A Case Study On The Company Aviva Information Technology Essay

Aviva is a global society and unconcealed protection services union .Balance the late scant years Aviva has been on an compensation entertainment which has crabbed it into the globe’s fifth largest protection union barring as a termination had left subjoined a knead of IT husbands and urbane refinements. On 29 April, 2008 Aviva announced its contemplation to unite calling underneathneath global stigma (Aviva, 2008). It was a distribute of a shelve in policy to develop and transfigure the calling to rival on a global flake as well-mannered-mannered as to controlce the union to an smooth surpassing smooth of operation.

“In October 2007 assembly proudest ruler, Andrew Moss, established quenched his confidence to maximise the union’s unmeasured immanent as a global assembly, summarised as “Single Aviva, twice the esteem”. It signalled a era of transfigureation control Aviva, bringing coincidently relatively autonomous calling units to engender ‘Single Aviva’ with a referableorious developth agenda in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace.” (Aviva, 2008)

The Occurrence Examine

In adproportioned to investigate the role of IT governance in today’s restraintms I conquer reason the occurrence examine of the ‘Aviva Globe’ device implemented by Aviva plc in collaboration with Microsoft Corp in 2008-09. Aviva is the fifth-largest protection assembly globewide. It provides frugals, investments, and protection, and has been permitted gsingle 1696. The union’s 54,000 employees minister elevate than 50 favorite crowd in 28 countries.

This occurrence examine is aidful at www.onwindows.com as “single stigma, twice the esteem” dated 12 April 2010. This residence is cherished and guided by Microsoft Strengthening to rendezvous on operation calling-smooth reason of the Microsoft Windows permitted husband, Windows Ministerr Husband and associated software from distributener companies that surrender answers and contacts on the Windows platform.

2. Device Inception

The IT Summon

In adproportioned to unite the restraintm at a global smooth, Aviva deficiencyed a platform to be telling to disclose with perfect employees and to perfectow its employees to be telling to divide best practices. Aviva wanted to tolerate its employees to be innovative and to perfectow them to disclose with each other in adproportioned to reform substance and procureingness.

In the proudest region of 2008 Toby Redshaw was compensated as the global Proudest Instruction Officer 2008.The treatment felt the deficiency control a global intranet that was uncareful to reason and husband, and would aid diversify the refinement of the union. Secondly, They wanted a instruction and collaboration environment to aid crowd restrain the institutional retrospect of the union, withhold the instruction that repeatedly leaves when crowd propose on, and fruit in teams faster, amend, and cheaper. The odd intranet was claimd to accept distinguished quest capabilities (Microsoft Services, 2008).

Another view Redshaw had was to narrow the surrendery cycle season from concept to answer. He felt the deficiency control a husband that gave the treatment the controlce to penetrate entiresingle in the restraintm straightpractice and abundantly. The odd husband was besides deficiencyed to be sparingly refractory opportunity utilizing the homogeneous technology globally.

The Answer

Global IT Services Director at Aviva, Matt Fahy was asked by Redshaw to control the device and surrender it in a sharp seasonframe and to do it in an innovative practice. The answer chosen was a Microsoft Office DividePoint Onrow domiciled husband and it granted an operation fulleded treatment husband including muniment treatment, texture records and a mighty quest aptitude. It is besides console attributpotent its hues treatment capforce that perfectows detested advent to media. DividePoint Onrow besides perfectows reasonrs to engender blogs and wikis, and can aid augment calling stranges by sharing these beginnings of instruction natant colleagues.

3. IT Governance Mould

What Is IT Governance?

According to the Instruction Husbands Audit and Control Association (ISACA), IT Governance can be defined as:

“‘The restraintm, neglect and treatment processes which secure the surrendery of the expected utilitys of IT in a inferior practice to aid augment the crave term sustaintelling finishment of the operation.”

IT Governance is repeatedly misunderstood as governance lavish and docility (the GRC acronym). It is a distribute of the union’s Urbane Governance policy, its bringing view is to console that the investments in IT beprocure calling esteem, and to minimize the lavishs that are associated with IT.

“IT governance includes the subjoined sub domains.

Calling uninterruptedness and annoyance recovery

Regulatory docility

Instruction governance and instruction confidence

IT Service Treatment

Instruction Treatment, including Intellectual Capital

Device governance

Lavish treatment.” (IT Governance Ltd, 2003)

Relevance to Occurrence Examine

The Aviva globe device in the occurrence examine is careful with Instruction governance and instruction confidence, Instruction Treatment and IT Service Treatment sub domains of IT Governance. Redshaw rehearses: “The answer brought Aviva a despatchs entrance, a later collaboration environment, a instruction platform using odd sols, and a base control us to reason as a enlarge pad control elevate contacts.” (Microsoft Services, 2008)

The Mould

The Aviva globe device reasons a mongrel governance mould i.e. the operation ample husband is inferior centrally, barring the topical IT treatment is binding control managing some distributes of the husband. The husband has a Service Oriented Architecture that perfectows advent contacts and instruction globally and hereafter narrows duplication and reworking of homogeneous issues. It besides perfectows iterative outgrowth. Opposed reasonrs can accept opposed roles and responsibilities domiciled on the contact. This surrenders the husband huge flexibility.

An copy of the governance restraintm can be seen in the subjoined likeness:

The Impression

The Global intranet has had a tinsel impression on the practice the employees reason IT to reform productivity and procureingness. It has grace a despatch utensil and has diversifyd the organisational refinement. These statements attached by proud smooth rulers at Aviva surrender the penny picture:

“Gsingle June 2009, Aviva’s intranet has continued to grace an bringing despatchs utensil control the global strengthening. Four crowd at assembly smooth fruit exclusively on the intranet balanceseeing treatment of controlums, editorial, assembly odds and prescribe of fulleded issue which is husbandd regionally. The prelude of employee controlums has aided to engender an referableorious refinement opportunity erection communities. Colleagues are attached the freedom  to transcribe posts on entirething they enjoy.This accepted area of the intranet is viewed by balance 60% of reasonrs, distributely aided by the deed that subscription embrace questions or threads, automatically engenderd control employees to referablee on.

The controlums are besides frugal season when it comes to obedient customer questions – colleagues are telling to inaugurate a abodely controlum quest to procure crowd the answers they deficiency straightway.” Lynne Gray, Internal Despatchs Director at Aviva (Penton, 2010)

“Recently, Aviva held a 24-hour onrow session-using the Aviva Globe intranet-with perfect its callinges despite the globe. The smootht referableiceeffectual a milestsingle in our propose to a global stigma, and we wanted to extol the coming of the organisation. This likeness of global smootht would never accept been practiceffectual withquenched Microsoft entrance technology. A year gone, we couldn’t surmise hosting a 24-hour global smootht.” – Matt Fahy, Global IT Services Director at Aviva (Microsoft Services, 2008)

4. Critical Evaluation

This occurrence examine referableoriously demonstrates the impression IT can accept on an restraintm. The Aviva globe device has fundamentally diversifyd the practice in which the full restraintm reasons IT in its day to day operations. The intranet is by absence established as the abodepage of entire browser. An likeness of the abodepage is sown below:

As can be seen in the likeness, the abode page embraces an update satisfy that keeps reasonrs certified abquenched bringing odds. The page besides has uncareful advent to the most talked abquenched topics in the controlums. Aviva has engenderd a collective netfruit to agree its employees to reason the husband (Penton, 2010). This is in row with policy to raise an environment of reversal and sharing. It must be glorious that this access is opposed from what most restraintms reason today. The treatment should be lauded control prelude such a self-confident tramp. And it has begetd calling esteem control the restraintm. “The controlums are besides frugal season when it comes to obedient customer questions – colleagues are telling to inaugurate a abodely controlum quest to procure crowd the answers they deficiency straightway.” (Penton, 2010) Referableoriously shows that. Its impression on promising reversal is debattelling strong. Opportunity on single purpose if its employees are referefficient occupied solving problems that others accept solved they conquer accept elevate season to innovate, barring it could besides control to a condition where its employees procure reasond to questing answers rather than fantastic them. The impression of the intranet on this side can barely be assessed in the crave retreat. I would accordingly rehearse that the husband is barely a distributeial finishment in provisions of promising instruction sharing and promising reversal.

The intranet has referableoriously had an impression on the refinement of the restraintm.

‘ The finishment of these controlums has been a part-among-among of a astonish control Gray, Internal Despatchs Director at Aviva.He said “I didn’t realise how greatly they would be reasond,” she added  “No referableoriety, no grafting, entiresingle proportioned started using them.” ‘ (Penton, 2010)

The device can be considered a finishment in this side.

Barring the homogeneous canreferefficient be said control adventibility of the residence, gsingle there may be some features of the residence that the reasonrs are referefficient nevertheless utilizing effectively gsingle they accept referefficient accepted grafting control the husband. Accordingly the husband can be barely considered to be distributeially finishmentful in life entirely adventible to the reasonr and in ensuring that the husband is reasond finish apex operation control the husband.

Besides it must be glorious that opportunity the occurrence examine does rehearse operation can be monitored using indicator dashboard, it does referefficient remark entirething abquenched docility with frameworks such as Control Objectives control Instruction and Related Technology (COBIT) or Sarbanes Oxley impress (SOX). Assuming that standards are followed regarding Aviva is registered at the Odd York Stock Exdiversify (NYSE) and at the London FTSE, it must acquiesce with the NYSE urbane governance rules and Combined Code on Urbane Governance, the deed that this device was implemented in barely 142 days is honorable. And can be considered a consummate finishment in provisions of implementation. Barring if it does referefficient acquiesce with regulations then it is barely distributeially consummate.

The occurrence examine states that Aviva has opted control software plus services mould control the intranet from Microsoft and accept a 3 yr allow is frequently suspicious. Opportunity on single index it secures that the husband conquer come updated and the employees conquer be telling to utility from the progression of technology, the husband conquer claim controlcible reinvestment entire scant years, which in impressual provisions should be narrowd from the utilitys observed in adproportioned to assess the penny esteem of the husband. An rebeginning to this would accept been referableorious beginning husbands such as Alfresco, Mindquarry and Societyray Collective Office. Barring regarding the device was to be implemented in barely 150 days, that could accept played a distribute in excerption of the software so gsingle Microsoft could accept been the barely vendor conquering to follow on the summon.

Another view control the device was to narrow the answer contimpress surrendery season from concept to answer. In this side the husband has been truly finishmentful. The occurrence examine remarks the occurrence of the anthropological rebeginning satisfyback contact. They implemented the answer in single tenth of the absorb anticipated so the device can be rated a finishment in this side so.

It was desired that the odd husband had proudest assort quest capabilities. The occurrence of employees life telling to quest answers to counteract customer issues b0y questing that surrenders credit to that deed. Frequently this can be considered a finishment.

I my theory the implementation of this device was approximately a consummate finishment. Aviva’s Top treatment acrave with the Microsoft implementation team must be lauded control implementing the answer finishmentfully 8 days antecedently the deadrow shows the nearness of good-natured-natured IT governance in the restraintm.