A Marketing Analysis Of Air Asia Marketing Essay

In manera to cem abiding that the slogan of “Now Perfectsingle Can Depart”, Airasia had certain Sunk Punishment Hostilities in manera to rule the customers to depart with a sunk punishment. The concretes of this hostilities are to volunteer sunk punishments to customer to journey and volunteer discounts to the general in manera to submit over mob to depart with Airasia. Overover, this fullure administer to innovating traffic referefficient attributservicefertile attributablee of carrying-era portraiturer. (Thestar, 2007)

2.0 Airasia Traffic analysis

2.1 PESTEL analysis

Political Factor

Airasia airline had contrived to artificet a innovating single-runpractice airport in Labu, Negeri Sembilan with the Sime Darby in 2009 and been beloved by the synod. However, the delineation has been cancelled ascribservicefertile to the Stated-owned Malaysia Airports had balmy to plug to artificet the innovating marginal and animosity with earlier Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. (Flightglobal, 2009)

Economic Factor

In 2010, Malaysia Synod had introduced single synod superintendence which is “10 Malaysia Delineation” to the general in manera to unleash the crop of economic. The Airport crop is single of the delineations as Malaysia Synod expects the tourist’s whole fullure extension to 62 pet in 2015. A innovating sunk require marginal fullure be built by the in Kuala Lumpur Intercollective Airport coercion Airasia and has bulkyr marginal. (Midfresearch, 2010)

Collective Cultural Factor

Malaysia is the empire which has 3 ethnics and the humanizations are matchless. Airasia judges that the communities are expecting that the airline can discourse perfect ethnic together. In manera to do that, Airasia is practicing the meritocracy humanization whereby the employees compensated referefficient attributservicefertile attributservicefertile attributservicefertile causeed on the era and ethnic. (Airasia, 2009)

Technological Factor

Airasia has tooled instruction technology in ordinary the actions of the airline to rescue the requires. The instruction technologies that tooled are resign superintendence command and computer salvation command. The commands can succor the airline to rescue the requires by annalsing on proceeds and transactions in daily actions. (Superintendence of Technology, 2009)

Environmental Factor

Airasia has endowed in the final technology and bountiful utilization of the aircraft in compensating the environment and A320 airbus which is over fruitful to produce-an-effect and over rescue fuel is portraitured. Airasia ticketless command and nigh tractateless portraiture are the strategies to sever down the lavish of tractate. (Airasia, 2009)

Legal Factor

In manera to produce-an-effect in Malaysia, Airasia must exercise the Air Portraiture License from the Malaysia Civil Aviation. The regulations such as Civil Aviation Act 1969 and Aviation Offences Act 1984 must be prospered. (Airasia, 2004)

2.2 SWOT analysis

Power Analysis

Sunk Require Consignera interest pattern is single of the power of Airasia in manera to cope in the airline diligence. The raise is Airasia has a very impetuous fulliance with the synod and the airline diligence administerers. The third is courteous-behaved-behaved certain of disgrace cfull in Asia Pacific. (Superintendence of Technology, 2009)

Faintness Analysis

The Airasia deep faintness is the airline over proceedning on the quenched sourcing toilforce. The other faintnesses are the portraiture means is scant and the airline is receiving manifold complaints on the no-refundservicefertile of the ticket canceled and the stay of evasion. (Superintendence of Technology, 2009)

Turn Analysis

The carrying turn is the ever-increasing gloze figure which strengthens Airasia to cope with other sunk require airline. (Superintendence of Technology, 2009). “ASEAN Open Skies” treaty that finishd which is fullows Airasia to extend unscant evasions shapeless ASEAN’S territoryal is to-boot an turn. (Wong, 2009)

Browbeating Analysis

The carrying browbeating is the portraitures rates (airport concealment, protection beak) are inferior by the airline. The other browbeatings are other portal of sunk require airline and the action require is extension ascribservicefertile to the portraitures that assumed. (Wong, 2009)

2.3Trend and Proceedning Position

2.3.1 Airasia Trend

In 2009, the sunk-require consignera airline that certain courteous-behaved-behaved had proved that has enough government to produce-an-effect resisting the territory in irrelative traffic and economic. Airasia airline is the fast-growing and benefit-utility earning steadily airline which had extensiond the benefit-utility coercion the spent. Airasia is to-boot utilityservicefertile to amplify the traffic divide in the Southeast Asia and had introduced the sunk-require long-haul consignera whereby can volunteering the tourist cheaper punishment. Airasia has agoing to entertain company with other sunk require airline to bring the airline action requires such as cause-handling portraitures. (Flightglobal, 2010)

2.3.2 Airasia and Opponents Proceedning Position

In Malaysia, the deep opponent of Airasia is the Malaysia Airline Command (MAS) which is Malaysia’s Assembleive Airline. In manera to cope with Airasia, MAS had certain the carrying sunk require airline which is Firefly. The airline is the touchstone-bed in ordinary sunk-require action. In March 2007, Malaysia Airline Command had certain the carrying command and sunk require airline which is Firedepart to cope with other sunk require airline. The Firedepart airline is the touchstone-bed of Malaysia Airline Command in ordinary the sunk-require action instead to touchstsingle coercion innovating traffic segmentation and the Malaysia Airline Command fullure attune and open it into assembleive consignera if the action of Firedepart is proven victory and cem arrestation. (Datamonitor, 2008).

Ascribservicefertile to the corporeal of innovating opponent, Airasia Malaysia has couple opponents in Malaysia. However, the figures of airline ticket in Airasia is the deep advantera and utilityservicefertile to deeptain proceedning position as sunk-require carriage.


Malaysia Airline







Portraiture Charge
















(Prices Comparison coercion single idiosyncratic single practice ticket to Pulau Langkawi during furtherance)

(Reference: Amdtaufik, 2008)

3.0 Concrete

3.1 Oppidan Concrete

The carrying concrete of Airasia is to beseem the bulkyst sunk require airline construction in Asia by prepare portraitures to 3 billion mob.

Raise concrete is to finish with the sunkest require and administer to perfectsingle can depart.

The third concrete is to deeptain the effect temper and bring the requires.

3.2 Despatch and Trafficing Concretes

The carrying despatch concrete of Airasia is to raise the construction, portraitures and effects through the conducive despatch program to the customers.

The raise concrete is to cem abiding that there is a despatch fulliance unformed the Airasia and the customers and the fulliance can be poweren through the hostilities awareness and disgrace genius.

The third concrete is to open the despatch and resources manoeuvre in manera to produce disgrace or effect awareness to the customers in manera to finish the construction view.

The developed despatch concrete is to deeptain the amiable-natured-natured fulliance with the customers and preserve updating customers with construction instruction’s.

(JobDB, 2011)

4.0 Trafficing Despatch Instrument – Sunk Punishment Hostilities


In manera to adjoin with the tarsecure assembly, Airasia is using advertising as a instrument in introducing the effects and portraitures. Single of the grave advertising resources that constantly portraitured is the assembleive resources. The habits of using assembleive resources are the internet enservicefertile the interactive capabilities, proud selectivity by the portraiturers and the require is sunk.

In Airasia, the construction impetuously agrees that assembleive resources is gratuitous an grave role in manera coercion the construction to do advertising and artificet a consumer cluster that contributing faith to disgrace and treasure. Nowadays, the internet had made the mob utilityservicefertile to be-mixed with the whole earth mob bulkyly and over era is wasteing coercion online. By using assembleive resources, the intimations of the effects and portraitures can be penetrateing quenched and utilityservicefertile to divide quenched the gratified of messera conducively. Besides that, the assembleive resources is utilityservicefertile to prepare a erant of despatch coercion the construction to extend the life such as sunk punishment furtherances, innovating effect launching and innovatings assertion. Overover, the assembleive resources utilityservicefertile to produce a despatch platform coercion the Airasia to be-mixed with the mob and enservicefertile the mob to entertain over interpretation on the construction. (Airasia,2009)

Airasia had agoing the oppidan blog (www.blog.airasia.com) in 2008 and Facebulk (www.facebook.com/AirAsia) in 2009. The conduciveness and efficiencies of the assembleive resources enservicefertile Airasia to penetrate the estimate of fans and creating a impetuous appurtenancy command. Coercion the command, they are utilityservicefertile to secure the final instruction abquenched the hostilities that certain by Airasia through the assembleive resources. (Airasia, 2011)

Another arrange of Airasia to extend the advertising is using the Airintervenience advertising whereby the matchless and conducive practice of advertising can be dsingle to penetrate full the customers who interest the evasion. With the innovating admittance of advertising and over require wary, the intimations can be penetrateing to bulky coverera of tourists.  This fullows the intimations of the hostilities straightfashion adjoin with the tourist and can resisting conducively whether on the caportraiture or in the sky. The referableices of the hostilities can be attributed in the auto siege by, the instruction opposed, sales portraiture and on the tourist’s seats. (Airasia, 2010)

Besides that, Airasia portraiture innovatingstractate as advertising resources. By using the innovatingspaper, the intimations of the hostilities can be over lithe to mode to the irrelative coverera of traffics and the tarsecure assemblys are irrelative. The innovatingstractate resourcess that portraitured by Airasia in Malaysia are Star, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Berita Harian and others.

(Lee and Johnson, 2005)

4.2 Frequented trafficing

Frequented trafficing is an interactive command that can succors the construction to idiosyncraticalized despatchs unformed them and the customers. With the succor of computer and internet crop nowadays, the construction is utilityservicefertile to extend couple practice despatchs coercion their effects and portraitures. (Lee and Johnson, 2005)

In manera to extension the awareness of the construction to the customers, Airasia is using frequented trafficing in manera to submit the interactions unformed constructions and alsunk portraiturers to be over interpretation on the disgrace. Single of the frequented trafficing instrument that portraitured by Airasia is the Yahoo Variable. Airasia is promoting and sending the intimations to the customers by using other website.

Airasia has oppidan with Yahoo Variefficient whereby the construction fullows Airasia variefficient website to set-down the criterion referableice on the Yahoo variefficient homepage, yahoo mail and yahoo pursuit. The variefficient portraiturers exact claim to mode to the Yahoo Variefficient and click to the Airasia criterion, the with fullure automatically be-mixed to the Airasia Website.

By this, the customers can bulk the evasion tickets, bridleing the ticket bulking foundation and mode to the promoting hostilities. These portraitures and instruction duty through variefficient technology has administer to the increasing in awareness of the construction and hostilities furtherance.

Moreover, this frequented trafficing arrange had administer to the amiable-natured-natured responses from the portraiturers whereby the whole click to the website is 108,405 clicks and the rate is 1.78 percent behind 28days launching. (Mobilemarketer, 2009)

4.3 General Appurtenancy

There are manifold activities that can be carried by the general appurtenancy in manera to adjoin to the connected face. In Airasia, single of the activities that carried quenched by the General Appurtenancy is the Oppidan Assembleive Responsibility. The features in this concept are the construction divides the treasures and ecstasyfulness in with the connected parties. Airasia is celebrating the eras of ecstasy with the communities, practicing the communities’ treapermanent and traditions and give-uping cares to them. There are lacking area that focused by the Airasia in caring quenched this life. The carrying area is the construction toil attribute. Airasia is practicing the meritocracy humanization and the employees are compensated ascribservicefertile to their accomplishment and power. The elements love gender, confession, era and ethic are referefficient attributservicefertile attributservicefertile attributservicefertile considered in the hiring adjust. By practicing the meritocracy humanization, Airasia judge that they can vie to abound the command’s proud trust and prepares together discoursement to full the communities.

The raise area that focused is succoring the communities to by the oppressive era. There was an earthquake happened in 2009 and had shocked manifold communities in Indonesia. At that promote, the Airasia resolute to afford a achievementman and ordinary the “charity evasion” to succor the victims to go quenched from that attribute. Overover, the Airasia in Malaysia is to-boot succoring quenched in providing the burden intervenience to give-up the amiable-natureds coercion the victims. Airasia frequently succor the victims of anxiety and providing ecstasyfulness and anticipation to them.

The developed area that focused is minimizing the environment impression in creating greener environment. The carrying monstrosity Airasia do is promoting the recycle concept to the toil attribute environment and submit tractateless command portraiture to be extend. Overover, wilful portraiture bridle-in options is submitd by the construction in manera to succors in bring the claim coercion tall-priced airport infrastructure. The fruitful and rudimentary caportraiture environment is the deep superintendence in compensating the environment. (Airasia, 2009)

5.0 Airasia Trafficing Strategies

5.1 Haul and Profile Manoeuvre

Airasia is using the Haul Manoeuvre to give-up the sunk punishment hostilities instruction straightfashion to the end-user customers. The purposes of the intimations give-uped are to extension the hostilities awareness, submit the customer’s involvement and to rule the customer discernment. By these, the customer comportment and discernment may be transitional and administer to the purchasing of the effects. Overover, Airasia portraiture this manoeuvre to submit and rule the customers to donation airline through the website erant. Coercion Airasia to entire and give-up the haul manoeuvre, the arrange that portraiture can be give-up the messera through the assembleive resources or website by volunteering the sunk punishment furtherance to the customers. (Fill , 2006)

Airasia is using the Profile Manoeuvre which is using irrelative intimations in tarsecure full the stakeholders that connected. The stakeholders of Airasia are customers, employees, regulators and the topical communities. This manoeuvre is including the haul selling which is requires proud promoting to rule the customers and drive manoeuvre which is coercionces from the construction to extension the customer claim. By using this manoeuvre through irrelative trafficing despatch instruments to give-up irrelative intimation, Airasia is utilityservicefertile to artificet up the awareness of the sunk punishment hostilities and the discernment of communities inside the hostilities. (Fill , 2006)

5.2 Matchless Selling Statements

In manera to be matchless selling statement, the manoeuvre that portraitured by Airasia is sunk require consignera and has succeed quenched the anticipation of in seemly the bulkyst sunk require airline in Asia and cems the reverie of averera insucceed mob to depart happens. The slogan that tool coercion the manoeuvre is “Now Perfectsingle Can Depart” whereby the tickets figures are sunker. To beseem irrelatively from others airline, Airasia has tooling lacking strategies in manera to cem abiding that the sunk punishment pattern is potential to extend.

The carrying manoeuvre that Airasia exercise is the Security Carrying manoeuvre on the deeptenance of the airplane. The construction is folsunk the others earth airline action security manoeuvre and partnering with the earth’s concede haunt and deeptenance manufacturer.

The raise manoeuvre is the Proud Aircraft Utilization where the Airasia tooling the fastouchstsingle turnover era in cem abiding the require can be sunker and effectivity is proud. 

The third manoeuvre is sunk punishment and no frill whereby providing the portraitures withquenched promises on the temper.

The developed manoeuvre is providing over irrelative dispensation erants such as Airasia Variefficient and bulking website coercion the customers to bridle the bulking and the evasion list instruction’s.

(Airasia, 2010)

6.0 Airasia Despatch Hostilities Require Quenchedline





RM 2,81,526,000


Marketing Despatch Hostilities Require (Avdertising, Frequented Cemting and General Appurtenancy)

RM 5,630,520

RM 61440980

(Reference: Airasia, 2009)

Airasia is using 2% of the annually approach to endow in the trafficing despatch hostilities in manera to produce awareness of effects and portraitures shapeless the communities. (Low, 2010) The requires that waste coercion 2008 are RM 5,630,520 and RM 61440980 coercion 2009.

7.0 Arranges of measuring the conduciveness of the trafficing despatch

There are lacking arranges that Airasia can portraiture to meaabiding the conduciveness of the trafficing despatch in the “Zero Punishment” Hostilities. The carrying arrange is the Pre-Testing whereby the trafficing despatch concept, targeting cluster and behaviour are pre-touchstsingle precedently the launching of hostilities. This touchstsingle can be dsingle by the accidental and imported arrange which is giving quenched view coercionms and assemble opinions.

The raise arrange is Post-Testing whereby the conduciveness of trafficing despatch is evaluated behind the hostilities launching. Airasia can portraiture the behavioural touchstsingle to gauges the responses and discernment of consumer on the trafficing despatch behind “Zero Punishment” hostilities was certain. Overover, Airasia can to-boot portraiture the sales touchstsingle which is the gauges on the sales and then fullure secure issue on the trafficing despatch conduciveness.

The third arrange is Tracking Studies which is the con-over is involves the assembleion basis of the consumer discernment inside the hostilities. Airasia can portraiture the colloquy arrange to assemble the basis of consumer discernment on the trafficing despatch of the hostilities and what messera that secures from the hostilities. By this, the construction is utilityservicefertile to over apprehend on the consumer discernment and a amiable-natured-natured annals coercion advenient trafficing despatch delineation.

The fourth arrange is Lovepower touchstsingle which is touchstoneing the plane of consumer operation on the trafficing despatch of the hostilities. The issue fullure administer to the sales issue and the consumer content issue.

(Fill, 2006)

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