Day: October 11, 2019

Reflective Journal: ‘The Film Viewing Experience’Reflective Journal: ‘The Film Viewing Experience’

. Reflective Journal: ‘The Film Viewing Experience’ (1500w). Weighting: 30% Due Friday October 10, 11:59pm. Maxim Gorky’s account of a film viewing experience in July, 1896: “I was at Aumont’s and saw Lumière’s cinematograph – moving photography. The extraordinary impression it creates is so unique and complex that I doubt my ability to describe it […]

Developing information systems solutions to business problemsDeveloping information systems solutions to business problems

Question One Developing information systems solutions to business problems can be implemented and managed in a complete IS development process cycle. Explain this development process cycle. Question Two How do Internet technologies help companies in building a customer-focused business? Question Three Where can Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) be used? Explain the two types of RFID, […]

Task 1: Classification performance evaluationTask 1: Classification performance evaluation

Task 1: Classification performance evaluation In this comparative analysis task, you are required to evaluate classification performance of five algorithms on three datasets using Weka. Load breast-cancer.arff, diabetes.arff and iris.arff datasets into Weka one at a time and run each of the below algorithms with their default settings. Then, collect a 10-fold cross-validation classification results […]