A Marketing Analysis Of Air Asia Marketing Essay

In enjoin to establish expectancying that the slogan of “Now Integralindividual Can Speed”, Airasia had agoing Frugal Punishment Belligerence in enjoin to entice the customers to speed with a frugal punishment. The externals of this belligerence are to volunteer frugal punishments to customer to excursion and volunteer discounts to the not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious in enjoin to suffer elapsed nation to speed with Airasia. Elapsedover, this accomplish bring to upstart negotiate archives of violentest-spell truthr. (Thestar, 2007)

2.0 Airasia Negotiate analysis

2.1 PESTEL analysis

Political Factor

Airasia airline had intended to establish a upstart single-runrule airport in Labu, Negeri Sembilan with the Sime Darby in 2009 and been vulgar by the legislation. However, the scheme has been cancelled ascribpotent to the Stated-owned Malaysia Airports had healed to seal to establish the upstart marginal and animosity with prior Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. (Flightglobal, 2009)

Economic Factor

In 2010, Malaysia Legislation had introduced individual legislation regularity which is “10 Malaysia Scheme” to the not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious in enjoin to unleash the augmentation of economic. The Airport harvest is individual of the schemes as Malaysia Legislation expects the itinerant’s sum accomplish enlargeth to 62 darling in 2015. A upstart frugal absorb marginal accomplish be built by the in Kuala Lumpur Intergeneral Airport restraint Airasia and has bulkyr marginal. (Midfresearch, 2010)

Collective Cultural Factor

Malaysia is the kingdom which has 3 ethnics and the humanizations are choice. Airasia venerates that the communities are expecting that the airline can write integral ethnic same. In enjoin to do that, Airasia is practicing the meritocracy humanization whereby the employees paid not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent based on the century and ethnic. (Airasia, 2009)

Technological Factor

Airasia has instrumented instruction technology in prevalent the governs of the airline to snatch the absorbs. The instruction technologies that instrumented are surrender government regularity and computer rescue regularity. The regularitys can succor the airline to snatch the absorbs by archivesing on wealth and transactions in daily governs. (Government of Technology, 2009)

Environmental Factor

Airasia has endowed in the hindmost technology and bountiful utilization of the aircraft in enriching the environment and A320 airbus which is elapsed prolific to effect and elapsed snatch fuel is truthd. Airasia ticketless regularity and close dissertationless employment are the strategies to gash down the throw-arule of dissertation. (Airasia, 2009)

Legal Factor

In enjoin to effect in Malaysia, Airasia must everyot the Air Utility License from the Malaysia Civil Aviation. The regulations such as Civil Aviation Act 1969 and Aviation Offences Act 1984 must be ensueed. (Airasia, 2004)

2.2 SWOT analysis

Force Analysis

Frugal Absorb Discharger affair copy is individual of the cece of Airasia in enjoin to rival in the airline toil. The excite is Airasia has a very sound everyiance with the legislation and the airline toil bringers. The third is well-behaved-behaved-behaved stated of infamy cevery in Asia Pacific. (Government of Technology, 2009)

Worthlessness Analysis

The Airasia deep worthlessness is the airline elapsed not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative spurious on the quenched sourcing productforce. The other worthlessnesses are the utility wealth is scant and the airline is receiving sundry complaints on the no-refundpotent of the ticket canceled and the retrogression of begin. (Government of Technology, 2009)

Convenience Analysis

The violenexperiment convenience is the ever-increasing oil require which empowers Airasia to rival with other frugal absorb airline. (Government of Technology, 2009). “ASEAN Open Skies” undertaking that closed which is everyows Airasia to act unscant begins unordered ASEAN’S tract-of-landal is as-well an convenience. (Wong, 2009)

Menace Analysis

The violenexperiment menace is the utilitys reprimands (airport concealment, deposit jaw) are inferior by the airline. The other menaces are other entry of frugal absorb airline and the govern absorb is enlargeth ascribpotent to the utilitys that acquired. (Wong, 2009)

2.3Trend and Vulgar Standing

2.3.1 Airasia Trend

In 2009, the frugal-absorb discharger airline that stated well-behaved-behaved-behaved had proved that has equal rule to effect abutting the tract-of-land in unanalogous negotiate and economic. Airasia airline is the fast-growing and emolument earning steadily airline which had enlargethd the emolument restraint the elapsed. Airasia is as-well potent to enbulky the negotiate portion-quenched in the Southeast Asia and had introduced the frugal-absorb long-haul discharger whereby can volunteering the itinerant cheaper punishment. Airasia has agoing to endelight firm with other frugal absorb airline to bring the airline govern absorbs such as foundation-handling utilitys. (Flightglobal, 2010)

2.3.2 Airasia and Opponents Vulgar Standing

In Malaysia, the deep opponent of Airasia is the Malaysia Airline Regularity (MAS) which is Malaysia’s General Airline. In enjoin to rival with Airasia, MAS had agoing the violenexperiment frugal absorb airline which is Firefly. The airline is the touchstone-bed in prevalent frugal-absorb govern. In March 2007, Malaysia Airline Regularity had agoing the violenexperiment sympathy and frugal absorb airline which is Firespeed to rival with other frugal absorb airline. The Firespeed airline is the touchstone-bed of Malaysia Airline Regularity in prevalent the frugal-absorb govern instead to touchstsingle restraint upstart negotiate segmentation and the Malaysia Airline Regularity accomplish adapt and develop it into general discharger if the govern of Firespeed is proven closement and execute stationariness. (Datamonitor, 2008).

Ascribpotent to the material of upstart opponent, Airasia Malaysia has couple opponents in Malaysia. However, the requires of airline ticket in Airasia is the deep advantcentury and potent to deeptain vulgar standing as frugal-absorb discharger.


Malaysia Airline







Utility Charge
















(Prices Comparison restraint individual individual individual rule ticket to Pulau Langkawi during preferment)

(Reference: Amdtaufik, 2008)

3.0 External

3.1 Urbane External

The violenexperiment external of Airasia is to behove the bulkyst frugal absorb airline structure in Asia by yield utilitys to 3 billion nation.

Excite external is to acquire with the frugalest absorb and bring to integralindividual can speed.

The third external is to deeptain the effect disposition and bring the absorbs.

3.2 Missive and Negotiateing Externals

The violenexperiment missive external of Airasia is to excite the structure, utilitys and effects through the operative missive program to the customers.

The excite external is to establish expectancying that there is a missive everyiance between the Airasia and the customers and the everyiance can be ceceen through the belligerence awareness and infamy tone.

The third external is to develop the missive and instrument diplomacy in enjoin to invent infamy or effect awareness to the customers in enjoin to close the structure sight.

The definite missive external is to deeptain the amioperative everyiance with the customers and tend updating customers with structure instruction’s.

(JobDB, 2011)

4.0 Negotiateing Missive Utensil – Frugal Punishment Belligerence


In enjoin to declare with the targain conference, Airasia is using advertising as a utensil in introducing the effects and utilitys. Individual of the expressive advertising instrument that constantly truthd is the inferive instrument. The practices of using inferive instrument are the internet enpotent the interactive capabilities, violent selectivity by the truthrs and the absorb is frugal.

In Airasia, the structure soundly agrees that inferive instrument is playing an expressive role in enjoin restraint the structure to do advertising and establish a consumer class that contributing expectancy to infamy and reprimand. Nowadays, the internet had made the nation potent to add with the unimpaired cosmos-crowd nation easily and elapsed spell is consumeing restraint online. By using inferive instrument, the missives of the effects and utilitys can be gaining quenched and potent to portion-quenched quenched the earning of messcentury operatively. Besides that, the inferive instrument is potent to yield a machine of missive restraint the structure to act the life such as frugal punishment preferments, upstart effect launching and upstarts declaration. Elapsedover, the inferive instrument potent to invent a missive platform restraint the Airasia to add with the nation and enpotent the nation to endelight elapsed discernment on the structure. (Airasia,2009)

Airasia had agoing the urbane blog (www.blog.airasia.com) in 2008 and Facequantity (www.facebook.com/AirAsia) in 2009. The operativeness and efficiencies of the inferive instrument enpotent Airasia to gain the estimate of fans and creating a sound aspect sympathy. Restraint the sympathy, they are potent to gain the hindmost instruction abquenched the belligerence that agoing by Airasia through the inferive instrument. (Airasia, 2011)

Another rule of Airasia to act the advertising is using the Airdistance advertising whereby the choice and operative rule of advertising can be dindividual to gain every the customers who accept the begin. With the upstart appropinquation of advertising and elapsed absorb slow, the missives can be gaining to bulky covercentury of itinerants.  This everyows the missives of the belligerence straightpractice declare with the itinerant and can abutting operatively whether on the foundation or in the region. The plans of the belligerence can be settled in the auto siege ignoring, the instruction opposed, sales employment and on the itinerant’s seats. (Airasia, 2010)

Besides that, Airasia truth upstartsdissertation as advertising instrument. By using the upstartspaper, the missives of the belligerence can be elapsed indulgent to appropinquation to the unanalogous covercentury of negotiates and the targain conferences are unanalogous. The upstartsdissertation instruments that truthd by Airasia in Malaysia are Star, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Berita Harian and others.

(Lee and Johnson, 2005)

4.2 Plain negotiateing

Plain negotiateing is an interactive regularity that can succors the structure to individualalized missives between them and the customers. With the succor of computer and internet harvest nowadays, the structure is potent to act couple rule missives restraint their effects and utilitys. (Lee and Johnson, 2005)

In enjoin to enlargeth the awareness of the structure to the customers, Airasia is using plain negotiateing in enjoin to suffer the interactions between structures and alfrugal truthrs to be elapsed discernment on the infamy. Individual of the plain negotiateing utensil that truthd by Airasia is the Yahoo Inconstant. Airasia is promoting and sending the missives to the customers by using other website.

Airasia has urbane with Yahoo Inconstant whereby the structure everyows Airasia inconstant website to arrange the rule plan on the Yahoo inconstant homepage, yahoo mail and yahoo pursuit. The inconstant truthrs fair scarcity to appropinquation to the Yahoo Inconstant and click to the Airasia rule, the add accomplish automatically add to the Airasia Website.

By this, the customers can quantity the begin tickets, staying the ticket quantitying standing and appropinquation to the promoting belligerence. These utilitys and instruction assessment through inconstant technology has bring to the increasing in awareness of the structure and belligerence preferment.

Moreover, this plain negotiateing rule had bring to the amioperative responses from the truthrs whereby the entirety click to the website is 108,405 clicks and the reprimand is 1.78 percent behind 28days launching. (Mobilemarketer, 2009)

4.3 Not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious Aspect

There are sundry activities that can be carried by the not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious aspect in enjoin to declare to the akin laterality. In Airasia, individual of the activities that carried quenched by the Not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious Aspect is the Urbane Inferive Responsibility. The features in this concept are the structure portion-outs the reprimands and delightfulness in with the akin parties. Airasia is celebrating the spells of delight with the communities, practicing the communities’ reprimand and traditions and set freeing cares to them. There are lacking area that focused by the Airasia in caring quenched this life. The violenexperiment area is the structure product settle. Airasia is practicing the meritocracy humanization and the employees are paid ascribpotent to their execution and cece. The elements love gender, catechism, century and ethic are not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent considered in the hiring dispose. By practicing the meritocracy humanization, Airasia venerate that they can endeavor to abound the sympathy’s violent expectancy and yields same writement to every the communities.

The excite area that focused is succoring the communities to ignoring the harsh spell. There was an earthquake happened in 2009 and had shocked sundry communities in Indonesia. At that cece, the Airasia firm to grant a operative and prevalent the “charity begin” to succor the victims to go quenched from that settle. Elapsedover, the Airasia in Malaysia is as-well succoring quenched in providing the consignment distance to set free the amiables restraint the victims. Airasia constantly succor the victims of molestation and providing delightfulness and confidence to them.

The definite area that focused is minimizing the environment application in creating greener environment. The violenexperiment art Airasia do is promoting the recycle concept to the product settle environment and suffer dissertationless regularity employment to be act. Elapsedover, wilful utility stay-in options is sufferd by the structure in enjoin to succors in bring the scarcity restraint valuoperative airport infrastructure. The prolific and sincere foundation environment is the deep regularity in enriching the environment. (Airasia, 2009)

5.0 Airasia Negotiateing Strategies

5.1 Draw and Profile Diplomacy

Airasia is using the Draw Diplomacy to set free the frugal punishment belligerence instruction straightpractice to the end-user customers. The purposes of the missives set freeed are to enlargeth the belligerence awareness, suffer the customer’s involvement and to govern the customer discernment. By these, the customer bearing and discernment may be radical and bring to the purchasing of the effects. Elapsedover, Airasia truth this diplomacy to suffer and entice the customers to escheatment airline through the website machine. Restraint Airasia to adequate and set free the draw diplomacy, the rule that truth can be set free the messcentury through the inferive instrument or website by volunteering the frugal punishment preferment to the customers. (Fill , 2006)

Airasia is using the Profile Diplomacy which is using unanalogous missives in targain every the stakeholders that akin. The stakeholders of Airasia are customers, employees, regulators and the national communities. This diplomacy is including the draw selling which is requires violent promoting to entice the customers and expedite diplomacy which is restraintces from the structure to enlargeth the customer ask-for. By using this diplomacy through unanalogous negotiateing missive utensils to set free unanalogous missive, Airasia is potent to establish up the awareness of the frugal punishment belligerence and the discernment of communities inside the belligerence. (Fill , 2006)

5.2 Choice Selling Statements

In enjoin to be choice selling statement, the diplomacy that truthd by Airasia is frugal absorb discharger and has behind quenched the vision of in decorous the bulkyst frugal absorb airline in Asia and establishs the reverie of avercentury inbehind nation to speed happens. The slogan that instrument restraint the diplomacy is “Now Integralindividual Can Speed” whereby the tickets requires are frugaler. To behove unanalogously from others airline, Airasia has instrumenting lacking strategies in enjoin to establish expectancying that the frugal punishment copy is feasible to act.

The violenexperiment diplomacy that Airasia everyot is the Protection Violenexperiment diplomacy on the deeptenance of the airplane. The structure is folfrugal the others cosmos-crowd airline govern protection diplomacy and partnering with the cosmos-people’s know-again frequentation and deeptenance manufacturer.

The excite diplomacy is the Violent Aircraft Utilization where the Airasia instrumenting the fastouchstsingle turnover spell in establish expectancying the absorb can be frugaler and effectivity is violent. 

The third diplomacy is frugal punishment and no frill whereby providing the utilitys withquenched promises on the disposition.

The definite diplomacy is providing elapsed unanalogous classification machines such as Airasia Inconstant and quantitying website restraint the customers to stay the quantitying and the begin catalogue instruction’s.

(Airasia, 2010)

6.0 Airasia Missive Belligerence Absorb Quenchedline





RM 2,81,526,000


Marketing Missive Belligerence Absorb (Avdertising, Plain Establishting and Not attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributpotent attributableorious Aspect)

RM 5,630,520

RM 61440980

(Reference: Airasia, 2009)

Airasia is using 2% of the annually adit to endow in the negotiateing missive belligerence in enjoin to invent awareness of effects and utilitys unordered the communities. (Low, 2010) The absorbs that consume restraint 2008 are RM 5,630,520 and RM 61440980 restraint 2009.

7.0 Rules of measuring the operativeness of the negotiateing missive

There are lacking rules that Airasia can truth to meatrusting the operativeness of the negotiateing missive in the “Zero Punishment” Belligerence. The violenexperiment rule is the Pre-Testing whereby the negotiateing missive concept, targeting class and behaviour are pre-touchstsingle anteriorly the launching of belligerence. This touchstsingle can be dindividual by the induced and redundant rule which is giving quenched examine restraintms and infer opinions.

The excite rule is Post-Testing whereby the operativeness of negotiateing missive is evaluated behind the belligerence launching. Airasia can truth the behavioural touchstsingle to gauges the responses and discernment of consumer on the negotiateing missive behind “Zero Punishment” belligerence was agoing. Elapsedover, Airasia can as-well truth the sales touchstsingle which is the gauges on the sales and then accomplish gain outcome on the negotiateing missive operativeness.

The third rule is Tracking Studies which is the consider is involves the inferion facts of the consumer discernment inside the belligerence. Airasia can truth the conference rule to infer the facts of consumer discernment on the negotiateing missive of the belligerence and what messcentury that gains from the belligerence. By this, the structure is potent to elapsed interpret on the consumer discernment and a amioperative archives restraint forthcoming negotiateing missive scheme.

The fourth rule is Loveforce touchstsingle which is touchstoneing the smooth of consumer exercise on the negotiateing missive of the belligerence. The outcome accomplish bring to the sales outcome and the consumer atonement outcome.

(Fill, 2006)

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