A Marketing Analysis Of Air Asia Marketing Essay

In enjoin to frame positive that the slogan of “Now Sumsingle Can Vanish”, Airasia had instituted Base Punishment War in enjoin to charm the customers to vanish with a base punishment. The extrinsics of this war are to tender base punishments to customer to journey and tender discounts to the common in enjoin to raise over fellow-creatures to vanish with Airasia. Overover, this integralure carry to strange chaffer refertelling attributtelling attributablee of original-eldership portraiturer. (Thestar, 2007)

2.0 Airasia Chaffer analysis

2.1 PESTEL analysis

Political Factor

Airasia airline had intentned to raise a strange single-runhabit airport in Labu, Negeri Sembilan with the Sime Darby in 2009 and been general by the legislation. However, the intent has been cancelled attributtelling to the Stated-owned Malaysia Airports had balmy to bung to raise the strange marginal and disharmony with anterior Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. (Flightglobal, 2009)

Economic Factor

In 2010, Malaysia Legislation had introduced single legislation artfulness which is “10 Malaysia Intent” to the common in enjoin to unleash the augmentation of economic. The Airport fruit is single of the intents as Malaysia Legislation expects the voyager’s etendency integralure behoveth to 62 darling in 2015. A strange base consume marginal integralure be built by the in Kuala Lumpur International Airport control Airasia and has liberalr marginal. (Midfresearch, 2010)

Political Cultural Factor

Malaysia is the province which has 3 ethnics and the refinements are choice. Airasia appreciates that the communities are expecting that the airline can artisanle sum ethnic together. In enjoin to do that, Airasia is practicing the meritocracy refinement whereby the employees compensated refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling inveteblame on the antiquity and ethnic. (Airasia, 2009)

Technological Factor

Airasia has applianceed advice technology in exoteric the eldershipncys of the airline to catch the consumes. The advice technologies that applianceed are resign conduct artfulness and computer salvation artfulness. The artfulnesss can succor the airline to catch the consumes by annalsing on wealth and transactions in daily eldershipncys. (Conduct of Technology, 2009)

Environmental Factor

Airasia has endowed in the hindmost technology and liberal utilization of the aircraft in indemnifying the environment and A320 airbus which is over causative to produce-an-effect and over catch fuel is portraitured. Airasia ticketless artfulness and close essayless duty are the strategies to avoid down the dissipate of essay. (Airasia, 2009)

Legal Factor

In enjoin to produce-an-effect in Malaysia, Airasia must exercise the Air Portraiture License from the Malaysia Civil Aviation. The regulations such as Civil Aviation Act 1969 and Aviation Offences Act 1984 must be ensueed. (Airasia, 2004)

2.2 SWOT analysis

Force Analysis

Base Consume Discharger interest example is single of the restraintce of Airasia in enjoin to rival in the airline perseverance. The remedy is Airasia has a very restrainttified analogy with the legislation and the airline perseverance carryers. The third is courteous-mannered-mannered certain of mark designate in Asia Pacific. (Conduct of Technology, 2009)

Impairment Analysis

The Airasia main impairment is the airline over relitelling on the extinguished sourcing effortforce. The other impairmentes are the portraiture contrivance is scant and the airline is receiving multifarious complaints on the no-refundtelling of the ticket canceled and the relapse of evanition. (Conduct of Technology, 2009)

Convenience Analysis

The original convenience is the ever-increasing oil figure which qualifys Airasia to rival with other base consume airline. (Conduct of Technology, 2009). “ASEAN Open Skies” harmony that consummated which is integralows Airasia to effort unscant evanitions unarranged ASEAN’S countryal is so an convenience. (Wong, 2009)

Menace Analysis

The original menace is the portraitures blames (airport evanition, insurance mandible) are inferior by the airline. The other menaces are other ingress of base consume airline and the eldershipncy consume is behoveth attributtelling to the portraitures that added. (Wong, 2009)

2.3Trend and Popular Composition

2.3.1 Airasia Trend

In 2009, the base-consume discharger airline that certain courteous-mannered-mannered had proved that has tit wave to produce-an-effect resisting the country in irrelative chaffer and economic. Airasia airline is the fast-growing and improvement earning steadily airline which had behovethd the improvement control the spent. Airasia is so telling to behove the chaffer divide in the Southeast Asia and had introduced the base-consume long-haul discharger whereby can tendering the voyager cheaper punishment. Airasia has established to possess joint-interest with other base consume airline to diminish the airline eldershipncy consumes such as cause-handling portraitures. (Flightglobal, 2010)

2.3.2 Airasia and Emulators Popular Composition

In Malaysia, the main emulator of Airasia is the Malaysia Airline Artfulness (MAS) which is Malaysia’s National Airline. In enjoin to rival with Airasia, MAS had instituted the original base consume airline which is Firefly. The airline is the experiment-bed in exoteric base-consume eldershipncy. In March 2007, Malaysia Airline Artfulness had instituted the original polity and base consume airline which is Firevanish to rival with other base consume airline. The Firevanish airline is the experiment-bed of Malaysia Airline Artfulness in exoteric the base-consume eldershipncy instead to experiment control strange chaffer segmentation and the Malaysia Airline Artfulness integralure adhonortelling and develop it into national discharger if the eldershipncy of Firevanish is proven consummatement and arrive-at possession. (Datamonitor, 2008).

Attributtelling to the bulky of strange emulator, Airasia Malaysia has couple emulators in Malaysia. However, the figures of airline ticket in Airasia is the main advantantiquity and telling to hold popular comcomposition as base-consume discharger.


Malaysia Airline







Portraiture Charge
















(Prices Comparison control single individual single habit ticket to Pulau Langkawi during sanctionment)

(Reference: Amdtaufik, 2008)

3.0 Extrinsic

3.1 Urbane Extrinsic

The original extrinsic of Airasia is to behove the liberalst base consume airline structure in Asia by contribute portraitures to 3 billion fellow-creatures.

Remedy extrinsic is to secure with the baseest consume and carry to sumsingle can vanish.

The third extrinsic is to hold the fruit tendency and diminish the consumes.

3.2 Despatch and Chaffering Extrinsics

The original despatch extrinsic of Airasia is to raise the structure, portraitures and fruits through the fertile despatch program to the customers.

The remedy extrinsic is to frame positive that there is a despatch analogy betwixt the Airasia and the customers and the analogy can be restraintceen through the war awareness and mark species.

The third extrinsic is to develop the despatch and instrument management in enjoin to geneblame mark or fruit awareness to the customers in enjoin to consummate the structure view.

The terminal despatch extrinsic is to hold the cheerful analogy with the customers and protect updating customers with structure advice’s.

(JobDB, 2011)

4.0 Chaffering Despatch Dupe – Base Punishment War


In enjoin to tell with the tarachieve assembly, Airasia is using advertising as a dupe in introducing the fruits and portraitures. Single of the relevant advertising instrument that constantly portraitured is the political instrument. The practices of using political instrument are the internet entelling the interactive capabilities, haughty selectivity by the portraiturers and the consume is base.

In Airasia, the structure restrainttifiedly agrees that political instrument is unreserved an relevant role in enjoin control the structure to do advertising and raise a consumer krefertelling that contributing belief to mark and compute. Nowadays, the internet had made the fellow-creatures telling to with with the unimpaired cosmos-persons fellow-creatures abundantly and over eldership is expending control online. By using political instrument, the intimations of the fruits and portraitures can be arrive-ating extinguished and telling to divide extinguished the resigned of messantiquity fertilely. Besides that, the political instrument is telling to contribute a machine of despatch control the structure to effort the apparition such as base punishment sanctionments, strange fruit launching and stranges affirmation. Overover, the political instrument telling to geneblame a despatch platform control the Airasia to with with the fellow-creatures and entelling the fellow-creatures to possess over discernment on the structure. (Airasia,2009)

Airasia had established the urbane blog (www.blog.airasia.com) in 2008 and Faceeffort (www.facebook.com/AirAsia) in 2009. The fertileness and efficiencies of the political instrument entelling Airasia to arrive-at the calculate of fans and creating a restrainttified bearing polity. Control the polity, they are telling to achieve the hindmost advice abextinguished the war that instituted by Airasia through the political instrument. (Airasia, 2011)

Another rule of Airasia to effort the advertising is using the Airextension advertising whereby the choice and fertile habit of advertising can be dsingle to arrive-at integral the customers who siege the evanition. With the strange adit of advertising and over consume slow, the intimations can be arrive-ating to liberal coverantiquity of voyagers.  This integralows the intimations of the war promptly tell with the voyager and can resisting fertilely whether on the caportraiture or in the weather. The catalogues of the war can be located in the auto bombardment by, the advice contrary, sales duty and on the voyager’s seats. (Airasia, 2010)

Besides that, Airasia portraiture strangesessay as advertising instrument. By using the strangespaper, the intimations of the war can be over indulgent to advent to the irrelative coverantiquity of chaffers and the tarachieve assemblys are irrelative. The strangesessay instruments that portraitured by Airasia in Malaysia are Star, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Berita Harian and others.

(Lee and Johnson, 2005)

4.2 Straightforward chaffering

Straightforward chaffering is an interactive artfulness that can succors the structure to individualalized despatchs betwixt them and the customers. With the succor of computer and internet fruit nowadays, the structure is telling to effort couple habit despatchs control their fruits and portraitures. (Lee and Johnson, 2005)

In enjoin to behoveth the awareness of the structure to the customers, Airasia is using straightforward chaffering in enjoin to raise the interactions betwixt structures and albase portraiturers to be over discernment on the mark. Single of the straightforward chaffering dupe that portraitured by Airasia is the Yahoo Sensitive. Airasia is promoting and sending the intimations to the customers by using other website.

Airasia has urbane with Yahoo Sensitive whereby the structure integralows Airasia sensitive website to locate the meaunquestioning catalogue on the Yahoo sensitive homepage, yahoo mail and yahoo quest. The sensitive portraiturers honortelling scarcity to advent to the Yahoo Sensitive and click to the Airasia appraise, the coalesce integralure automatically with to the Airasia Website.

By this, the customers can effort the evanition tickets, hindering the ticket efforting status and advent to the promoting war. These portraitures and advice duty through sensitive technology has carry to the increasing in awareness of the structure and war sanctionment.

Moreover, this straightforward chaffering rule had carry to the cheerful responses from the portraiturers whereby the sum click to the website is 108,405 clicks and the blame is 1.78 percent ensueing 28days launching. (Mobilemarketer, 2009)

4.3 Common Bearing

There are multifarious activities that can be carried by the common bearing in enjoin to tell to the cognate face. In Airasia, single of the activities that carried extinguished by the Common Bearing is the Urbane Political Responsibility. The features in this concept are the structure divides the computes and felicityfulness in with the cognate parties. Airasia is celebrating the elderships of felicity with the communities, practicing the communities’ compute and traditions and saveing cares to them. There are rare area that focused by the Airasia in caring extinguished this apparition. The original area is the structure effort locate. Airasia is practicing the meritocracy refinement and the employees are compensated attributtelling to their deed and power. The elements approve gender, belief, antiquity and ethic are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling considered in the hiring arrangement. By practicing the meritocracy refinement, Airasia appreciate that they can contend to exceed the polity’s haughty confluence and contributes together artisanlement to integral the communities.

The remedy area that focused is succoring the communities to by the hardenedened eldership. There was an earthquake happened in 2009 and had shocked multifarious communities in Indonesia. At that gravity, the Airasia resolute to loan a artisan and exoteric the “charity evanition” to succor the victims to go extinguished from that locate. Overover, the Airasia in Malaysia is so succoring extinguished in providing the burden extension to save the cheerfuls control the victims. Airasia regularly succor the victims of misfortune and providing felicityfulness and anticipation to them.

The terminal area that focused is minimizing the environment contact in creating greener environment. The original object Airasia do is promoting the recycle concept to the effort locate environment and raise essayless artfulness duty to be effort. Overover, stubborn portraiture hinder-in options is raised by the structure in enjoin to succors in diminish the scarcity control absorbly airport infrastructure. The causative and ultimate caportraiture environment is the main artfulness in indemnifying the environment. (Airasia, 2009)

5.0 Airasia Chaffering Strategies

5.1 Drag and Profile Management

Airasia is using the Drag Management to save the base punishment war advice promptly to the end-user customers. The purposes of the intimations saveed are to behoveth the war awareness, raise the customer’s involvement and to wave the customer recognizeing. By these, the customer proceeding and recognizeing may be progressive and carry to the purchasing of the fruits. Overover, Airasia portraiture this management to raise and charm the customers to lapse airline through the website machine. Control Airasia to consummate and save the drag management, the rule that portraiture can be save the messantiquity through the political instrument or website by tendering the base punishment sanctionment to the customers. (Fill , 2006)

Airasia is using the Profile Management which is using irrelative intimations in tarachieve integral the stakeholders that cognate. The stakeholders of Airasia are customers, employees, regulators and the national communities. This management is including the drag selling which is requires haughty promoting to charm the customers and shove management which is controlces from the structure to behoveth the customer insist. By using this management through irrelative chaffering despatch dupes to save irrelative intimation, Airasia is telling to raise up the awareness of the base punishment war and the recognizeing of communities inside the war. (Fill , 2006)

5.2 Choice Selling Affirmations

In enjoin to be choice selling affirmation, the management that portraitured by Airasia is base consume discharger and has succeed extinguished the prospect of in suitefficacious the liberalst base consume airline in Asia and frames the fancy of averantiquity insucceed fellow-creatures to vanish happens. The slogan that appliance control the management is “Now Sumsingle Can Vanish” whereby the tickets figures are baseer. To behove irrelatively from others airline, Airasia has applianceing rare strategies in enjoin to frame positive that the base punishment example is feasible to effort.

The original management that Airasia exercise is the Insurance Original management on the subsistence of the airplane. The structure is folbase the others cosmos-persons airline eldershipncy insurance management and partnering with the cosmos-people’s identify betaking and subsistence manufacturer.

The remedy management is the Haughty Aircraft Utilization where the Airasia applianceing the fasexperiment turnover eldership in frame positive the consume can be baseer and fruitivity is haughty. 

The third management is base punishment and no frill whereby providing the portraitures withextinguished promises on the tendency.

The terminal management is providing over irrelative division machines such as Airasia Sensitive and efforting website control the customers to hinder the efforting and the evanition catalogue advice’s.

(Airasia, 2010)

6.0 Airasia Despatch War Consume Extinguishedline





RM 2,81,526,000


Marketing Despatch War Consume (Avdertising, Straightforward Frameting and Common Bearing)

RM 5,630,520

RM 61440980

(Reference: Airasia, 2009)

Airasia is using 2% of the year-by-year access to endow in the chaffering despatch war in enjoin to geneblame awareness of fruits and portraitures unarranged the communities. (Low, 2010) The consumes that expend control 2008 are RM 5,630,520 and RM 61440980 control 2009.

7.0 Rules of measuring the fertileness of the chaffering despatch

There are rare rules that Airasia can portraiture to meapositive the fertileness of the chaffering despatch in the “Zero Punishment” War. The original rule is the Pre-Testing whereby the chaffering despatch concept, targeting krefertelling and behaviour are pre-experiment anteriorly the launching of war. This experiment can be dsingle by the guideing and imported rule which is giving extinguished review controlms and infer opinions.

The remedy rule is Post-Testing whereby the fertileness of chaffering despatch is evaluated ensueing the war launching. Airasia can portraiture the behavioural experiment to appraises the responses and recognizeing of consumer on the chaffering despatch ensueing “Zero Punishment” war was instituted. Overover, Airasia can so portraiture the sales experiment which is the appraises on the sales and then integralure achieve effect on the chaffering despatch fertileness.

The third rule is Tracking Studies which is the con-over is involves the inferion basis of the consumer recognizeing inside the war. Airasia can portraiture the meeting rule to infer the basis of consumer recognizeing on the chaffering despatch of the war and what messantiquity that achieves from the war. By this, the structure is telling to over recognize on the consumer recognizeing and a cheerful annals control coming chaffering despatch intent.

The fourth rule is Approvepower experiment which is experimenting the roll of consumer possession on the chaffering despatch of the war. The effect integralure carry to the sales effect and the consumer complacency effect.

(Fill, 2006)

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