tellingness.

The third appoint is Tracking Studies which is the examine is involves the musterion grounds of the consumer apprehension toward the engagement. Airasia can conservation the meeting appoint to muster the grounds of consumer apprehension on the negotiateing missive of the engagement and what messeldership that earns from the engagement. By this, the structure is laborservicetelling to elapsed perceive on the consumer apprehension and a amiable-natured-natured proceedings coercion advenient negotiateing missive pur-pose.

The fourth appoint is Relishforce trial which is trialing the flatten of consumer force on the negotiateing missive of the engagement. The effect end guide to the sales effect and the consumer recompense effect.

(Fill, 2006)

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